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  1. OilPatch197

    New Looks 2015 Ford Ranger revealed

    Ford Asia Pacific has released quite a revealing teaser video of the upcoming 2015 Ford Ranger heavy-duty ute. watch?v=uuwM7t21gsU
  2. OilPatch197

    Dad's clutch not working, a few problems!!!

    We have tried the last hour to bleed the clutch system. It is a 1998 Ford with the 2.3L motor, man transmission. Long story short is he is doing this as *cheaply* as possible, just installed a junkyard motor. While he was at it he decided the clutch disc was worn, and wanted to see what I...
  3. OilPatch197

    How do you reset a pressure plate?

    '99 Ford Ranger with the 2.5, manual transmission, 205,000 miles. The engine has piston slap, my Dad is also cheap. He is getting an engine from the salvage yard and after inspection, the clutch disc has some wear. To save some $$$ he does NOT want to replace the clutch, but I talked him...
  4. OilPatch197

    Turning my truck into a home refueling station and elimiate gas cans

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Suggestions how to do this? Got a old Ford Ranger Pickup truck, and why refuel gas cans when there is a tank of fuel just setting right there... I just got to figure out a way to add a gas nozzle. I'm thinking a...
  5. OilPatch197

    And then you have this...

    http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/Tech-CEO-on-bike-arrested-in-Marin-road-rage-5429625.php ..yeah.:sad:
  6. OilPatch197

    John Deere lawn mowers, with or without lug nuts, which is best?

    Some John Deere lawn tractors have no rear lug nuts, held on a welded spindle with a key and retainer. But many lawn tractors still use a rear hub and lug nuts to hold the wheel on. Which is the better design?:dunno:
  7. OilPatch197

    With 10 years on that body they are getting into Ranger territory.

    j39iTXlStz4 I actually like the retro Toyota logo on the grille, though the overall looks are a bit over the top. Not sure what else is really special aside from the Bilstein shocks. I am glad to see Toyota still putting forth a real effort with body on frame SUVs and offering a decent small...
  8. OilPatch197

    DNR delays off-road vehicle stickers -ILLINOIS

    Really? That is terrible, at least they trust us to be honest with the 'use tax' lol. OMG:
  9. OilPatch197

    DNR delays off-road vehicle stickers -ILLINOIS

    ATV riders already have to have a il sticker to ride in atv parks. There is no ATV trails in IL to ride one, all the money will go to enforcement and the balance of the funds will be siphoned off for something else. The next thing they will want to do is charge $15.00 a year for me to ride my...
  10. OilPatch197

    DNR delays off-road vehicle stickers -ILLINOIS

    How about INDEFINITELY! F'em! Get ready to pay the state $15.00 for just owning a ATV still no where to ride it (legally, but who does that?) Funny, people around here ride on the local PRIVATE trails, use public roads to get there, and have a 24 pack strapped to the ATV rack along with a...
  11. OilPatch197

    Anyone use Evans NPG + Coolant?

    This stuff looks AMAZING, So this should save my water pump as well?(no silica fallout) It SEEMS to good to be true(except the initial price) so would this be a wise upgrade to a new vehicle, it would seem, don't know anyone using it.(I've heard it used in some cycles, but don't know anyone...
  12. OilPatch197

    After drving all day, and the coldest night of the season power steering is moaning!

    What is wrong here? The power steering on my old '92 Buick Regal is moaning really loud, only quiets down when the engine is good and warmed up. It started after a long trip, got home after dark and that night the temps went down into the teens, next morning the thing is moaning like cow sex...
  13. OilPatch197

    Moto V-Loggers are endangering out roads for videos, putting everyone in danger.

    When will the cops start cracking down on this new trend of "doing stupid things on your bike on public roads for a video" Motto V-Logging has gotten very popular and far more risky and dangerous, thanks to youtube and Gopro cameras. How far will this go until the cops crack down? It's near as...
  14. OilPatch197

    I'm out of $27 and stuck with a crap NAPA proformer relay!

    The relays that are under the NAPA Proformer line are garbage. I got a '92 car, about two years ago fuel pump died, we replaced the grey relay($10) along with other stuff. So now every now and then I would go to my car and my battery would be very low or drained dead, did this once every six...
  15. OilPatch197

    Thinking about an Xterra vs a Ranger.

    Do you think the Nissan Xterra is a better trail rig than a used Ranger?
  16. OilPatch197

    How do you "groom" a trail, is it popular with the truck crowd or is it something bad

    How do you "groom" a trail, is it popular with the truck crowd or is it something bad Trail grooming, is done all the time on ATV trails, does this practice exist among 4wd enthusiast? Is it frowned upon, considered vandalism or accepted? (of course you don't do this in public forest, or do...
  17. OilPatch197

    Best way to splice 8 gauge wire?

    Had chaffing on the 8 gauge charging wire from the alternator to starter on a GM Buick Regal. The wire rubbed itself bare and burned in two! I had to fix this car, so I thought this would be easily, just splice the wires back together.... RIGHT! ...NO! So I look in my electrical supplies...
  18. OilPatch197

    Jeep Wrangler Polar Edition IT'S NOTHING BUY HYPE!

    This is totally useless glitter and a marketing push for profits! They could have saved even more by just putting decals all over the body saying how GREAT they were!!!!.
  19. OilPatch197

    Can someone name the last vehicle that came with winged/vent windows in the doors?

    I know the F-150 had them for quite some time, but not too sure, I think the vent windows were phased out somewhere in the mid to late 90's. Anyone know of the last vehicle that had them before they went extinct?

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