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  1. compleckz

    broken skyjacker 6" lift leaves [FR36S]

    UGH. not only were these things ridiculously expensive when i bought them.. but after just over two years of usage.. both bottom leaves are broken, in the same spot.. left side: right side: and i hate skyjacker's return policy, which is: send part to dealer i purchased part from, they...
  2. compleckz

    Western Mass 4x4 Club

    hey we have a nice little club started out here in western mass, with potential members from here to boston down to ct and up in nh. being local to western mass is not a requirement, but lots of our meets are in that area. drop by our forum and say hi if you're interested in being part of a...
  3. compleckz

    Warn M8000 or SuperWinch EP(i)9?

    so i wanna buy a winch for my supercab.. i get stuck A LOT. very few of my friends around here have winches, so i see me using it quite a bit on both friends and myself, minimum 2-3 times a month, these are my options: Warn M8000 http://www.warn.com/truck/winches/src/M8000.shtml SuperWinch EP9...
  4. compleckz

    western mass snow fun 12/20

    just got the truck back together after breaking a tab off a skyjacker arm, and cracking/bending the drivers side ttb.. hooked up the front d/s this morning, and filled the diff with fluid--so i decided to break it in right (in my backyard)! :icon_thumby: top of the hill the brook the...
  5. compleckz

    Western Mass Ice Storm

    just a few pics from the storm last night... links to the full albums are at the bottom :icon_thumby: here are the 3 albums: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=76045&l=7e90c&id=513533454 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=76049&l=ef676&id=513533454...
  6. compleckz

    how should this be fixed?

    upper tab on drivers side skyjacker extended radius arm. this is all one piece, both tabs and the metal in between: i dont know anything about fab work, and will be having someone do this for me. this is what i was thinking, but i dont know if it will really increase strength , or even...
  7. compleckz

    Last Sunday Wheeling Pics, OFR--Mass.

    I led a group of jeeps and one other ranger (Tim / metalmacguyver) up OFR this past weekend, here are a few pics. early on i realized my LF hub wasnt locking, so tim quickly jacked my truck up and i took the hub apart to find somehow the locking cam had pushed through the first toothed...
  8. compleckz

    busted another one

    got stuck the other day, and really was hammering on it to try and get out--finally broke a shaft since i started running 760x's with tacked caps (broke many shafts running 760x's with full-circle-clips).. some of the marks are from the axle smashing around in the beam cuz i probably had it...
  9. compleckz

    Safari Pacific MX2 Build

    awesome! looking forward to following this
  10. compleckz

    Western MA - Wheelin' Weekend

    specs: me 97 ranger 33's lockers f/r 6" skyjacker class 2 tim 97 ranger 33's rear locker, 2" lift greg 94 b4000 33's rear l/s, 6" skyjacker class 1, 3" bl, day 1 - friday night tim (metalmacguyver) drove 3hrs up to my place from plymouth.. we worked on my e-brake.. then we went out in his...
  11. compleckz

    Explorer 8.8--swapped into Ranger, but now I need HELP with the parking brake cables

    truck is a 97 ranger super cab 4x4.. the axle is a 95+ disc brake explorer 8.8. it came with the left and right e-brake cables installed--so i was hoping i could just hook them up and have the parking brake work. they fell into place almost perfectly, and attached to the existing 'middle'...
  12. compleckz

    Who has a pressure washer? Looking for suggestions.

    I'm looking to get a pressure washer for cleaning the truck, in sick of spending 3 hours with a garden hose getting the mud out from underneath. what models does everyone have/what one would you recommend? im thinking under $150 or less, electric, induction motor if possible in that price...
  13. compleckz

    Bobcat Auto-loading?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUvcrL9ojjo that is awesome.
  14. compleckz

    Strange numbers on Dana axle (?). Can't ID Axle

    honestly, who spams the website founder's post? reported. i'm so badass.
  15. compleckz

    WHEELIN'!!! old florida road, a 'few' pics..

    went out with some guys to a decent local trail, got about halfway to the trail, and the truck started misfiring, fouled #4 plug.. i told the guys to go ahead, and i went into town and got some spare plugs, replaced #4 and went back to the trail, i ended up catching up with them, but not till...
  16. compleckz

    am i missing some seals? water gets in bearings too easy.

    i literally have to repack my wheel bearings and spindle bearings after every wheeling trip, water gets in every single time, and fucks up the grease bad.. im beginning to think im doing something wrong, or i am missing some sort of seal. brand new this year: (2) skf spindle bearings, (2)...
  17. compleckz

    compleckz's ranger build

    COMPLECKZ'S RANGER BUILD 4REAL ***THREAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION*** ***THREAD UNDER CONSTRUCTION*** i often want to post progress pics, but they are always little small things i'm doing, so i decided to start a thread.. i've already lifted/locked/geared my truck, so i think i'll start at the...
  18. compleckz

    sunday wheelin', bunch of pics--really.

    these are some nice poser shots: just a little trail 10 mins from my house, nothing crazy--leisurely sunday wheelin, i was out alone with my g/f. slightly 800x600 size pics are here: http://ranger.spedmonkey.com/08.04.27_tunnel_rd/ if anyone wants a full-size for a wallpaper or something...
  19. compleckz

    Just a few funny pics i snapped at the gas station..

    notice the white piece of paper in the middle of the pump, under the screens? close up in 2nd pic... gave me a good chuckle while gassing up the DD.. subie 29mpg > ranger 13 mpg..
  20. compleckz

    my recent breaks, fixes, and stucks. -- lots of pics.

    little synopsis, about 2 months ago i broke both left front axles, and popped a cap off a joint on the right side. this is with 760x's and full clips, so on my spare set of axles, i now have 760x's, stock clips, tacked caps.. and its held so far. not only did i break both left axle ears, i...

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