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  1. That Baker Guy

    A (low horse) Power Ballad

    I'll do what I can! I'll have to check that out! I would love to buy an old hard body but I only have so much parking available at the house at the moment.
  2. That Baker Guy

    A (low horse) Power Ballad

    Nope No manual. Seems the market has been trending that way for a while outside the bronco. I dont believe the new taco will have one either.
  3. That Baker Guy

    A (low horse) Power Ballad

    I've been debating for a few months on even sitting down to write this but I wanted to share the impact this forum, and this truck, has had on me. If this is not the right forum please move it. I joined TRS way back in March of 2009 when I got my first vehicle; a 1993 Ford Ranger. 3L V6 ext Cab...
  4. That Baker Guy

    93 Rear sway bar removal for new bushings?

    Hey guys just started looking at replacing the sway bar bushings on the ranger. I got all the parts ordered to do the job. I went to PB blast all the fasteners last night and realized the rear drivers side sway bar link nut is behind the gas tank in between the tank and the frame. Do I really...
  5. That Baker Guy

    93 2wd 3.0L Rebuild suggestions

    Hey all, This summer I'm looking to pull the motor on my 93 3L and do a rebuild. I know its burning oil bad I think its got a leak some where. I've never rebuilt an engine but I'm pretty confident I have the resources (tools, friends, and beer.) What do I need to be looking for when i pull...
  6. That Baker Guy

    93' Engine Overheats in traffic

    Hey all. My ranger has been over heating lately. I just replaced the radiator and it no longer heats up at moving speeds. I put in a double row radiator and it stays right at the N in Normal on the gauge. With that being said as soon as I hit traffic the engine starts to warm up and...
  7. That Baker Guy

    Leveling Kit and camber

    So this may be better suited for a different section but here it goes. I'm doing the ball joints in a couple weeks and thought i'd take the opportunity to throw in some leveling coils while im in there. The rough country coils are ~$100 on ebay and the adjustable camber bushings arent too...
  8. That Baker Guy

    Ball joints

    Im looking to do the ball joints in the ranger in a couple weeks. What all do i need to accomplish this? I found the upper and lower ball joints on rock auto but i dont want to miss anything. are there any clips, nuts bolts etc that i'll need. 93 3L 2wd
  9. That Baker Guy

    Electrical Issues starter or alternator

    This past week I had all my seals replaced, head gasket, oil pan gasket, everything replaced. Now I'm having issues starting it. Sometimes it would start right up sometimes it will need a jump It runs normally once started. The battery is 5 months old so, I looked at the alternator, AutoZone...
  10. That Baker Guy

    2m fender mount Antenna

    Been a while since I have been on the forums... last visited 3/22/14 wow. Anyway I'm looking for ways to mount a 2m VHF antenna on my 93 2wd. I dont like the idea of them on the roof, so I was looking at mounting an antenna on the front fender. I'm also looking for the antenna its self. I read...
  11. That Baker Guy

    A little fun at the lake!

    Hey guys, haven't been around much lately with school and work but me and my brother found some time to take the rangers out to the lake since i just moved about 10 minutes from the bottoms. anyway on to the show. before the mud the first hole, his truck actually died after this one...
  12. That Baker Guy

    4.0 engine vibration.

    okay, lot of crap on my brothers truck in the past week. tuesday his truck started vibrating horribly and smelled terrible. his catalytic converters were clogged so we have them cut off as a *temporary* solution we have new ones ordered. now it was miss firing we changed out the coil pack...
  13. That Baker Guy

    4.0 cat help

    okay little brothers o2 sensors were bad, he didnt fix them 6months later. two days ago. his truck starts to have a vibration. also a loss of power. today we go to put his new tires on, awesome btw. and the mechanic immediatly says hey, you have cat thats going bad it smells terrible. source of...
  14. That Baker Guy

    Custom Sub box Build

    For christmas i got an amp, kicker zx 400.1 and i will be using it to push a Kicker solo baric l5 10in dual 4ohm coils. I chose the kicker over the mtx thunder square because of price even though the mtx was shiny, i got it for 119 on ebay from a reputable seller, it is last years model but i...
  15. That Baker Guy

    Carpet is soaked after a rain

    so, like a week ago i was driving to school during a rain, like one of those rains where it rains allllll dayyyy longgggg, any ways i get to school and the passanger side floor is wet, like a puddle. i didnt have time to look at it (finals) anyway i get to it today and the bottom side like the...
  16. That Baker Guy

    Need Sub Ideas/Suggestions

    my brother is getting me this amp for christmas...http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_21954_Kicker-ZX400.1-10ZX400.1.html it is 400w rms @ 2ohms or 200w at 4ohms id like to run it at 2ohms to get max power.. Im looking at some wiriing diagrams and they are kind of confusing specfically this...
  17. That Baker Guy

    relays burning up

    so last week my roomate got some fog lights and bull bar for his 2wd 1500. he shows up and flips em on and im like dude those arent as half as bright as they should be. i go look at his wiring situation, he's got em wired from the battery to a autozone switch no relay. i tried not to laugh...
  18. That Baker Guy

    Fiber glass fix

    alot of my posts lately have been about my brothers truck, just trying to get him in running order haha. any ways when we bought the truck we knew it had rear quarter panel damage, he has the step side bed so its fiber glass. the previous owner backed into a tree and the corner of the...
  19. That Baker Guy

    4l 4x4 auto tranny acting up

    my brothers ranger started acting up a couple days ago the over drive light would come on and start flashing, he would stop the truck and turn it off and it would start up and be fine. now when you put it in drive it wont go any where, if you put it in first it will go and then you can move it...
  20. That Baker Guy

    Fuel filter

    iv had my truck for about two years now and iv never changed the fuel filter, iv put about 23k on it since i bought it. im thinking i should change the fuel filter just for the heck of it since i dont know when it was last changed. but i dont know how. i know what it looks like but i havent...

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