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  1. Uncle Gump

    ⬇ Hoonin' Videos Go Here ⬇

    I don't see one that cheap...
  2. Uncle Gump

    Cold weather idle

    I would try unplugging the IAC with the engine at operating temp. The idle speed should drop... maybe even stall. If it doesn't... look for vacuum leaks. If it does... you could have issues with the ECM not seeing that the engine is warmed up and entering closed loop. Which could be the ECT...
  3. Uncle Gump


    Not my cup of tea... but I'll be curious to see where this one goes.
  4. Uncle Gump

    For Sale 2001 OEM 16" wheels

    I just edited things for you. Where are they located?
  5. Uncle Gump

    Leaf spring pack build for my 00 green Ranger project

    E) use all the springs We use to build all our spring packs when young. Then we got spoiled with a local spring shop the did fast... great work. They were very reasonable too. It wasn't worth messing with. So... F) I got nothin
  6. Uncle Gump

    '90 model F-150 Will Only Idle

    Have you ran a full compression test? Put a vacuum gauge on it? There is only one way to rule out mechanical issues.
  7. Uncle Gump

    Torsion bars

    I would think if you used a heavy bumper... winch... even a snow plow the increased diameter of a bigger torsion bar would be beneficial.
  8. Uncle Gump

    2011 Ranger Brake line

    I recommend doing a test flare as you said... then check your results. I would still recommend just buying the right tool. You may even get one on loan from the parts store. Just be careful... it is your brakes after all.
  9. Uncle Gump

    Should I buy this rear axel for my 2003 Ranger Edge?

    31 spline does two things... Increased axle diameter. 3 extra splines create more contact area with the side gear. Both of those make it a stronger axle over a 28 spline.
  10. Uncle Gump

    Farm and Garden

    I'll say that even an underpowered snowblower beats the hell out of shovel work. You also have just pushed every other component past its design limits. I think you have a 50/50 chance you pushed the rest of the machine past its limits.
  11. Uncle Gump

    2011 Ranger Brake line

    There should only be one line to the rear... at least my 06 with four wheel anti lock does. I believe the lines are the same size but the fittings are uncommon. I usually just use side cutters and snip the line at the fitting. Remove it then clamp the fitting in a vice... use some penetrating...
  12. Uncle Gump

    1984 Bronco II XLS side project

    Maybe @gearfather has something to add here?
  13. Uncle Gump

    trailing arm rear suspension for 2011 Ranger 2wd

    https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?forums/1983-2011-ford-ranger-mini-trucks.220/ We have a section for 4x4 off road and the one above is for 2wd street
  14. Uncle Gump

    30amp Maxi fuse for fuel pump keeps blowing.

    The inertia switch interrupts that circuit not shorts it to ground. But I guess anything is possible... even if it's highly unlikely.
  15. Uncle Gump

    30amp Maxi fuse for fuel pump keeps blowing.

    Yeah... it would be some exposed wire on that circuit touching ground. I would be careful testing using a 40 Amp fuse on that 30 Amp circuit. I would use a 30 Amp circuit breaker. Get the circuit working and start wiggling that harness and see if you can make it blow. Check places where that...
  16. Uncle Gump

    30amp Maxi fuse for fuel pump keeps blowing.

    The only way that fuse blows is a hard short to ground on the output side of the fuse.
  17. Uncle Gump

    1984 Bronco II XLS side project

    The 84 looks to have the TK transmission. Here is a graphic from Core Shifters.
  18. Uncle Gump

    1984 Bronco II XLS side project

    Did the retaining bolts come out? Might be the housing broke...
  19. Uncle Gump

    Find an old post

    I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you @Josh B If you know the titles to your post you want I will see if I can find them and post a link for you.

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