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  1. dangeranger93

    Tube Frame Turbo Duratec Build

    I met Jim at the Dearborn meet and he asked me to start a thread here for my build. The build is fully documented on turborangerforums. The majority of my fabrication work is all lost due to photobucket so Ill kind of start this thread off will where I'm at now and work back as I can. Quick...
  2. dangeranger93

    Lifter question

    So I blew up my 4.0 a while back and I'm doing a quick rebuild on my spare to replace it, when I took the heads and all that off I noticed the lifters have little cone shaped things on top and 2 of them are broken. are these needed? could I leave it or do i need to replace them, they seem...
  3. dangeranger93

    Summer Meet, Dayton OH

    There is a meet being organized on turbo ranger forums for july 16 in dayton. I figured I would pass the info along to see if anyone over here is interested, All rangers are welcome http://www.turborangerforums.com/showthread.php?t=3604 Eastwood Metropark It has a few nice big parking lots...
  4. dangeranger93

    will 2.9 trans work on a 4.0?

    ok ive been looking for a 5 speed transmission for my 91 ranger that is auto now and im having trouble finding one for the 4.0, but i think i remember reading that the 2.9 trans will work. so my question is can i use a 2.9 transmission from a 90 b2? if so what are the differences between the...
  5. dangeranger93

    A4ld overdrive question

    i have a 91 ranger 4x4 auto and i was working on my shift motor the other day and unhooked my speedo cable and lost a peice because the previous owner had it all rigged together, long story short my speedo dont work no more, does this mean my overdrive wont work anymore because of the speed sensor?
  6. dangeranger93

    5 speed swap

    ive got a 91 4.0 4x4 auto and the automatic is pretty much shot so i want to do a 5 speed swap and im just trying to figure out what parts i need and what all is involved, so far this is the list of parts i think i need: transmission clutch flywheel slave and master cylinders pedals do i need...
  7. dangeranger93

    4x4 problems

    ok heres the deal i have a 91 ranger with the electric t case and the 4 low has never worked and the 4x4 works when it feels like it. first ill talk about the 4x4 when i push the button i hear the box behind the jumpseat click a few times then it engages, or it will click the few times and...
  8. dangeranger93

    auto to manual hub conversion

    ive got a 91 4x4 with the crappy auto hubs that dont work, my friend gave me warn hubs off his old ranger but only the hubs, what else do i need for the conversion, where do i get it? any links would be nice
  9. dangeranger93

    lift question

    i just got a 91 extended cab 4x4 ranger and it has a 3 inch body lift on but it seems to me like it is higher than just 3 inches of lift. can someone with a stock 89-92 4x4 take me some measurements of how high the body is off the ground so i can compare also include tire size so i can...
  10. dangeranger93

    overdrive wont work

    i just got a 1991 4.0 4x4 automatic ranger, when i got it it was blown up so i put a motor in, the guy told me the tranny was rebuilt but when i drive it will not go in overdrive. is there a switch or fuse or something that could go bad or is my transmission done
  11. dangeranger93

    no oil pressure

    i have a 1991 ranger i just replaced the motor in, its been running fine but i just noticed it says it has no oil pressure. wouldn't it have started to knock or something by now i have started and ran it a few times before i realized this, the needle doesnt move at all. im thinking it could...
  12. dangeranger93

    4X4 wont work

    ok I just got a 91 4.0 4x4 ranger with the stupid push button 4x4. the guy said it worked fine but when i went to try it i pushed the button and the light came on then went out and now when i try nothing happens at all. any ideas on what it could be im probably gonna take the shift motor off...
  13. dangeranger93

    Could it be the cam sensor?

    Im looking to buy a 93 4.0 ranger and the guy says since he replaced the tranny when he starts it now it runs for a while and then looses fuel pressure and dies. He says it's the cam position sensor, because when he removed the tranny he says it hit the firewall. What im asking would a bad cam...
  14. dangeranger93

    front axle question

    I am looking at a ranger to buy and the guy selling it says it need a new drivers side front axle shaft, wheel bearings, caliper, and rotor. do i need to replace the axle shaft to drive home in 2wd? I guess what im asking is, is the axle shaft needed for driving in 2wd or can i drive without it?

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