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  1. JoshT

    Dog track

    No real adjustments. More an improperly installed axle or frame out of alignment. I've seen it be having the leaf springs installed backwards on one side. I've seen it caused by leaf spring pearches not being positioned properly on a custom axle. I've seen it caused by a flip bracket being...
  2. JoshT

    Dog track

    Yes, but from what you previously posted, it didn;t sound like you knew what dogtracking was. Again, I'm not entirely sure what it is that you are trying to say. Sugestion, picture is worth 100 words even if it is a simple MS Paint drawing. If I skip over the part about stagger then yes. You'd...
  3. JoshT

    Dog track

    Very noticable on the bumpside Fords. The front track width is almost 4" wider than the rear. It is the same. Like @85_Ranger4x4 said, it's designed that way. Most trucks (and cars I think) are designed that way. The bodys are usually designed in such a way that it isn't noticable. That's the...
  4. JoshT

    Weight Distribution Opinions

    First off in replying I want to clarify a few terms. Center of Gravity, moves up and down. Center of Balance moves forward and aft, side to side. There's also roll center, but that's a little complicated and it's been almost two decades since I messed with weight and balance in aviation...
  5. JoshT

    Potential Scammer

    Noted. If we had a buyer/seller feedback forum, I'd have posted it there. Instead since I saw it as a forum issue I posted it here. I could have just hit the report button, but then others wouldn't have gotten the laugh and there wouldn't have been reports that there are repeat offenses towards...
  6. JoshT

    Potential Scammer

    And will you just look at that. Apparently Whitebenjamin185's brother @chetan decided to join the forum today and follow up on the offer. They really need to get together and figure out which cunkle is trying to sell these parts. I tell ya he must want to sell them bad, chetan wasn't even a...
  7. JoshT

    What is this part?

    So? 85 didn't have CD players, at least not wide spread integration in vehicles. Cassettes were as much a thing in 75 as CDs were in 85.
  8. JoshT

    Shop lift?

    NO!!! Don't shop lift! Trust me it'll be cheaper to just pay for it in the the long run. Oh, you mean a car lift in a shop. Why didn't ya say so? :icon_twisted: This is somethink on my bucket list too. I'll be building a shop for mine (have nothing now) so I'll have the luxury of deciding on...
  9. JoshT

    Potential Scammer

    Posting this here to notify site admin and warn other members, but at the same time making it public so this user has the opportunity to defend themselves if legitimate. I posted a thread last week expressing interest in purchasing some parts for my truck. Saturday a user named...
  10. JoshT

    Powerdome hood swap fitment issue

    Yes and no. My dad has a 2002 4x4 with the powerdome stock. I got a chance to look at his truck yesterday, but unfortunately wasn't able to get.mi e.iver there to compare side by side. Yes, it could definitely have an impact on "popping" the hood. His response.exactly like mine does when the...
  11. JoshT

    Hood gas struts - recommendation

    The explorer struts are doable, but I don't think it's exactly a bolt in swap. Like sgtsandman and 85_Ranger4x4 both said, I haven't paid close enough attemtion to my hinges to see how they are attached tot he firewall. That said my brain is screaming that it isn't a simple bolt on. Maybe a...
  12. JoshT

    Powerdome hood swap fitment issue

    The actual powerdome hood was fiberglass and came on 2002-2003 Edge and 4x4 trucks. All 2004+ trucks came with a similar appearing hood, but it was aluminum and didn't have as much rise. Using the 2004+ hood does require using the 2004+ grille and header panel. I think I gave $100 for mine many...
  13. JoshT

    Powerdome hood swap fitment issue

    I don't think it normally is. I think there is either a problem with my hood, my latch, or adjustments of body panels. Hood: Its fiberglass, if it bends that much it's breaking. Besides the curve of the hood matches the curve of the fenders. I also swapped the striker from the stock hood to...
  14. JoshT

    Powerdome hood swap fitment issue

    I'm putting an 01-03 "Edge" powerdome hood on my 99 Ranger XLT and keeping the stock XLT grill and headlights for now. I've seen enough photos of it to know that it works and can be done. The hood to grill lines aren't perfect but it works and doesn't look terrible. At this point I have the hood...
  15. JoshT

    Found! seeking non air con heater box

    Man if you'd been on like the exact opposite corner of the continent this is a trade I'd have gladly made. Of course if you were located on this corner of the continent, you might not be looking to ditch the AC box. I've got a non-ac box in my totaled 84. My 85 has an AC box, but the Resistor...
  16. JoshT

    Wanted Georgia: Edge grill assy and 06-07 front bumper

    Long shot here, but I'm wanting to facelift my 99 Ranger. I've had '01-03 powerdome hood for years and am going to try to run it with my '99 for the time being. Really I mostly want the power dome hood and the newer bumper, but I'm not thrilled about the way the grill fits the hood. The front...
  17. JoshT

    USB/AUX port to repalce cigarette lighter

    Putting the sterio in my 99 Ranger. The headunit does not have front USB and AUX ports, only on the rear. I want to have them easily acessable on the dash. I've seen people replace the cigarette lighter with a USB & Aux extension before. I like that solution and want to copy it on mine. I...
  18. JoshT

    Cab swap on a 1996 4x4

    All extended cabs had the same wheelbase. All short beds are interchangable, which means the cab length on the extended cabs didn't change. To my knowledge all Rangers had the same location for the core support and front cab mount bushings. I extroplate this to mean that there's about a 90+%...
  19. JoshT

    What can happen when you think "it's not that deep"

    Last time we had a snow day most of y'all would be wondering where the snow was at. That's been more than a few years ago. We don't get enough snow to make it a known thing around here, so if we get any accumulation at all (aka the ground is dusted white) people panick and everything starts...
  20. JoshT

    Rear door handle rivets

    Actually you aren't too late. With the weather today there was no point in getting rivets on we way home since I couldn't really work on it anyway. I did take a moment to stick a drill bit in the hole and you were correct, it is 3/16. FWIW it looks like Auveco 19414 is the correct rivet for...

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