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  1. Last 10% of project help wanted in N.E. Alabama

    I need to finish my project- it's a 1st Gen Ranger inherited from my Grandfather that I carefully modified into a 700+whp LS turbo daily driver. I'm getting older and need help finishing the build (basic wrenching, wiring...I can help / teach anything you want to learn from engine assembly to...
  2. For Sale Currie Nodular 9" center with Daytona carrier, 3.50, 31 spline TrueTrac

    Used lightly for rear suspension fabrication- gears and Detroit Truetrac are like new. I'll take $800 shipped for it.
  3. For Sale New parts added: PimpXS with CAS and harnesses, HX35, lg NPR, ts ss header, DJM suspension

    I'm going in another direction with my build (less 4 banger, more Chevrolet). I'm located in Gadsden, AL. UPDATE: Long block, intake manifold, C4 sold- make offers on the PimpXS/CAS/harnesses. Added front suspension / non-AC blower housing, drag shocks, Reactor flexplate, QuickTime C4 to 2.3...
  4. 1990 Ranger 17/15" wheel setup Q

    I have a 1990 Ranger that I'm in the process of building. I plan on using a stock width 1992 Explorer 8.8 (plus 1.5" each side). I'm attempting to shovel a 17x8" with 5.67 backspacing (30mm offset) in rear, and use 15x6" with 3.5" backspacing (0mm offset) in the front. Normally I'd install...
  5. Hi from AL

    Hi Everyone! I'm joining this forum after lurking for a while. Over the last 35 years, I've built personal vehicles from a 8.80/156mph street driven Fox Body to a 430whp E-85 WRX. As my last project, I decided to try my hand at a Lima Ranger, using a 87 TC Donor. I appreciate the feedback...
  6. Hi from Bama!

    Hi folks, just inherited my Grandfather's cherry 70k mile 1990 Ranger 2WD XLT 2.3L...it even smells new. I'm in the process of either A) finding a harmonic damper for it (I broke the existing one pulling the damper in a routine timing belt replacement...the crank bolt washer was still in...

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