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  1. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    ima be a daddy!!!!!

    Awesome dude! Welcome to parenthood!
  2. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    new pistol

    Is that Jesus on the west end?
  3. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Beware! Ecard scams!

    Beware! There is another round of Ecard scams circulating again. I just had three in my inbox/junk mail today. If you see one from someone you don't know, don't be tempted to open it! It will prompt you to download the card, when it really is a trojan or a virus. The delete key is your friend.
  4. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    I bought a new gun!!! yaaaaaaay

    If I had one of those I would be half tempted to use it on myself tonight. Sorry for the gloomy attitude, but my life just plain sucks tonight. Had a major fight with the wife for about the 5th time in as many days. This is going to be a shit of a vacation. Were heading to Kansas tomorrow. It is...
  5. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    kidney stones

    I am not putting nothing on my cock! Are you nuts?
  6. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    kidney stones

    drink, drink, drink and you'll be less likely to get them. I have never had one and I drink water like a fish all day long. I bet I do 3/4 of a gal pluss each day, but then I work in hot engine rooms where I cook if I dont drink!
  7. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Hogs gone wild

    Your a man after our hearts. What is better than bacon?
  8. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Bad Chiropractor visit

    My guess would be also that you damaged something. I hate chiropractors and consider them a waste of time. I do Sweedish massage and accupressure and it is 100 times better than any bone cracker could do.
  9. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Soooo, i'm thinking of getting a rifle.

    I say A-K all the way! I Love my dads!
  10. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    I'm Sick of being Sick!!!

    Well enough to go in to work today. In the office with my door closed just to do paperwork and help the SSOB get caught up. (SSOB is BOSS bacwards, so you say it as - "Double SOB.")
  11. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    I'm Sick of being Sick!!!

    Squeezing the lemon. I knew I was forgeting something! LOL! will put it in the mix tonight before bed. Seems the old cure is working better for me than the awful cough medicine that I got from the doctor. Feeling some better. Staying home this week to heal up. Boss is pissed beyond all hell...
  12. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    I'm Sick of being Sick!!!

    Just raped him!!!!!!!! You guys are nutz. This has got me lauging and couging my ass off! Thanks for making my night. Wifey came home with some throat coat tea that is really helping along with a splash of isle of jura wiskey hot and two spoonfulls of organic honey . Off to bed with me.
  13. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    I'm Sick of being Sick!!!

    I just can't get healthy this New Year and have just about had enough of it! Had an awesome time in Brazil with family for Christmas, New Years, and my job. Then come home and get the Flu on the trip home, turns into Pneumonia with a week in the hospital. Back to work and now Viral Bronchitis...
  14. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Rusty Tanks/ need new tanks

    1985 ranger with duel tank set up. Tanks are rusted out. Already found front tank for it on line. But can't find a rear tank to replace the rusted through one or even a part number for it. Anyone know of a place to buy a new rear tank or is it the same one they put in the bronco II??? The guy...
  15. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    went elk hunting...pics inside

    I don't know what is more buff. You or the Elk. Dude you are a beast! I am going to say that you are one good looking guy and must have to fight the girls off. (I say that in a non gay admiring sort of way! LOL) Did you mount that head? That would be a great trophy over the fireplace for years...
  16. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Sold My Truck Tonight.

    Sold my truck tonight. She's gone. I am Rangerless. Good bye Blue Balls. I will miss you. 24 years was a long run. Thanks for the memories.:bawling: Sold her to a good friend of 30+ years who was my roommate when I bought her new in 86. It is for his 21 year old daughter. At least they only live...
  17. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Muzzle Loader

    First time I ever shot the Hawken, was in my fathers back yard. He lives in the city of Broomfield and has a park behind his house with open fields on the other side of the park. Well being young and just getting it done I could not wait to fire it off. Dad had the truck at work and I was stuck...
  18. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Muzzle Loader

    If I am not mistaken, that would make it a sporting rifle. Easier to carry on a horse. Should have it appriased by a spurt. Or Perhaps that is a kit rifle that someone made. I made a Hawken 50 cal from a kit when I was in High school. Shot it only twice and my shoulder still hurts from it 30...
  19. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Muzzle Loader

    Found some more info. See if it fits one of these lengths. Then you will know what it is. there are several muskets with the Wurfflein/Philadelphia stamp: - the German Navy musket 1849 (barrel: 37inch) - the Prussian M 1809/UM (barrel: ca 41 inch) - US M 1812 (or better:standard musket of...
  20. GoodOld85BlueBalls

    Muzzle Loader

    It could be from the civil war dude! http://www2.hsp.org/exhibits/preserving/pages/0610_police.htm

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