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  1. superds

    84 BII with 96 Explorer 5.0

    Well, I got to drive the B2 to work twice this week, no issues. I still have a ton of small stuff to do but I currently have a driving vehicle capable of making it to work. Has plenty of power and no drivability issues so far. I ended up making a new transmission cross member to push the...
  2. superds

    84 BII with 96 Explorer 5.0

    1. I have not done anything yet to fool the computer into thinking there’s an auto transmission there. I’ve taken it for a few short drives around the block and haven’t noticed any drivability issues yet. My donor is a 96 model and this might be one of the reasons it seems to be working so far...
  3. superds

    84 BII with 96 Explorer 5.0

    I’m using an NP208 from an 84 Bronco (full size). It has a fixed rear yoke unlike the slip yokes most of the F150s has. It’s just narrow enough to fit the frame rails but if I recall correctly I had to cut off one of the top lifting tabs but can’t recall if it was a width issue or a height issue.
  4. superds

    86 B2 Swapeverydamthing!

    Well, to put things in perspective, I think $25 is a lot of money! I’m also thinking about total cost of tuning, $150 on top of a $300 ecu puts me in a similar territory as the cost of doing a quarterhorse seteup plus associated hardware and software. If I can keep the factory ecu running and...
  5. superds

    86 B2 Swapeverydamthing!

    Thanks, good information. Do you have a wideband o2? I haven’t looked in a while but the last time I recall they were pretty expensive, about $150. Do you need two or will one do the job? Do you put it in the stock location or new location a bit downstream so it gets both banks exhaust?
  6. superds

    86 B2 Swapeverydamthing!

    Looking good. How do you like the microsquirt? Is it easy to tune? I’m planning on running stock explorer ecu but have concerns the ecu will get angry with me since I don’t have a transmission hooked up to it and no rear o2 sensors (I was able to drive it around the block a couple times so at...
  7. superds

    84 BII with 96 Explorer 5.0

    I met my April goal! I threw the driveshaft in and bled the clutch and got it to move under its own power. Took it around the block a couple times, even only partially together and just for a couple blocks it was a blast to drive. I even took the wife for a quick spin around the block and she...
  8. superds

    84 BII with 96 Explorer 5.0

    I got one driveshaft shortened today. Didn't get it put on though as I couldn't find u joint bolts. Add them to the order too...
  9. superds

    84 BII with 96 Explorer 5.0

    Wow, I gave an update a couple weeks ago but I don't see my post on here now! I'm not sure what happened there. Well, I don't get a ton of time to work on it, I've been trying to sneak out to the garage once in a while after my wife and kid goes to bed to work a bit. I fired up the engine for...
  10. superds

    85 B2 with 302, looking for new long block

    We have an 85 BII with an old 302 swap done by a few owners ago. The engine is tired and we've decided to put a new long block in. Looking for reasonable cost and ease of installation since we don't need a ton of power. It's believed the current engine came from a late 70s Ford car. Probably...
  11. superds

    1988 F250 diesel 4x4 tow rig build

    I recently picked up a 1988 F250 4x4 7.3 idi diesel with 5 speed transmission, regular cab, long box. It needs some work to say the least. Dirty and broken all over but the engine runs pretty good and it's an XLT Lariat so its has all the options of the day, you know, power windows, locks and...
  12. superds

    1988 F250 7.3 ZF5 won't shift into 4th gear

    I have an 88 F250 with manual transmission and it won't shift into 4th gear. Ever. It shifts into all other gears just fine but fourth won't go. I just bought this truck and it was like this from the first time I drove it. You have to skip 4th gear and shift from 3rd to 5th. I'm trying to get...
  13. superds

    Best (or high value) DIY Bed Liner for Cab Floor

    I'm in the process of gutting and redoing the floor on my 84 BII and I've decided to give up on the carpet. First I'm going to POR-15 the whole floor and use some rubberized sound and heat insulation spray I found at Fleet Farm in the foot areas. On top of that I'd like to put some bed liner...
  14. superds

    84 BII with 96 Explorer 5.0

    In a few weeks I will be starting my V8 swap on my 84 BII. I have a 5.0 from a 96 Explorer that I parted out with most of engine related components I thought I would need when I originally intended on putting this in my 90 Ranger, which I'm now parting out due to too many project vehicles, not...
  15. superds

    More government mandated "safety features" coming 2018

    Not new news but thought I'd share in case some haven't seen it yet: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/u-s-will-require-all-new-cars-to-have-backup-cameras-81321307373.html The government is now going to mandate backup cameras in all light pickups and cars by 2018. I'm really annoyed by this...
  16. superds

    Brake Parts Cleaner Alternative?

    The amount of brake parts cleaner I go through is making me go broke. It works too well to clean up random stuff besides just brakes. I buy a case when it goes on sale at $2/can but it still takes a couple cans do nearly every project...I remember when I could get it for $1 a can, and that was...
  17. superds

    Ingersoll-Rand 2135TiMAX 1/2" Air Impact Wrench

    Well, cruising the tool product review forum I noticed it looks kinda light so I thought I would add one. I have an IR 2135TiMAX 1/2" Air Impact Wrench. Awesome. I've only had it for a few months but have used impacts from this same series over many years. I believe this is the best value...
  18. superds

    TSA to allow 2.36" knives on airplanes starting 4-25-13, what will you be packin?

    TSA to allow 2.36" knives on airplanes starting 4-25-13, what will you be packin? The TSA announced this week they will allow small knives (2.36" blade length) to be carried on commercial airplanes starting April 25, 2013. The decision has some drawbacks though, the knives they allow are much...
  19. superds

    Carb Identification Help

    When I bought an 84 BII it came with a couple boxes of parts, of which there were three carbs, a 4 barrel and two 2 barrels. The BII wasn't running and had a half complete Duraspark conversion on it and I'm now working on getting it finished. It now starts and runs briefely (no more than a...
  20. superds

    Bugging Out / Survival

    I think diesel is better, especially a simple mechanical injected diesel. While diesel fuel is not as common at inner city gas stations, if you're bugging out, you're sure to cross by many truck stops, farmers, and crops that could be turned into fuel just as easily as distilling to make ethanol.

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