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  1. 97fordrunner

    Wiping a hard drive & starting over

    He guys, I have a Dell Netbook with Windows XP and want to wipe the hard drive and start from scratch, is there a way to do this? I did download a program called Kill Disk but that just cleaned up the drives. And I tried Formating it but being that it only has 1 drive it doesn't allow that to...
  2. 97fordrunner

    fishing haida gwaii

    I love that Part of the world, I have relatives up in Sitka and have been out fishing plenty of times and gotta say your killing me !! LOL I love Salmon and Hali. Last time up I did snag a real nice ling to and it is unglier than sin but cooked up real nice. The Wife and I have been talking...
  3. 97fordrunner

    Act Of Valor

    I know this probably belongs in the entertainment thread but that often gets over looked by most. I just got home from watching this film and guys I gotta say and I know this may be a bold statement and some may not agree but I think this film is better than Saving Private Ryan. It makes ya...
  4. 97fordrunner

    ima be a daddy!!!!!

    Congrats, We just had our first two weeks ago. we should create a first time dads support group on here:icon_twisted:
  5. 97fordrunner

    Custom or Re-programmed ECM

    Looking into doing the M5OD swap finally and looking for a manual trans ECM but wondering if the Dealer can re-program that and fix the speedo at the same time. Or is there a better place to go for that work? Wouldn't mind programming out the EGR so I can get rid of that pain in the ass.
  6. 97fordrunner

    OCC Sr vs. JR

    Haven't really watched this show to much but Watching it right now with their competition build for Cadillac and have to say. Jr. is far and away a better designer and builder than OCC. Those guys seem like they are a bunch of computer guys designing bikes where Jr's guys are still guys that...
  7. 97fordrunner

    Weekend Fun. video and pics

    So got to test out the truck a bit this weekend. Sat went to a friends 50 acres not to far from home for some bushwackin fun and a little test. here are those pics These are from Sunday at the Dresser Rally and then went to a friends house to explore his property First pic is me hung...
  8. 97fordrunner

    Tail Light question

    Hey all. so I ditched the bed of my truck and am adding LED tail lights and neglected to remember that a '97 ranger has separate turn signals and does not run the brake and turns on the same circuit soooo i'm wondering how to wire them so they are? I'm sure its probably something simple I am...
  9. 97fordrunner

    Ranger Art

    Hey all, anyone know where I can get this in a bigger image size? I wanna make a new wallpaper
  10. 97fordrunner

    Dresser, WI Memorial trail rides

    Hey all just wanted to remind you all in the upper midwest about the Dresser trail rides put on my the Minnesota 4 Wheel Drive Association and the Minnesota go 4 wheelers. It is May 27-30th and they are having a bunch of spectator events this year, including truck pulls, Tough Trucks, Mud...
  11. 97fordrunner

    Shock Valving Question

    Hey all. So I went through the front suspension this weekend. Here is the low down. The truck is a '97 Ranger Ext. Cab, 4.0L. I installed custom 5" axle drops and EB 3.5" lift coils, Static it sits level and doesn't seem to "jack" when accelerating like others have had issues with, However when...
  12. 97fordrunner

    Stonecrusher issue

    Hey guys, looking for some input. I got a stonecrusher system and love it. Fit and finish is perfect and it should take some abuse and it drives pretty nice to. I went through the front suspension this weekend and problem is when steering right the bolt for the drivers side arm contacts the...
  13. 97fordrunner

    F5 tornado north of Little Rock

    Just wondering if the guys that are down in that area are ok. That looked like a wicked storm that I couldn't even imagine going through that. Hope y'all are ok.:shok:
  14. 97fordrunner

    Usage tax.

    So MN is looking into a road usage tax due to loss of revenue caused by Hybrids not having to pay as much in gas tax. So how would this work you ask? By installing a gps in your vehicle to record your mileage :annoyed: not happening on my vehicle cause I could def see them say "well since we...
  15. 97fordrunner

    D35 carrier break question

    So i'm swapping gears on a D35 and I have a carrier that has the factory 3.73s on it and I have a carrier and third member that has 3.27 gears on it. Now just out of curiosity I tried installing the 4.56 on the 3.27 carrier knowing that the break is 3.54 and lower and 3.27 and higher. And I was...
  16. 97fordrunner

    Stonecrusher Steering

    Got my steering set up from Anthony and I gotta say It looks great, the fit and finish looks great, very solid. Can't wait to get the rest of my projects complete so I can go for a drive!:yahoo:
  17. 97fordrunner

    '98 4.0 no rev over 3000

    Hey all. So I found a '98 explorer sport rust free problem is that the engine doesn't rev over 3000 in park or neutral. I haven't driven over to look at it yet but the guy says he has replaced most of the sensors on the engine, not o2. I'm thinking cat is plugged, what do you guys think? :dunno:
  18. 97fordrunner

    D35 Spartan Locker question?

    Hey all, so I was surfing around on Randys Ring & Pinion and see that the spartan locker is available now for the D35 but like the aussie it showes 2 models one for 1.625" Carrier and the other 1.560" and according to them this refers to the side gear bore. Question is that the same for the...
  19. 97fordrunner

    Road Trip South Anyone?

    Was paging through some southern cities (since I am home on disability and bored outta my friggin mind ) And found a tone of beautiful cheap RBV's. Mostly Pheonix and so cal of course. Anyone wanna road trip out? I got 3-4 weeks to kill. :icon_rofl: I mean the RBVs up here in MN/WI they are...
  20. 97fordrunner

    how to replace a power supply on a Toshiba?

    Hey all I am sick of my laptop shutting off on me. The cord going into the laptop is loose and the battery is long since shot so when the cord gets wiggled in the wrong way it shuts down. I am wondering how hard it is to open it up and replace the power supply and find the parts to do it? Its a...

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