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  1. Snurfer

    front driveshaft length

    hey guys finished my SAS last May and got the gears installed and everything up front but i still have no front driveshaft haha. been slackin way too bad. my stocker is about 2 inches too short and im wondering if there are any stock replacements from a donor vehicle that would give me the...
  2. Snurfer

    MAF sensor location

    hey all im building a new intake for the supercharger on the ranger. right now i have it on the driver side since thats the side that it comes out of the supercharger. the filter is located just to the right of the battery. im going to route it just in front of the SC pulley goin over the fan...
  3. Snurfer

    crankshaft angle sensor/synchro shaft

    i really need help guys my CPS went out and im in the middle of replacing it. for the life of me i cant get synchro shaft out of the block. the housing spins on the block easy enough but i just wont come out. anyone else have this problem? what did you do to pop it out. everyone else says that...
  4. Snurfer

    Deaver Springs

    just ordered my new coils for the SAS ranger. they are probably the most helpful coil company ive ever dealt with. id highly recommend going to them if you have any questions about spring rates and if you need to order a good set of coils. just an fyi. thanks
  5. Snurfer

    95 ranger SAS. giddy up

    starting the SAS in two weeks once the rest of the 3 link parts show up. got most of the extra brackets grinded off and cleaned up on the axle. im going to be running a HP d30 out of a 98 cherokee. 760x full clip u joints 99 WJ knuckles swap for cross over steering cut, sleeved and shortened...
  6. Snurfer

    98 EX 4.0 into 95 ranger 4.0

    thinkin about puttin a new motor in the ranger. the org 4.0 is gettin old. found a new rebuilt 4.0 out of a 98 explorer for 600 with accessories. i remember reading about the minor differences with the bellhousing match ups and what not but is there anything else that i have to look forward to...
  7. Snurfer

    snow, the ranger, and 20ft of culvert

    went home for a few days... and this is what happened myself evan phillip www.zacrephotography.com
  8. Snurfer

    m62 pictures

  9. Snurfer

    sport trac cluster swap into 95-96 ranger

    hey guys got my sport trac gauges swapped into my 95 ranger. looks so good! had to repin a few of the wires as it is not a plug and play deal. if anyone is interested ill post the wiring diagrams so that others can do the same swap.
  10. Snurfer

    SC bypass valve question

    got the supercharger put together on the truck!! pictures to come soon. my question is the bypass valve has a bung at the bottom of housing.... does that need to have a vacuum line placed on it and routed to the intake? or is there a specific place that it need vacuum from? and what psi would...
  11. Snurfer

    adjustable FPR?

    hey guys having trouble deciding on an adjustable FPR for my 95 4.0l. getting ready to put on the supercharger and just cant figure out what regulator would work best for my motor. any suggestions? thanks
  12. Snurfer

    24 lb. injectors for 4.0L OHV?

    hey guys havin some trouble findin 24 lb injectors for my 1995 ranger 4.0L. where does everyone get them at? i looked at a few sites but all i could find were injectors for the 3.0. any help? thanks again
  13. Snurfer

    99' 4.0 into my 95 w/ 4.0?

    hey guys found a pretty good deal on a 99' 4.0 with harness. curious as to whether it will drop into my 95 that already has a 4.0. the 99 is OHV as well correct? any major differences i get to look forward to? thanks again
  14. Snurfer

    M5OD question

    was wondering what transmissions i could use out of what year trucks to replace 93 4.0 5spd tranny? direct swap over thanks again for all the help
  15. Snurfer

    iac valve question for SC

    running an m62 xterra supercharger on my 4.0. building the intake plenum. my question is the thunderbird throttlebody has an integrated iac valve... so would i be able to use the TB off of the tbird instead of having to make a bracket for my ranger iac valve to attach to on the intake plenum?
  16. Snurfer

    off road x pipe :)

    haha i was just watchin the kenne bell cobra mustangs with the x pipes. they sound soooooo good. and was wondering how it would sound on a ranger 4.0l. i know it would be all custom but it would be rad if someone guinea pigged it :) my truck hardly likes the single in/ dual out 2.5 in side...
  17. Snurfer

    chevy 1 ton TREs and drag link

    what year chevy 1 ton TREs do i need to order to make my steering linkage for my SAS? i went to go order them to mock up my linkage and i couldnt determine what year when they asked me. felt like a moron haha any help would be great thanks again in advance
  18. Snurfer

    injector size?

    ive got a 95 4.0l and was wondering what size injectors came on the truck? 19#? and where would the best place to pick up a set of 24# injectors? possibly a donor vehicle? thanks again for your help guys.
  19. Snurfer

    help with axle u bolts!!

    so i was driving home from work today and my steering wheel went from tracking straight with my hand at noon on the wheel, to straight with my hand still at the noon position.... but it was now at the 3. basically i snapped my left rear axle u bolts and my leafs came out of the spring perch...
  20. Snurfer

    8 inch xj coils?

    how much lift do you get from xj coils? i thought it was 2.5 to 3 inches more or am i mistaken? part of me thinks it could be less. 95 sc 4.0

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