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  1. Beef52751

    For Sale 93-11 drivers window regulator (manual)

    I have a brand new OEM manual window regulator for a 93-11 Ranger. Still in the original box. It came with a Ranger I bought and I never needed it $40 plus shipping obo Part #f37z-1023201-a Located in Eastern Iowa but will ship
  2. Beef52751

    TTB 4” lift brackets

    I have a set of Rough Country style lift brackets. $50 plus shipping Location: 52729 Calamus Ia Pm me
  3. Beef52751

    2.9 fuel pump problem

    My 86 ranger 2.9 died the other day with no fuel pressure. I did some digging around but can't seem to pin it down. It will run if I ground the fuel pump port from the OBD connector but the ground seems good right above the computer? Where do I go next? I've searched a ton and almost every...
  4. Beef52751

    Alternator swap questions

    I'm doing the 130 amp alt. swap on my 86 and had a couple questions. I got the new alternator of a 3.8 Taurus. 1. One of my factory wiring plugs will plug right into the new alt., it seems to be correct as well, yellow is always hot green is ignition. I just wanted to verify that I cut the...
  5. Beef52751

    Camber Problem

    I swapped in my dana 35 and cant get the camber set. I also swapped in a set of skyjacker drop brackets at the same time. When I first put it in I put the pivot bolts in the 6" holes but it was 3* negative camber. I moved the pivots up to the 4" holes and it is still 2* negative. I only have 2*...
  6. Beef52751

    Egr fitting

    I need the fitting for the egr going into the manifold. Its threaded into the manifold and a compression on the valve/line side. Any ideas where I could get one? It's a 99 2.5L 2wd Thanks Beef
  7. Beef52751

    3g alternator swap

    I'm going to swap a 130 amp 3g alternator on to my 86 2.9. My question is, what all do I need besides the alt. And the bracket? Do I need the wiring pigtail with the alt. Or not? Thanks
  8. Beef52751

    Explorer 2 core radiator

    Does anyone know where I can get a 1st gen.explorer radiator that is 2 core but doesn't have the trans. Cooler in it? All that I can find that are 2 core have the trans cooler, which isn't ideal but not the end of the world either. A part number would be great!!!!! Thanks Beef
  9. Beef52751

    1st Gen speakers

    I am replacing the door panels in my 86. They had 6x9 cut into the doors but I didn't like them there because I always seemed to kick them getting out. My question is, what is a good speaker to go in the stock locations in the dash? The cheaper the better. It's just a hunting/work truck Thanks
  10. Beef52751

    clutch keeps going soft

    I did a clutch, slave, and master cylinder on a 98 2.5 2wd. We can get the clutch bled but over night it starts to go soft again. The only thing I haven't replaced is the line from the master to the slave. Any idea why it would do this? Thanks Bryan
  11. Beef52751

    need a little help

    I'm doing a clutch on a 98 2.5l 2wd. I am trying to get the trans crossmember out and the clips that hold the nuts from spinning broke. Any good suggestions how to get something on them so I can get the bolts out? They are in the part of the frame that is boxed in btw. Thanks for any help
  12. Beef52751

    Stevens Model 200 ammo

    I'm so used to getting laughed at. It wont make any difference to me lol
  13. Beef52751

    Stevens Model 200 ammo

    I believe so. I'm going to look into it
  14. Beef52751

    Stevens Model 200 ammo

    Yeah, thats why I wasn't concerned about buying it. I can probably trade it off to a buddy to has an Ar since they have the wylde chamber. Thanks for the input guys
  15. Beef52751

    Stevens Model 200 ammo

    Hey guys, I figured you guys could shed some light on my confusion. I have a Stevens model 200 with a .223 Rem caliber. Some people claim I can shoot 5.56 ammo through it and some say no way. Any input? The only reason I ask is I bought 100 rounds of 5.56 ammo because .223 ammo is so hard to...
  16. Beef52751

    gear install kits

    I was looking on the trs store and saw Yukon listed their master install kit for ALL Dana 35s. I was wondering if anyone knew if that was correct? Do ifs and ttb 35s use the same bearings and seals? Thanks
  17. Beef52751

    Need a little help from a Plumber, or capable Homeowner

    Hey guys, im putting a second clothes washer and dryer in my basement for my work clothes. My wife wears very nice clothes to work and mine ar greasy and oil so she doesnt think highly of me washing my clothes in "her" washer. So this leads me to my point. where i am putting the new washer...
  18. Beef52751

    Well...I got Married

    I got married Nov. 10, which is the reason i havent been on in a couple weeks....not that anyone probably noticed. LOL
  19. Beef52751

    quick M5OD swap question

    Hey, I am sure this has been covered before i but cant seem to find it. I have a FM145/1350/D28 Combo now i am swapping in a M5OD/1354/D35 Combo, my question is: Can i Use my existing 2.9 Clutch for now or do i have to swap in the 4.0 Clutch with the tranny. (the trans. is from a 4.0)
  20. Beef52751

    Which Dana 44???

    I was just looking at Dana 44s for no apparent reason and stumbled on a few that seem like a good deal. I looked in the tech library and it only covers ford 44s. There seems to be alot of chevy 44s available and i didnt know if they were better/worse than ford setups. there was a 6 lug or a 8...

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