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  1. Scotty J.

    Greetings From....

    TUCUMCARI! Can anyone guess where I'll be tomorrow? Here's a hint, it's a small town in Colorado that doesn't get over 79 degrees in July and has tons of trails nearby.
  2. Scotty J.

    Ouray Julay 2011

    Had to start the vacation off right, those of you that have been here know where I'm at (and why I misspelled the topic) :beer: Tomorrow, we'll hit Wal-Mart in Montrose first, then pick up what I call "Engineer's Pass" just outside of Ouray down to Animas forks. Will probably do Minnie and...
  3. Scotty J.

    Newest Toy...

    Colt MK IV/SE 70 Government Model. Completely customized. I have NO idea what all was done to it. I know he said something about fluted barrel, shaved top, something about the sites. He did all the "etching" (for the lack of a better term). Picked it up today, haven't had a chance to shoot...
  4. Scotty J.

    I know it's not a Ford...

    But this beauty deserves some props! I was looking at cars with my Daughter and saw this parked in the back of the lot (obviously not for sale LOL). The guy says he has about $15,000.00 in it. I had to take a pic!
  5. Scotty J.

    Black Ops...

    I didn't see a thread here about it so I thought I'd start one. By far not their best IMHO. CODMW2 is FAR superior. I don't like all the cut scenes and how it plays (for you) to keep the story going. There is a combat training section in the multiplayer section for people like me that suck...
  6. Scotty J.

    Windows 7 Upgrades (Clean Install)

    If you're running a "LEGAL" copy of Windows XP or Windows Vista, you only need to buy the upgrade version of Windows 7 to do a clean install. I've held off from changing from windows XP forever, my hesitation wasn't helped by a Toshiba Laptop that I bought that had Vista on it and no XP drivers...
  7. Scotty J.

    Toshiba Rant

    I can't feaking believe this! I buy the Winderz 7 family pack upgrade. The install was a pain to get a clean install and get the product key to work. BUT! I finally get all that worked out and decide to update all the drivers. I go to Toshiba's website and download the latest updates. The...
  8. Scotty J.

    My newest toy

    Hope this is the right section LOL Parker Raptor XP
  9. Scotty J.

    Something Light to End the Week On...

    A paraprosdokian is a figure of speech in which the latter part of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way that causes the reader or listener to reframe or reinterpret the first part. It is frequently used for humorous or dramatic effect, sometimes producing an anticlimax ...
  10. Scotty J.

    Lift Laws

    There is a very interesting article in Off-Road magazine this month. One of the sites they link to is LiftLaws.
  11. Scotty J.

    Home Recording Studio

    I have a home recording studio, a buddy of mine came over this weekend wanting to record some Lullaby's for his kids. He's got a great voice, but he's pretty limited in the guitar area, but I didn't want to overdub myself playing guitar, mainly because his timing is all over the place LOL, but...
  12. Scotty J.

    Ouray July 2011

    If you've never been there, you won't believe it. I consider it more of an experience than a vacation. You just have to be there to understand. Think 1 and 2 diamond trails running up and over the mountains in Colorado. Even if you're afraid of heights (like myself), you should do fine...
  13. Scotty J.

    My Ouray Trip

    Shitty Hotel WiFi has Multi fails, so it's being a pain to upload pics. The first link will just be the views from our Hotel in Ouray. This place is awesome. We left 90-100 degree temps with pretty much the same numbers regarding Humidity to 74-80 degree temps who cares what the humidity is...
  14. Scotty J.

    Ready for Ouray...

    My detailer just dropped it off, he makes that thing glow LOL.
  15. Scotty J.

    I added a couple of Aux Lights...

    Well, maybe more than a couple: 5 x KC Rally 800 Driving Lights on top 1 x PolyPerformance Universal Light Bar powder coated gloss black. Roll Bar, lights and light bar installed by 4x4 MudConnection in Little Rock, AR. I'll get some night pics soon.
  16. Scotty J.

    Latest Survival Gear

    Thanks, my thoughts were, if I'm going to be stranded somewhere and have to survive, what kind of knife would I want. Marine Corp. Issue is what came to mind. By the way, I'm also looking at a Bowie knife from HERE, but it would be WAY illegal to have it in my vehicle.
  17. Scotty J.

    Latest Survival Gear

    I've been practicing holding it with my teeth for just that occasion :icon_rofl:
  18. Scotty J.

    Latest Survival Gear

    Can't be too careful when there is a Zombie Outbreak :icon_thumby:
  19. Scotty J.

    Latest Survival Gear

    KA-BAR #1214

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