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  1. Kingoverace

    Going ALL THE WAY

    So I just read that you can just have your PCM PATS deleted or the PCM ‘tuned’. Is this true? So I can just move forward without the PATS install? And use my Ranger key??
  2. Kingoverace

    5.0 GT40P possible intake manifolds?

    Hey. So I'm just mapping out my 99-01 Xploder 5.0 swap. Reading good things about the GT40P heads but what about the Intake Manifolds? I see Trick Flow makes a Ford 5.0 intake but does the bolt patterns align? Has anyone swapped anything?
  3. Kingoverace

    4.0 SOHC wont start. No spark Need asap please

    My 00' Xploder 4.0 SOHC cranks but won't start. I have power coming from the computer to the coil pack. I just replaced the coil pack 2 weeks ago, but tried another one just now just in case, same result (no spark). 2 weeks ago it wouldn't start with no spark but a new coil pack fixed that...
  4. Kingoverace

    4.0 OHV Conversion

    So I've got a single line fule setup with a evap canister hooked up. I just dropped in the 40 which has 2 fuel lines coming off the motor. What would ya'll do?
  5. Kingoverace

    Guess I'll do a thread: 08 F150 4x4 screw

    Well, this is going to be a sloowww biuld as I'm doing payments on this still and still trying to finish SASing my Ranger and helping my dad restore his Ranger My 98 Ranger: http://www.therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=97715 My dads 88 Ranger...
  6. Kingoverace

    Lets see you Rattlecan paint jobs!!

    So someone had posted this before but for the whole truck. I think its more logical to see any parts painted. Interior/exterior/wheels/or just anything. I've had some decent turnouts with spray paint and I think there are some people that can justify it. The good and the bad. heh heh!
  7. Kingoverace

    Not sure what this is

    Ive got this line running along the frame. It goes up to this part in the pic belowe the master cylinder. I dont know what it is. I believe the line runing along the frame to the air canister behind the gas tank, but i dont know. Its a 98 and had a 3.0. I just dropped the 4.0 in and am...
  8. Kingoverace

    lowering help

    persoanlly...I'd mount the rims...then start with 3" drop Ibeams and a 4" flip kit rear. Then add on from there. It would get your truck lowered and driving easiest. Then as you lower more (shave axle and C-notch, cut out wheel wells) you can go back and take on the bags and atleast be able to...
  9. Kingoverace

    lowering help

    well....might have to do a little research to make sure you can fit 20s after a drop. Bags will mean welding the frame work and clearing our under the hood for the tires to tuck. If you go with a static drop you can keep everything simple using either a flip kit(5"), hanger/shackle flip(2") for...
  10. Kingoverace

    88 Ranger 4x4 - An Ironclad restoration!

    Another project for the trails no doubt. We've got an 88 2.3 4x4 manual trans. Here is how it sits at the moment. We've already installed bucket seats with a center console. Focused on body work firstly and cleaning up the rust on the frame. Plans: -We're going to winch it someday...
  11. Kingoverace

    SAS steering shaft?

    Hey what steering shaft is everyone using to connect their IFS toyota steering boxes to the column? And what company is everyone getting their trac bar and steering links from? info: D44 axle from a 78 Bronco -using a IFS Toyota steering box -mounting to a 98 Ranger
  12. Kingoverace

    Let's see what's out there....

    wow, guess i never posted pics of my truck...nothing special, in fact its not longer with me since the police impounded it. lolz I best be sticking to my lifted Ranger. 93 Ranger with 3/6 drop And this was a 96 I picked up fixed and sold....Just a hanger flip.
  13. Kingoverace

    98 3.0 to 4.0 Headlight harness and fuel lines

    okay So I dropped in a 97 Exploder 4.0 and trans in my 98 Ranger. The two issues I see right away 1.) The headlight harnesses on the truck does not exactly plug into the headlight harness on the motor. On one the plastic connection block is square, the other is alsmost rectangle. Should I get a...
  14. Kingoverace

    Transfer Case swap?

    I just pulled the 3.0 and trans out of my 98 Ranger Auto. I just put in the 4.0 and trans. It seems the trans shaft will not work with the 3.0 transfer case. I believe the trans and motor 4.o to be out of a 97 Exploder. I have the transfer case from the Xploder, its nbd, just wondering if...
  15. Kingoverace

    FORD America Choice

    Guess what company America is choosing to do work? This is a local horse show in Jersey. Mine being the smallest, a 08 F150 on the right. Just blew my mind that theyre was only 1 Dodge and 1 Chevy.
  16. Kingoverace

    93 Ranger 4wd coils vs 2wds

    K, this is dumb question but i was ill equipt at the boneyard (no tape measure)...so, looks like i might have to replace a coil on a 93 Ranger Splash i jus bought...but the junkyards are covered in 2wds...so are those coils same hieght? :icon_confused:
  17. Kingoverace

    4.0 Head gasket..whats next??

    I just bought a 93 4.0 4wd that im currently trying to replace the head gasket on... i got the valve cover off and the 8 bolts that are in unit...but its still not moving..i see 2 9/16ths hex boilts that i cant budge...just making sure these come out right?? and what else?
  18. Kingoverace

    Spacers review...it just seems wierd

    So Im trying to get spacers under my friends 01...and these Springtechs for IFS are said to lift it 2"s but looking at it, it only looks like an inch thick...has anyone actually used these and got a full 2"s... Atleast with the TTB spacers you can see 2"s...this is why im curious.. Any...
  19. Kingoverace

    New Jersey Meet Jan 29th

    So time for another meet over in the Jackson area...this one is from the guys on fordrangerforum.com, so there might be a few new local Rangers you've never seen before... Any questions, can make an account on there and ask "winks"...or ask me, and i'll relay the message Details--...
  20. Kingoverace

    my dana 44 hp swap(pics)

    ummmffhhh, thats soo clean, Excellent work!

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