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  1. mp3deviant721

    Catalytic converter piping? Single or double wall?

    As the title states... I want to cut off the rusted and leaking flange joint off the end of the cat and weld in a straight connector and be done with it and if it is a double wall, would I have issues doing it the way I want to? Edit: I have an 03 with a 3.0. OnePlus One | Powered by: Euphoria...
  2. mp3deviant721

    5R44E 2nd gear start?

    I figured since it's not a repair question, I'd ask here... So does the 5R44E start in 2nd gear if its in 2nd on the shifter? If not, could I mod it to? GS³: CyanideL + ShiftKernel Edition™ ギミチョコ!!
  3. mp3deviant721

    Throttle whistle?

    Seems like the throttle on my 03 whistles in the morning when its really cold after its been sitting overnight. It only does it cruising steadily at 45-55mph with the throttle barely open. Let off the throttle or open the throttle more and it goes away. It does this until the engine warms up. I...
  4. mp3deviant721

    Blue LEDs with orange gauge needles?

    Anybody do something like this? Like change the backlighting color on a cluster with orange needles? I just bough a 03 that has the orange needles and I wanna change the gauge backlighting bad, I got used to the blue from my previous truck. Lol GS³: CarbonROM + leanKernel Edition™ ギミチョコ!!
  5. mp3deviant721

    Dome light delay?

    I just put in new door switches. I noticed when opening the drivers door that there is a delay in the light turning off. Is this how the GEM controls the light? This ain't a technical question. Just out of curiosity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. mp3deviant721

    Weak vacuum on white hose

    I'm trying to diagnose an a/c issue where the a/c goes to defrost when I accelerate. I noticed when going through the vaccum lines that my outside/recirculate door motor does not work. The door is not open when the knob is on Max A/C. I pulled off the vacuum line and the vacuum seems pretty weak...
  7. mp3deviant721

    Possible frame issues or body just slid over?

    I was taking a good look at my truck today. Noticed that the front part of the cab looks like it is pushed over on the frame. Like it is not centered on the frame. The bed looks center on the frame but it's only seems like it's only from the grille to the rear of the front fender. It doesn't...
  8. mp3deviant721

    What would you pay for my truck?

    Quick rundown of the truck: - 1995 XLT - 2.3l, 5 spd manual, 2wd - Air conditioning (working) - Power steering - has aftermarket CD player in it - sliding rear window - has bed topper - 15" Explorer rims on it w/ 215/75/15 all season tires I recently put two new headlight housings on it and...
  9. mp3deviant721

    Wanting to paint interior panels....

    To any of you who painted your radio bezel on your 95+ style dashes, did you remove the coating on the plastic before you painted or did you just scuff and shoot paint? Would it be a good idea to use an adhesion promoter on all of the plastic before painting as well?
  10. mp3deviant721

    2.3l Duratec in 89 Ranger

    6Kgoer4w89M What do you guys think? Cool or not? I personally like it.
  11. mp3deviant721

    Ashtrays optional?

    My 95's ashtray doesn't come out when I pull on it. Were they available as a option or standard on all trucks? I just ask because either I'm stupid and don't know how to operate the ashtray on the newer style dash or it doesn't have one.
  12. mp3deviant721

    ABS light on, pulled fuse power and light still on

    My ABS is on. I pulled the fuse for the power to the ABS module. Light stayed on. But got dimmer. Everytime I step on the brake pedal, the light gets brighter. Now I'm really confused. I also found out that someone put a 30 amp fuse where a 15 amp fuse at the #13 fuse spot in the I/P box is...
  13. mp3deviant721

    Exhaust leak at catalytic converter joint

    I just bought a truck and recently found out that the exhaust joint connecting the cats to the rest of the exhaust pipe is leaking. It looks like I maybe able to just replace the gasket and hardware. In the event that I find that there is more wrong than that, is there a good way to replace the...
  14. mp3deviant721

    Air muffler and intake baffle removal?

    Does it really work? Not that I won't do it if it doesn't. I did some research and apparently it works for almost everybody who has tried it on their 4 bangers.
  15. mp3deviant721

    I bought me another Ranger!

    That makes three. I just bought a '95 XLT regular cab in white. It has a 2.3l with a 5 spd and it is 2wd. Has a willow green interior. Came with a topper but I'm debating on removing it. Truck does have some quirks though. The passenger side headlight isn't sitting right in the header panel and...
  16. mp3deviant721

    Snow blower not running right

    I have a snow blower that ain't running right. After it gets warm, it will idle fine. But when you try to run the auger, the engine quits. The engine seems to start okay and idle okay. It's just when the engine is warm and when a load is applied. As I don't know much about carb'ed engines in...
  17. mp3deviant721

    Summit Racing in-house brand paint

    Anybody ever heard of this stuff or used it? I can get their single stage in a blue metallic with clear and 2k primer along with 3 qts. of activator and 3 qts. of reducer all for $277.50 shipped to my house. That price looks quite appealing if you ask me. I was also wondering how much paint...
  18. mp3deviant721

    Single straight rear exit?

    Anybody running their single exhaust exit straight to the rear? Not angled out towards the side, but underneath the rear bumper. I was looking to do mine that way with a straight cut 2.5" tip. Or would it look better with a slight angle exiting out the side? Help me decide guys. Ideas are much...
  19. mp3deviant721

    General Ranger clutch questions...

    Why does it seem like some trucks I drive have really soft clutch pedals and others nice and firm? Mine is nice and firm and when I go to test drive a truck with a soft pedal, I have a hard time getting the clutch to engage smoothly, because I'm used to a firm clutch. My dad's 91 has a nice and...
  20. mp3deviant721

    Newer automatic Ranger transmissions

    Well, I scrapped the plan of getting a cheapo beater to fix up. Now I'm looking for a newer truck and wanted people's experiences with the newer automatics. It's hard to find newer trucks with manuals and that has got me wanting to try an automatic. Anybody have good experience with the new...

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