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  1. beluga420

    Twin scroll manifold

    Started building my new twin scroll manifold today to go with my WH1C turbo 2 runners made yet and one collector. Going with 21'' inch runners. 1 1/4'' SS schedule 10 tubing. This is the starting setup. First collector done. #4 runner #1 runner Testing.. Fits exactly how we...
  2. beluga420

    How to get rid of police harrasment

    Yes, MR police, I have my complete stock exhaust line! :thefinger: If they lean under the truck the only thing they can see is the half of the cata coming of the frame and the complete stock exhaust line. :headbang:
  3. beluga420

    Custom headliner

    So this is a shot of my interior. It's all normal. But... Can you find Bart? Just tought I'd share maybe some of you are going to have some ideas for headliners to enhance crappy interior our rangers have. Any one else have some custom headliners? Show them !!
  4. beluga420

    My ride. 97 ranger 2.3t

    Built it last summer, it is now into storage for all winter but for the best, it should come out pretty crazy next year. Going 7/9 drop and around 400 whp on built 97 engine. Heres a few pics, and some videos. This is the first start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxlUPyNI3cA And...
  5. beluga420

    New to this site.

    Sup guys, I'm new to this site, I am also a member on TRF, but I feeled like joining another forum so here I am! :yahoo: I'm 21 yrs/o from Quebec, Canada. My daily ride is an rusty '97 B2300. My toy truck is a '97 2.3 Ranger. Start of last summer, I bought the truck, it was the 2.3 engine with...

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