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  1. CopyKat

    Supervillan SCCA replica

    Was tinkering with the idea and it still will make it there one day but the VMS Bronco is taking presedent. Picked up a 1992 ranger for the smooth running 4.0L for the Bronco. Trans was so fawked that it was Jamed in fourth. Couldn't bare to scrap it. It had a solid cab, just a few bumps and...
  2. CopyKat

    Teaser pics

  3. CopyKat

    anyone other than todd done 35/44 hybrid?

    I'm working on making a set of D44 TTB conversion brackets.
  4. CopyKat

    Absolutely about nothing

    Just wanted to make a post about hitting the mile marker 2000 posts.:D
  5. CopyKat

    D44 outer onto D35, pros/cons

    I'm going on over 2 years now on my knuckle swap, and not once have I had second thoughts about the wheel bearings. I have retorqued them once before but that was because I changed the rotors. Everything else has been problem free.
  6. CopyKat

    D44 outer onto D35, pros/cons

    Clearancing the yokes for max angle helps. Along with adding a steering stop for the knuckle. The early D35's lack this. I've only busted 1 axle shaft on my D35 and that was turning lock to lock when I was stuck in the snow, with a locked front.
  7. CopyKat

    8H rebuild

    Rebuilt the M5OD in the Bronco Saturday. Took me under 8H from rolling it into the shop to driving it out. Remember this is Just me doing the work. I had no help. replaced the bearings and syncros. Would have taken me less time but I also rebuilt the cardian on the rear driveshaft.
  8. CopyKat

    Hatch struts.

    :annoyed::annoyed: :icon_confused::icon_confused: :icon_idea::icon_idea: :D:D :thefinger::thefinger: :headbang::headbang::icon_hornsup:
  9. CopyKat


  10. CopyKat

    Engine bay Picture request

    Anyone have pictures of a Gen 2 engine bay with the 2.3L. I picked up a 97 for the engine and trans and plan to put it in a 92 body I have. The 97 doesn't have intake tube or rad. Just would like to see how the config is, if different between the gen2 and gen3 trucks. I have a 4.0L rad but it...
  11. CopyKat

    My Dad's Bronco is Awesome!

    :D :headbang:
  12. CopyKat

    Building a 1992 SCCA Replica

    Yup that's what I be doing.:D
  13. CopyKat

    1997 headers or log manifold

    I'm picking up a 1997 2.3L and when I was looking at it I see that it has a tubular header. Is this factory or aftermarket?
  14. CopyKat

    Bronco got a new engine

    The engine developed a coolant leak and it was fowling one of the plugs. So I looked around for a donor as it would cost the same amount to just replace the head gaskets if that was truly what was wrong. I suspect it's a cracked head however. So 2 weeks ago I found A nice donor. Went to go look...
  15. CopyKat

    New parts

    Picking up a truck for newer parts. My 4.0L in the Bronco is on a rapid downward spiral of a death. This 92 ranger runs like a top, so it's going to donate it's engine. Only major thing I can see is it's got a bad Trans.
  16. CopyKat

    Duff kinda stepped up a notch

    Their new lower coil buckets are nearly identical to the ones I made to adapt the EB coils to the TTB. All you would need to do is open one of the holes up to a 3/4" hole. Remove the Factory bolt/stud for the coil retainer. put a spacer on top of the rad arm tab to raise the bucket to clear...
  17. CopyKat

    Grinds my gears about a Fuel station observation

    With the high compression heads I run I need to run 94 octane fuel. There is only one company that offers it. Husky/Mohawk. I mix it up once and a while and go to 4 different stations to get gas. Two station in particular I find the truck pings whenever i use that fuel, almost like it's...
  18. CopyKat

    warn 37780 lockout hubs...


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