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  1. GriffinM6

    Center console Indicator Light

    Hey all 👋 Got this center console out of a 1986 ranger when I pulled it's 2.9 with the FM146. The console has one of those indicator screens that has a bird's eye view of the outline of the truck and let's you know when and where a bulb has gone out. I think it's cool as all hell and need the...
  2. GriffinM6

    ISO Retainer Springs & Roll Pins

    As the title says I’m in search of the rocker rail retaining clips and pins for my 93. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to find these parts so while I was dismantling my rails to replace the rockers I messed up the originals. Does anyone have a link as to where I can find/order them or any...
  3. GriffinM6

    What wheel is this?

    So I just purchased this 1993 2wd Ranger about 2 months ago and was not given much information about what has been done to it. I’ve searched the wheels for any markings as well as looked at the ranger stations stock wheel chart but have come up with no results. Tire size is 235/75r15 and the car...
  4. GriffinM6

    New Member

    Recently joined due to gettiing my first truck a 93 white ranger xlt extcab shortbed 4.0l 5spd 4x2. Drove a 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 previously so a very different platform. Got her for $700 from a dude that used it as a drift truck. Welded diff, unkown lift, positive camber in front, unknown mileage...

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