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  1. odie1969

    1987 STX 4.0 sohc done.

    Well I finished my truck a while ago and I have put about a 4000 miles on it. So it is time to show it off before I have to sell for a Family car. The start. the start of the dash swap form the 04 xlt. Now the finished project. And now the build specs interior: Has a dash...
  2. odie1969

    Dana 50 ifs from F250

    Sure with money and time. If you do this I want lots of pics.
  3. odie1969

    Escort mirrors on first Gen?

    Hey I was just wondering if anybody has ever replaced their flag mirrors with a set of power mirrors off a escort. just thinking it might be pretty cool.
  4. odie1969

    Need a Good ATV parts place.

    So I just bought meyself a 04 660 raptor and was wondering where everybody bought their stuff for the ATV toys in ones life. Im looking for goods like a nice set of nerf bars and possible a case saver to start out with. would like to end with a +4 long travel kit. But I have alot of...
  5. odie1969

    Need help pairing amp with polk MM840D

    Well I have had a polk MM840D for about a yr I have been running it with a kinda crappy 400w amp. But now the amp seems to sound like crap unless I touch the outside of the RCA jacks while I ground myself. If I run a ground wire direct to RCA it sounds like crap again. So Im...
  6. odie1969

    what brand locker is this and is it worth $150?

    Can anybody tell me what brand of locker this is and if it is worth $150. I talked to the guy and he said he had it in his f150 for about 6000miles before he pulled it to put in a ARB. he said he was running 4.56 gears. when he had it installed.
  7. odie1969

    Safari Pacific MX2 Build

    I wish your brother would build me some extended upper and lower control arms. the things are coming together very nicely.
  8. odie1969

    Which A/c Condesors wil work.

    Ok So I did a sohc4.0l swap into my 87, So now my questions are Is there any chance I can find a condesor that will fit in my 87 that will acept the 04 lines? If not I have already looked into gettin new lines built about$80 bucks a apiece So I was wondering what would be the best condesor to...
  9. odie1969

    fuel pump died and now need a new one.

    My fuel pump died in my 04 4.0l sohc, So I have spent the day trying to find a new pump for it. but all I can find is a the fuel pump assembly for like $280 so what I would like to find is just the pump but I cant find one for sale. So I was hoping someone could point me in a direction to...
  10. odie1969

    V8 question 5.0-5.8l

    Ok so I have a 351 wind. out of a 84 bronco but my question can i take a wireharness and heads from a v8 explorer and place the 351w in a ranger while keeping the obd2 for emission issues. I understand I would need a after market intake like trick-flow or elebrock for the fuel injection a new...
  11. odie1969

    Vacum Diagram for a 99 Mountianeer 5.0l

    Hey Guys I just bought a 99 Mountaineer and everything fine and good till I got home and drove it the next day and the Check Engine light came on. I checked the Codes and they came up as p0171 and p0174 so lean on each bank. I will change the fuel filter to see if that will help. But I...
  12. odie1969

    Found a A-arm kit for the 98+ on Cl.

    Ok so I was roaming around CL and found a long travel A-arm kit for the 98+ and I wanted to see what you guys thought about it. The kit cost $1050. http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/pts/1330208666.html
  13. odie1969

    "Fuzzy locker"?

    One hell of a locker, this allows no wheel slipage..
  14. odie1969

    Looking in a new direction

    I'm not sure but I thought the 350 came with the straight axle. the guy I bought the d50 from did a swaped in a straight axle.
  15. odie1969

    Browning or Remington

    Well I have a 870 and I have never had a problem, that was the guns issue. I was using my buddy new bennilli blackbird semi-auto 12ga while doing sporting clays. well when I switched back to my 870 I forgot to rack another sell in for my second bird. I really love my 870 express, Good for...
  16. odie1969

    Safari Pacific MX2 Build

    but then you have to wash it before and after use. and I think he might be kinda limited on clean water in some of the places he plans on going.
  17. odie1969

    Safari Pacific MX2 Build

    this a great truck. and great build we should go camping so I don't have bring all my shit.
  18. odie1969

    Has Anybody ever rebuilt a CCRM( constant Currnet Relay Mod.)

    Like the title states. I have finally tracked down part of my A/C issue with the Mustang. So I'm looking for a short between the wires on the A/C clutch and relay box. But in the mean time I was moving around wires and the CCRM box started smoking. But everything Else that is related to...
  19. odie1969

    A/C in a 96 mustang.

    Ok so yesterday The Girlfriend was sitting in traffic and the A/C started to blow Hot air. SO today I go out and look at the car to check the a/c pressure. Upon pulling the cap off the low pressure side to find a gaping hole blowing air out of it. So my question is Has any body ever...
  20. odie1969

    86 5.0 convertible.

    ya so today I was bored so I rolled down to the local scrap yard to see what was there and if I needed anything. well the yard has a Runs and Drives section. While wasting time in there I found this. A grill I have never seen before. A fiberglass hard top for the Conv. top and the 5.0...

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