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  1. Viva*the*Ranger

    2001 Ranger 4.0 surging when HVAC is turned on

    Hey folks! It's been a long time, but I'm back with a problem.. My wife's 01' 4.0 runs and idles fantastic, except when the HVAC is turned to anything (but) floor only or vent only. With those on it's just fine. When I turn it to AC, floor/vent and defrost, it will idle really low like 500RPMS...
  2. Viva*the*Ranger

    Fuel pressure issue

    Hey folks! It's been a while since I posted, but I was hoping to pick you brains. My fiancee has a 2001 Ranger 4.0 4x4, 152k miles, and no records of fuel pump or filter replacements. It's been having trouble starting, so I figured it was fuel related. I had her prime the line by turning the...
  3. Viva*the*Ranger

    06 4.0 Just a couple of questions

    Hey fellas. I've never had a 4.0, and was just wondering if anyone knows of any common problems that I should expect to see in the next few years. The truck doesn't appear to be beaten at all, infact I'm actually very impressed with its condition. It has 84K miles, with all regular maintenance...
  4. Viva*the*Ranger

    Rbv #7

    17 years old: 1987 Bii 18years old 1984 Ranger 4x4 19 years old 1985 Ranger 4x4 & 1999 Ranger 2x4 20 years old 2003 Ranger 4x4 five years later, sold the 03' for 1997 F-150 (needed the space) 26 years old, bought 1987 4x4 as build truck. See thread in sig One year later sold the 87' for...
  5. Viva*the*Ranger

    Question about the sploder 8.8 swap

    Sorry for the dumb questions..... but... I have my 31 spline ready to go under the truck, but was wondering if there were any differences between extended cab two piece drive lines, depending on year. I know it has to be from a 91 and up 4.0 or anything with the 8.8, but were certain years...
  6. Viva*the*Ranger

    Sorry if this happened..

    On my break this morning, I left TRS open and forgot about it. One of my coworkers just informed me that one of the clowns here in the shipping office posted a bunch of "bad things" somewhere in here. I looked around, but couldn't find anything. I'm really surprised this hasn't happened already...
  7. Viva*the*Ranger

    Uh oooo. Is this my water pump?

    Hey fellas. Been a long time since I posted here. Life get a hold of ya sometimes ya know. Ha ha Anyway... I think I have it figured out, but I just wanted a few other opinions. So about 20 minutes ago I was sitting in my truck at work, having a smoke, and noticed that my heater was blasting...
  8. Viva*the*Ranger

    Pinion gear bearing removal?

    Hey guys, I'm setting up the 5.13's in the sploder 8.8, and made the mistake of not sanding out the old bearing for testing pinion depth............ Yeah, I'm an ass... So I have the new bearing on the new pinion, and need to give it a few thousandths more shim, but don't know how to remove the...
  9. Viva*the*Ranger

    Explorer 8.8 disc brake conversion question.

    Hey guys. Picked up a sploder 8.8 out of a 93, and REALLY don't want to run the drum brakes on it. I was wondering if the disc brakes from a 96 on up, will bolt up the the four holes that hold on the drum setup, or if you have to buy some kind of conversion kit? If anyone knows anything about...
  10. Viva*the*Ranger

    The flex thread

    Not sure if one of these has been started yet. It's more of a show off your rigs flex, and tell us what you did to get the amount of flex you have, as well as future plans for additional lift/flex. I'm kind of curious to see what works best for TTB, because I have it, what works best for IFS...
  11. Viva*the*Ranger

    Installing my new 5.13's in my D35. Help needed!!!

    Hey guys. I finally got my gears in, and last night I got started on it, but ran in to a few road blocks. I'm totally new to this, but have read the directions multiple times, and done lots of internet searching. Here are my problems/questions. 1: I have my pinion set in with the old crush...
  12. Viva*the*Ranger

    Installing new gears, question.. Please help!

    Hey folks. So I'm gona try and install my own 5.13's front and rear. I've read many of write up's on it, and it seems like it's pretty easy to screw things up. I've never done it, but I'm very mechanically inclined (CNC mechanic by trade), and either have the tools, or am willing to buy/rent...
  13. Viva*the*Ranger

    6" lift!! Help finding a good deal please!

    Hey guy, I just got my tax returns, and I'm hoping to buy the lift today. Someone a while ago posted a link to a great deal, on lift brackets, drop pitman arm, and springs, but I can't find it anymore. I've done the google shopping thing, but keep seeing over priced lifts. If any of you know...
  14. Viva*the*Ranger

    Transmission R&R on a '02 Escape

    Hey fellas. Within the next day or two I'm going to be removing a blown transmission from our company Escape, 3.0, auto, Awd. I've replaced a few transmissions in my time, but I'm curious if anyone has any tips, or advice to offer. I've never done a Awd, so I'm just seeing if maybe someone has...
  15. Viva*the*Ranger

    Fuel Gauge malfunction..

    Hey folks. Like the title says, it acts pretty funny. When I fill it, the needle pegs up, after about 50 miles or so, it drops to half, then down to empty, even when I still have six or seven gallons left. Anyone know of a common reason for this, and a fixing method? Thanks for your help:D
  16. Viva*the*Ranger

    Project Trail Authority (Official Build Thread)

    So the build begins gents. Here are some pics for refference. I'll be posting lots and lots of pics as the build progresses. Tomorrow I'm going to pick up a Dana 35, to replace the 28 that's in it. I found it on craigslist for $150 including manual locking hubs:headbang: I decided to...
  17. Viva*the*Ranger

    CD player question??

    Does anyone know if a stock 2001 F-150 CD player work in a 2002 Escape? I'm sure it will fit, but are the wiring harnesses the same? Thanks in advance:icon_cheers: -Denny
  18. Viva*the*Ranger

    Got my Ranger last night!

    Here it is guys. 87' 4x4, extended cab, 2.9, and pretty much all stock. It needs U-joints really bad (front and back), a good tune up, and some basic cosmetic fixes. All and all, it's a pretty solid truck. I feel like a kid at Christmas right now:yahoo: I traded the 99 Taurus for it straight...
  19. Viva*the*Ranger

    Oh my god....

    I am seriously considering buying this.. Not sure if the debt is worth it, but WOW it's tempting!! What do you guys think? I think I'm in love.. http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/ctd/2057007477.html
  20. Viva*the*Ranger

    Feast your eyes on this....if you like F-150's

    Just gave her a good buff and wax job. What do ya'll think?

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