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  1. riverviewcontracting

    my new 88 ranger

    my new 88 ranger 2.9L 5 speed 4x4 on 31's
  2. riverviewcontracting

    88 b2 and 93 ranger a4ld swap

    i need some one to answer this for me if i put a trans out of a 93 ranger but don't change the computer because i don't have it it went with the motor but i have my valve body to swap and i did that on this trans but i dont have od now so can i put in the 93 a4ld and make the electric od on a...
  3. riverviewcontracting

    ok just call me dumb

    my question is which one is the 35:icon_confused::icon_confused: Spindle Comparisons: Here's a picture of a Dana 28 and Dana 35 spindle with dimensions shown.
  4. riverviewcontracting

    Heep loosing its top

    :icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl::icon_rofl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcHrkhHXoHo
  5. riverviewcontracting

    a4ld valve body torque spec

    i have changed the valve body in my 88 b2 to use a newer trans with the dual seliniod valve body and now have no od the tech book said it may be the valve body is to loose or to tight but i can't find the spec for it it just says torque to spec but no listing of the spec PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. riverviewcontracting

    this is cool i want one but with wider tires

  7. riverviewcontracting

    can you swap valve bodies

    ok i am new to ford and i bought this 88 bronco 2 and i like it alot but the trans is leaking out the front cover real bad and it lost 1 gear so i got it out and it has been rebuilt but i think it was done wrong so here is my question first i have a trans with one solenoid and have a...
  8. riverviewcontracting

    swap auto to man on 88 bII

    ok im new to fords and this will be my first auto to man swap so any input will be app. i have done man to auto 6 times but now i want to get rid of my shitty auto and put a man in it i have a man bII as a donner so input please :icon_confused::icon_confused::icon_confused::icon_confused...
  9. riverviewcontracting

    i need a good used A4LD 4wd

    hay any one have a good trans mine is slipping bad i cant drive it and i want to get it fixed asap :dunno:

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