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  1. Colin

    OEM Spark Plugs for 2000 Mazda B4000?

    Oe motorcraft platinums only
  2. Colin

    2009 Mazda B2300 steering shaft grease boot

    Grab it from the junkyard, while you're there find a newer vehicle that has a similar boot and order one of them if you want.
  3. Colin

    Complete OEM Cruise Control Installation

    If you don't have the plug under the hood I wouldn't bother
  4. Colin

    Is tail gate latch the same as Ranger?

    It's the same....
  5. Colin

    Just Plain Stupied

    Welcome back DG! We missed you
  6. Colin

    2003 Mazda B2300 engine swap?

    I believe you still need to swap the trans, plus computer, harness, etc. For the amount of effort involved i would at least swap in a 4.0. Although with the 4 cylinder you're getting decent gas mileage.
  7. Colin

    B4000 shift lever stuck in Park

    That sounds like your transmission range switch is bad.
  8. Colin

    B4000 shift lever stuck in Park

    There is a bypass in the column, it's a huge pain in the ass though
  9. Colin

    B4000 shift lever stuck in Park

    This would be my guess
  10. Colin

    should I buy this B2300?

    The only time I've bought a vehicle that I didn't need to clean as soon as I got home was from a senior or from a car person
  11. Colin

    should I buy this B2300?

    Keep your eyes and ears peeled, look outside of your general area, tell your friends and family that you're looking for one. You do the mechanical work, that keeps the cost way down. Good luck with that.... New to buying used vehicles?
  12. Colin

    should I buy this B2300?

    $2500 seller is a jackass thinking he can get $6k for a beat up work truck. Don't buy from flippers. The buy stuff at prices you should be buying and then do some "fixes" and try to sell it for at least double what they paid.
  13. Colin

    Mazda B2300 Ranger Front End Swap

    Yes A 94 ranger and 97 Mazda are the same generation so yes
  14. Colin

    Pats help

    Could be just different manufacturer, seen it with other parts
  15. Colin

    Mazda B2300 Ranger Front End Swap

    https://www.therangerstation.com/tech/installing-a-1998-front-clip-on-a-1993-1997-ford-ranger/ Follow that. They also did it on an episode of trucks years ago, try to find that episode. Try googling as well
  16. Colin

    P2270 code 05 B4000 4.0

    Use bosch, There should be enough slack in the cable that you don't need to buy a longer one. Look under the truck and confirm before you order
  17. Colin

    Good brand for wheel bearing hub assembly?

    Rockauto has the motorcraft one for $150 cdn...
  18. Colin

    Factory Service Manual 2000 Mazda B4000

    I think I paid around that much for mine, like you I was hoping for a download, never found. Keep an eye peeled you might get lucky
  19. Colin

    Factory Service Manual 2000 Mazda B4000

    Found one for my 04 on ebay
  20. Colin

    Mazda b2500 Side Parking Light Retainer

    What retainer are you talking about specifically?

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