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  1. CAD

    Mustang inspired grille for first gen ranger

    After I finished up my new winch bumper and brush guard I decided that I really didn't like the look of the factory grill. Spent a little time through the junk yard but didn't find anything that really inspired me until on the way home I passed an early Boss mustang. So I went home and...
  2. CAD

    Rapid Flash Brake Lights for Gen 1

    Was following a new car the other day that had flashing brake lights. They would flash 6 times in about three or four seconds and then stay on solid. In my opinion it was great, got my attention immediately, and I was able to brake sooner. So I looked up on line and found a site that sold these...
  3. CAD

    F-50 Ranger

    Ever since I got my ranger pickup, a friend of mine who has an old F-250 ranger constantly gives me crap about having a trucklette as he calls it. And, that it might be worth having when it grows up. We go up into the hills and he leaves me in the dust with his souped up 351C. I love my little...
  4. CAD


    Found 'Destroy's' '06' article on throttle cable mod the other day, where you put ty-wraps on the throttle cable at the pedal. needed to put on two to take up the slack. The difference is fantastic, it's like doing a tune up on my rig. Throttle response is crisp, better power at take off and...
  5. CAD

    3M Paint Break Stripe

    Was wondering if anyone had a package of 3M 74018 Scotchcal Paint Break Striping Tape ocean blue/bright blue/ ocean blue? 3M discontinued it in 09 and I want to take my truck back to factory paint scheme and want the original paint break stripe to go back on it. will pay fair price and shipping.
  6. CAD

    Dealer installed AC hoses

    Does anyone know where I can get AC hoses for factory installed AC? They have compression fittings at the evaporator and are hose clamped everywhere else. Was able to get the receiver/dryer from NAPA, but they only list the hoses for factory air not dealer air. Advance Auto lists their hoses as...
  7. CAD

    Lots of new goodies

    Recently added lots of goodies. first was the slider back window and the vent windows on the extended cab sides. Then added door vent windows, it had single glass in the doors with power windows and door locks from an Eddie Baur B2. Then added the nerf steps. also earlier added tilt steering...
  8. CAD

    Brakes and steering pulsing

    Wow! what a way to spend a Sunday. Had a lot of pulsing from the brakes and a nasty humming noise when I would turn to the right on the highway. bought brakes, rotors, inner and outer bearings, and seals, and I'm sure glad I did. The right side rotor was cut in by the pads and warped. The left...
  9. CAD

    Fuel lines

    Has anyone ever replaced or modified the high pressure fuel lines? What i want to do is add a second tank from a B2 on my ranger to have dual tanks and I want to relocate the filters and pump for more accessability. Would like to change them out to steel lines and a screw on sediment filter and...
  10. CAD

    economy meter

    Was wondering if there was an economy gauge that I could install into my 88 2.9l ranger. Everything that I have been able to find online is for the obd2 or CAN system. Has anyone put one into an 88 and if so could you direct me to where I could purchase one.
  11. CAD


    recently replaced my spark plugs and came across something unusual, bought a set of plugs for my 88 2.9L they gave me (Autolite 105's). But, the plugs that came out of the engine were (autolite 765's). The difference is that the 105's have approx. 1" of threads and the 765's have only a 1/2"...
  12. CAD

    Pcv valve????

    Changed the plugs, oil and antifreeze today and started it up and noticed a strange sound. Thought it was the alternater bearings and finally located it to the PCV (the ball inside is chattering) valve on the valve cover. The PCV has two hose connections on it, one big 3/8"?? line going off...
  13. CAD

    Clutch hydralic line????

    need to know if i can put a clutch line from a 94 ranger onto the clutch master cylinder in an 88 ranger they both have roll pins holding them in. will they interchange? put an m5od in and the quick connect from the fm 146 is different. this is my last thing to do before getting it back on the...
  14. CAD

    88 2.9 to 94 3.0 swap

    have a 88 4x4 ext cab fm146 that gave problems lately, found that the head on the pass side was cracked. have a 94 4x4 stand cab m50d (runs and shifts good body , interior is totally trashed - 88 is perfect body and interior) was wondering if i could pull the engine and trans and drop into my...
  15. CAD

    engine cutting out

    problem started today!! Heading down the road and truck started cutting out when I would get my foot into the pedal and clear up when I would let off. Also, for the last couple of weeks it has been hard starting and flooding out when it does start. Thought it was the extreme cold weather, we...
  16. CAD

    fuel tank interchange

    Need a new fuel tank for my 88 ext cab 4x4 it has a side tank on drivers side. Was offered one from a 94 reg cab 4x4 tank on drivers side. will the 94 tank bolt up to the 88 and if so will it work with the dash fuel gauge? I don't really want to drive 75 miles and pull it out and pay to find...
  17. CAD

    FM146 to M50D-HD

    Was researching exactly which transmission I could swap out for my FM146 and it appears that anything to present models (rangers and explorers) will bolt right into my 1988 with only some minor modifications i.e. will need to make my own manual transfer case linkage mount, and use the 6 bolt...
  18. CAD

    Transmission swap Question

    Need a new tranny for my 88 ranger ext cab 4X4 2.9L (FM146) and can not find one readily available. Saw the instructions to swap out to an m50d from a 4.0L 91-00 ranger and was wondering if an m50d from a 93 explorer with a 4.0L would work? :icon_confused:

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