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  1. projectnitemare

    whats it worth...88 ranger not running

    I've come across a donor for some stuff I need, just a quick check on if I'm in the right ball park. It's an 88 Ranger extended cab, not running at the moment, no computer, bed is off, decent shape. He's asking $500 but I'm feeling it's only worth more of the $200-250 range. Any thoughts?
  2. projectnitemare

    New tow rig

    It's been a long time coming, and finally got something. 2014 F250 with the 12.5k towing package. Has pretty much everything I wanted except the 4.30 gear ratio that I was told was a special order. I decided against the diesel, it's like $8300 more now, the emissions equipment really scares...
  3. projectnitemare

    8.8 whine while coasting...with gear pattern pics

    Ok this one has me a little stumped/irritated. Got this one in to fix, has less than 1000mi on the gearset with metal in the oil. Explorer 8.8. The driver's side shims had pushed out into the axle, that was the metal. I've done tons of these with no issues and this one is a bastard. No...
  4. projectnitemare

    What would you pay for this?

    An 88 Ranger 2wd, extended cab, 2.9L auto. Fairly decent body, some rust on the bed, may need minor work to get running. I don't have any pics just taking what my co-worker said about it. He told me to look at it an make him and offer. I'm looking at it for just the cab as long as it's good...
  5. projectnitemare

    Project Blue Submarine

    This one is hopefully finished, has been a work in progress for nearly 3 years. 84 S10 w/ a .060 over 4 bolt main 350, 700R4 and an 8.8 explorer rear with disc brakes. Aside from the body nothing has been untouched or replaced under this thing; it's quite clean and sharp looking. This pic is...
  6. projectnitemare

    05 Explorer Bumper

    I'll toss my pics in as well. Between all the other crap going on it took like a month to build. Aside from lights and fixing the cracked header panel it's finally done. All thanks to a 65 mph deer impact. Matt
  7. projectnitemare

    Motorcraft parts rant

    I might be dumb for buying their stuff but in my explorer I have kept it 100% stock and use factory parts expecting it to run like stock and be reliable. May 2010, battery takes a dump. No big deal its 5 years old. Today OEM replacement motorcraft battery takes a dump....84 mo warranty. It...
  8. projectnitemare

    2005 Explorer Prerunner/aftermarket bumper

    As the title says, has anyone ever seen one advertised? I know some companies will build whatever you desire but I don't need that. I'm in the market for something after I cracked a deer going between 55 and 60. Thankfully the grille guard I had took most of the impact without a scratch...
  9. projectnitemare

    No more Paterno at PSU

    This is almost old news now but as of last night Paterno has been fired from Penn State. Paterno and president Spanier along with various others were let go at the decision of the board of trustees. This all due to the shock wave of former PSU staff Sandusky having affairs with young children...
  10. projectnitemare

    Groom's reman engines, stay away

    When you buy a reman engine from any parts store see who their provider is. I would suggest staying away from ones manufactured by Groom's out of Tenn. I replaced a 4.6L in an F-150 back in late June/early July. Needless to say it ran funny from the initial start up and lasted maybe 50 miles...
  11. projectnitemare

    The BII named worst 4x4 of all time

    Tis true according to the latest issue of Offroad Magazine. I'm sure it will spark an uproar not only RBV owners but also samuri and CJ5 owners since their vehicles made the pick too. Matt
  12. projectnitemare

    So how about that earthquake

    It's the first one I've ever experienced. I guess they can happen just about anywhere. The best part is I barely got excited...people asked "what's that" and I looked up from my work and replied "must be and earthquake" and went back to my business. Kinda curious to hear from those in Virgina...
  13. projectnitemare

    So looking at the 2011 stang

    I was at the dealer looking at the options on the new Mustang for the up coming year....seems pretty impressive. The 5.0 is back, all new modular based, 32 valve, all aluminum with variable cam timing. Says its rated just over 400hp but I'm told that's a conservative number. Backed by a...
  14. projectnitemare

    If you want lots of power get use to this

    That happens from just stomping the gas in 2nd...no clutch poping either It happens. Matt
  15. projectnitemare

    Get dome light to turn off

    Alritey, my other vehicle, 05 Explorer, I'm trying to figure this out. I know there is a way to do it but still looking on how. When the rear hatch is open I do not want the dome lights to turn on. Reason is, I took it to the drive-in and the thing is like an instant bug light. Any ideas? Matt
  16. projectnitemare

    F-150 shorties on 351W Rangers

    I was bored over the past few days and tried some different headers for you guys wanting or have 351W Rangers. F-150 shorties do not fit so rule them out. Depending on your engine location the drivers side has a chance of fitting but the pass side exits directly to the frame rail. So that is...
  17. projectnitemare

    any good stang forums?

    I'm looking for a good stang forum to find some info on fox body mustangs. I just acquired a 90 LX original 4cyl with no engine or trans in pretty nice shape. I couldn't argue with the price....free. I have a 302/c4 combo I can drop it in right now but I'm looking to go 460. The problem I'm...
  18. projectnitemare

    Ugly bearing noises

    In my 89 BII w/ a 2.9/FM146/1350, the trans is making a very nasty bearing noise in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and reverse. It does it when the clutch is out in any of those gears as well as neutral also when the clutch is depressed in those gears (except neutral). I'm assuming input shaft bearing but...
  19. projectnitemare

    Ugly bearing noises

    In my 89 BII w/ a 2.9/FM146/1350, the trans is making a very nasty bearing noise in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and reverse. It does it when the clutch is out in any of those gears as well as neutral also when the clutch is depressed in those gears (except neutral). I'm assuming input shaft bearing but...
  20. projectnitemare

    Helpful trans and t-case info

    Here is a bunch of junk I have collected over the past few years. It's not complete but probably the most complete listing for stuff that will work for a Ranger V8 swap. Auto Transmissions C4 3 speed auto 64-86, still pretty easy to find, light weight, compact and durable. Best to use a...

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