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  1. Maverick

    New C5 Torque Converter

    I have a new C5 torque converter laying around for a 2.8/2.9 V6 that was out of my old B2R project. It was installed, but was never driven on or even got the truck running. $50+ the ride. Located in Eureka, CA. Text is best 707-496-4084
  2. Maverick

    Pivot Bushing Replacement

    I'm currently installing the lift on my 95 Ranger, putting in new pivot bushings while the axle is out and on the ground. It's been years since I've replaced a set. I don't remember how I did it but what I do remember was that it was a pain in the ass. Anybody have any awesome techniques or...
  3. Maverick

    Project Adventure Ranger: 95 Ranger Build

    Picked up another Ranger a few weeks ago with the idea using it as an "adventure" rig. This truck is going to be built with the intent of being a comfortable driver while still having enough off road prowess to conquer mild trails and extended back country trips. It needs to be as reliable as...
  4. Maverick

    Lunch box locker prices...

    Is it just me or have they gone through the roof? Last time I bought one was around '08 for a D30, it was an Aussie and I paid like $240 for it brand new. The one before that was a Lock-Right for a 9" and it was right around $200 new. I've been looking around for a lunch box locker for a 28...
  5. Maverick

    Project "Old Skool": 78 Bronco

    Like I needed another project. I've already got a few I can't seem to get finished, so why not another right? Once again another rig popped up for a good deal I just couldn't live without, this time in the form of a 78 Bronco. Picked it up about two weeks ago, it was just over the border in...
  6. Maverick

    Explorer 8.8 disc brake swap

    I have both a drum and disc brake Explorer 8.8's laying around. What's involved in swapping the disc brake set up to the drum brake housing? Is it as easy as removing the drum hardware and backing plate and replacing it with the disc components? Or is there differences in the housing or axle...
  7. Maverick

    Explorer 2dr to 4dr leaf spring swap

    Anybody have experience with this? I have a 2dr. I'm currently building up and am looking at swapping springs. I put 1" coil spacers in the front, now the rear sits 1.5" low. On top of the height issue, this thing is sprung way to soft IMO. I'm looking to find out how much the ride height and...
  8. Maverick

    Belltech 6400 shackles

    Anybody have the eye to eye length on these things?
  9. Maverick

    My Superduty...

    Might as well pimp it since there is a place for it now! Basics: 01 F250 7.3 Diesel 6-speed manual 3.73 gear L/S rear Extras: Turbo-back stainless 4" Magnaflow exhaust DIY Tymar 6637 air filter w/zoodad mod DP-Tuner F-5 gauge chip with anti-theft/stock/quiet idle/60 tow/80 economy/120 race...
  10. Maverick

    I'm bored... its fab time!

    So it's saturday night and Im bored as shit. I talked to my buddy and he's in the same boat. We decided were gonna go crank out a headache rack for my Superduty. I'll be updating in the wee-hours of the morning :icon_welder: I'll leave you with a pic of my boring stock Superduty.
  11. Maverick

    Bass heads, need some help.

    I need to add some bump to my DD F250. I want the box to fit under the rear bench seat, which leaves me with a lot of restrictions. Im limited to about .70 of air space and a sub with a mounting depth of no more than 5". I know with what I have Im not going to be winning any SPL contests, but I...
  12. Maverick

    Need anything delivered along I-5 between Eureka CA and Seattle WA?

    Im going to Seattle on sunday or monday to pick up a man lift. I'll be headed up with an empty truck and car trailer and was wondering if anybody needed anything delivered along my route. As long as it's not far off I-5 or won't be a real time consuming event I'd be glad to help out a fellow...
  13. Maverick

    Last trip of the summer....

    Went camping a few weeks ago, last "official" camping trip of the summer. Figure Id share some pics. This is my favorite place to go. Out in the middle of nowhere, 4wd required. Last 1/2 mile into the lake takes about 30 min. to cover because you have to be in low range. Bounced the Superduty...
  14. Maverick

    Yep, another one...

    As if I dont have enough rigs already, I had to go and stumble across this. Another good deal I couldn't pass. I originally bought it with the idea to resell, but realized I had lied to myself shortly after taking delivery of it. I'm gonna use it for a back and forth to work/around town rig. I...
  15. Maverick

    Drug home another one!

    I dont even need it but for what I paid for it I couldnt pass it up. Plus it came with a bunch of extra stuff. Its got a 400M/C6/205 combo with a 4" lift and 35" BFG's that are in really good shape. Runs pretty good, drives but the brakes are shot so I trailered it home. In the back it had...
  16. Maverick

    The Maverick

    Well after not having anything fun to drive for a while, I decided it was time to put my '72 Maverick back on the road. Heres a few pics of whats going on. The car in DD status about 5 years ago. How it sits as of yesterday, stripped of motor and tranny. Right before I tore it apart I...
  17. Maverick

    Getting a little out of hand!

    Suppose to go up another .25-.30 cents within a couple weeks.
  18. Maverick

    The new rig

    Picked this thing up last friday, flew up to Portland OR and drove it home. So far I really like it. It's 01 F250 PSD with a 6 speed and 79K, bought it from the original owner. I decided that my 02 Ranger wasn't going to cut it anymore, especially since I'll be towing the wheelin rig places this...
  19. Maverick

    SAS guys- Lets see those trac bar setups!

    Lets see what you guys are running. I need some idea's.
  20. Maverick

    Crap fuel mileage

    For some reason my fuel mileage has gone down. Last few fill ups I've been averaging 13.5-14.25 mpg. Normally I average between 15-16 mpg and that's fine in my book, but this recent mileage is crap. The truck only has 19K on it, isnt throwing codes and seems to be running just fine. Sure is...

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