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  1. Mahgongo

    Feniex Titan LED work lights 200 and 1000

    Took this video as a review and to show the POV lighting for them. ?v=T6DjFGl060U Thank you to Jim Oaks Enterprises for the deal on the 200. The 1000 had for a while the rear facing lights are gone. The 200 I mounted on the front bumper using the factory license plate holes. Looks...
  2. Mahgongo

    Which truck would be better for hauling?

    I am looking at getting a 6'x10' cargo trailer and converting to a camper/ bug out trailer. While still having the ability to use as a trailer for lawn mowers and what not (the trailer I am looking at sits at about 1200#, looking about 300-500# of gear). My question is would it be better to...
  3. Mahgongo

    LED fog lights

    http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/1050968-new-led-fog-lights-switch-for-ford-ranger-01-04-super-bright.html Has anybody tried these? I like the way they look but do they actually work well enough for driving in fog / rain? :icon_cheers:
  4. Mahgongo

    searched the site to no avail

    Hey guys I am on my 3rd set of stock fog lights:bawling:. Does anybody know where I can find stone guards for the 01 XLT stock lights? or if not purchase perhaps a design. I am working on a design but tips appreciated. Lance
  5. Mahgongo

    Meguiar's Headlight Restoration kit (with pics)

    What my 2001 XLT looked like before all oxidized and yucky. The box What was in the box, + what i needed to supply (drill and refreshments) prepped the area and wet sanded with supplied paper buffed with buffing agent and drill (I would reccomend a corded drill or spare batteries) all done...
  6. Mahgongo

    fuel pump replacement

    So I have a little dilema. My fuel pump quit no noise when turning the key and no fuel. Changed the filter and while I had it disconnected I turned the key to see if I got anything on the pressure side and NONE. So my question is: do I drop the tank or pull the bed? I have jackstands and a...
  7. Mahgongo

    My truck needs a name.

    All my friends want to know what I named my truck. They dont think "My truck" is good enough:thefinger:. Any sugestions? Here are a couple of pics to aid you guys. In case you haven't seen it in other boards.
  8. Mahgongo

    my "build" thread more upgrades than anything else

    The day I bought my tuck all stock. removed the grill and spray painted it black (no pics of that sorry) new wheels and tires from tiredirect Westin bull bar roll bar from truckrollbar.com (sterling manufacturing) Curtis class III hitch Pioneer 760w amp and Pioneer 12" sub on rear deck 2...
  9. Mahgongo

    ima be a daddy!!!!!

    Weezel Fail on link...but he is definately a keeper good job to you and momma.Welcome to the world and TRS Owen
  10. Mahgongo

    ima be a daddy!!!!!

    "Sure honey we can practice all day if you want" and then no kid and they wont get any for a while and the guys will call you and say "Hey bro can the wife and I come over and play with the baby so maybe I can get some again."
  11. Mahgongo

    ima be a daddy!!!!!

    Congratulations brother. Best wishes to you and your wife.
  12. Mahgongo

    T/C lock out switch

    My O/D light is flashing like many others, I put it on a code reader and came up with the T/C lockout switch, Where is this switch located and is it an easy fix? Thanks in advance. Lance
  13. Mahgongo

    Well I think it is awesome

    1. removed the seats and ran wire 2. measured, cut and carpeted "new floor" 3. drilled holes for all wires 4. mounted spaekerbox with "L" brackets 5. centered amp and mounted to new floor 6. enjoy new set up and feel the vibrations.:icon_bounceblue: Still room behind the driver seat for...
  14. Mahgongo

    Do i need a 3rd RBV

    Just got the Ranger the way i want it. found a possible mud bug let me know what you guys think please. http://gulfport.craigslist.org/bar/2296288282.html
  15. Mahgongo

    Anybody using a box like this?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/FORD-RANGER-83-09-DUAL-12-KICKER-C12-TRUCK-SUB-BOX-NEW-/400203124893?pt=Car_Subwoofers_Enclosures&hash=item5d2df7109d I was just wondering if it is worth the $$ or if you have measurements I am pretty handy with wood and a saw.:icon_surprised: Thanks in advance. Gongo
  16. Mahgongo

    Blinker fluid??

    :thefinger: SOB mechanic friend told me to check the blinker fluid... I actualy made it into Autozone beofre I facepalmed and bought new bulbs. I am such an ID10T :bawling:
  17. Mahgongo

    First timer on this forum

    Hey everybody. I am the proud new owner of a 2001 Ranger 4X4. I have been looking thru the threads for a few weeks and decided I would join up and say howdy from Mississippi Gulf Coast. My roll bar should be in tomorrow and wll get pics up probably tuesday or wednesday. Look forward to...

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