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  1. JFox4

    Jfox4's 2004 Ford Ranger 2WD

    The following is done to my 2004 Ford Ranger 2WD: Interior Custom Carpeting, Bucket Seat Conversion Exterior ProComp 52 Series Flat Black Wheels, Firestone Destination A/T Tires Sound System 4 Sundown Audio SA 8" Subs, Rockford Fosgate T-1000 Amp, Optima YellowTop Battery, Pioneer AVH3200DVD...
  2. JFox4

    speed limit

    My 2004 will hit about 95 and its no problem in terms of comfort but after several races and goofin around i figure i will drive easier and take care of it so im not fixing things as much lol. I love going fast and puttin the pedal down but i hate breaking stuff so i decided i can give up the...
  3. JFox4

    Hey Guys, Any tips or advice??

    lift lift lift!! :icon_welder:
  4. JFox4

    Lifting 2004 2WD ranger XL

    First of all, the ranger station is awesome and it has helped me out a lot with learning about my truck and making mods to it. Anyway, i have been deciding between lowering and lifting and i definitely want to lift it. I have been having some trouble finding what i need but here's what i would...
  5. JFox4

    Hey Im Jordan

    Hey everyone I'm Jordan from Champaign Illinois :beer:

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