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  1. Mutant Pony

    New build?

    It's been I few since I've posted anything here so Let me start by saying "Hi". I recently aquired a set of Fiberglass, Gen III, fenders and bedsides. I could turn the "black frog" into a Gen III but, I would have to cut it down to a short box. I don't currently have a Gen III cab. Other...
  2. Mutant Pony

    hybrid front axle Ford8.8/Dana30

    I did pretty much the same thing you did. Light duty 9" housing, CJ5 from the "c's" out, '73 bronco axles, I had to have the 44 side gears cut down a little at a machine shop. Yeah, currie enterprises builds the same thing for around $900 for the bare housing!! Curries also makes custom length...
  3. Mutant Pony

    hybrid front axle Ford8.8/Dana30

    I recently considered the same thing. My deciding factor not to was the axles. I have built 9"/D-30 hybrids. All you have to do is use the d-44 side gears and axles. That doesn't work on an 8.8. Even if you get after market axles made up, when they break, you have to wait for replacements. That...
  4. Mutant Pony

    Intermittent tach.

    I've got a '96 Ranger, 3.0, auto trans. The tach works when it wants to. I've pulled to instrument panel and cleaned the connections. I have looked over the wiring. There is no misfire when the tach cuts out. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem and what the solution was. I...
  5. Mutant Pony


    I haven't been here for a while so I thought I would drop in and say "Hi". Also, I bought another Ranger, That puts me at 12 RBVs that I currently own. The "new" one is a '96, supercab, 3.0, auto, MANUAL transfer, no power anything(big plus),no rust, few dings,140,000 miles, black. Sorry no...
  6. Mutant Pony

    My boys B-day cake

    This was way back in July but, I was way to busy to post it. This is my youngest boys 4th b-day cake. It is supposed to look like a sand dune. The "sand" is cinnamon sugar.
  7. Mutant Pony

    A little problem with my truck. (pics)

    I went to the "playground" yesterday and decided I would see how well the old '87 would do it deep snow. We have about 16" of powder on top of about 6" of hard pack. I drove through the plowed snow bank, Up a slight incline, on down into a valley. I came to a stop down in the valley and had to...
  8. Mutant Pony

    EB 9" vs Explorer 8.8"

    If you are going to build a fairly moderate truck with say 35-36" tires and don't ever plan to upgrade The Explorer 8.8 will do nicely. It is easy to work on and has good parts availability. If you want an axle that will work ok for now but, can be upgraded later, You want the 9". Upgrade parts...
  9. Mutant Pony

    Quick dana44 Q

    Most people think they are cast iron. The salvage yards buy the pieces as cast iron. Real easy way to tell the difference, drill a hole in something that you know is cast iron then try to drill a hole with the same bit into a scrap knuckle or "c".
  10. Mutant Pony

    Quick dana44 Q

    Drop forged. Just like you see stamped into some tools and chain hooks. Gives it that 'cast' look.
  11. Mutant Pony

    Flipping axle tubes?

    I was gonna say, the 10 bolt cover is almost round and the Dana covers are all the typical dana shape. But, sunk did one better. It is very rare to find a 60 in a 3/4 ton. Taking a 44 from a 3/4 ton chevy and doing all that work to put it in a Ranger is a HUGE waste of time.
  12. Mutant Pony

    Flipping axle tubes?

    Ah but, The Ford is a high pinion. The others are not. Keep looking for a Ford. Look for a heavy equipment salvage yard. You can get a 60 out of an old power company truck that has been overlooked by 4x4 builders. Good luck!
  13. Mutant Pony


    The General store, 2 buildings away, is on fire! 2 buildings in the other direction is the fire dept so they got there quick. They about had it out and the whole thing burst into flames from the heat. Now there are at least three fire departments battling a major blaze. I was just leaning on the...
  14. Mutant Pony

    2.3d and 2.3l

    Well, I fix cars for a living. I work on everything. I've NEVER worked on a Duratec. I would have to say that they are better than average. That might not mean anything though.
  15. Mutant Pony

    2.3d and 2.3l

    Hey, welcome to TRS! If they can put a 500 caddy in a chevette, It would be no problem putting a duratec in an older Ranger. Really though, It would be a complete custom job. Nothing will bolt or plug in.
  16. Mutant Pony

    life sucks! I'll get through it.

    I've spent all summer Working on getting ready for the labor day blast at the playground. Wifey (Lilred on airbrush.com) has been in and out of the hospital all week. She has anemia and high blood pressure. I've missed about 10 hours of work this week because of it. That is OK because I get...
  17. Mutant Pony

    Dana 44 question

    4.09 gears are quite common in 3/4 ton d44s.
  18. Mutant Pony

    dana 44

    Dodge np205s were quite common and had the right side drive. I don't think Chevy ever used a divorced transfer. I could be wrong about the chevy though, I'm allergic!
  19. Mutant Pony

    dana 44

    First of all, Welcome to TRS! I knew a guy that held the championship in the mud here for 7 years straight with a fullsize Ford, built 460, and an HD44 front end. Sure he broke parts from time to time but, he managed to hold on to the championship. If the bog is done right, you won't break in...
  20. Mutant Pony

    some pics from the "playground"

    Some of you may have read posts before about this little offroad park that my group has started. The "Playground" I think the next mod on this truck needs to be a "bob" The property owner rented a bulldozer and changed things a little. I played on this hill for a half hour, The property...

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