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  1. Under powered 2.9

    I have a 1989 B2 with a 2.9 and manual 5 speed and 2WD. Runs geat. Good acceleration. I also have a 1989 Ranger with the same equipment. Same rear axle in both. Acceleration in the Ranger is poor. It has been this way since I bought it 3 to 4 years ago. Did the tune up stuff...
  2. Alaska Vacation

    I am planning a two week vacation to Alaska for June of 2013. Will fly into the state, maybe Anchorage or Fairbanks, as I live on the east coast. Any suggestions would be appreciated for things to do and/or see. It will be my wife and I. Mostly sight seeing and historical interest. I have...
  3. Re-appearing Air

    I need ideas on how air is repeatedly getting into slave. Complete replacement was performed about a year ago. Clutch, slave, and master. Master was bled several times. Slave has been bled several times. Sometimes it is good for three months then pedal goes soft. Sometimes it lasts a week and...
  4. A4LD Front Seal

    What could cause the front seal in an A4LD to just come out of its location? The entire seal just pushed out of the housing. It looks totally undamaged. ID and OD are fine. It is in a '92 Explorer. Previous owner had a remanufactured trans put in. Has been running fine for a couple years, more...
  5. Carfax

    Can someone run a Carfax for me? Just need to check mileage on a junk yard Ranger.
  6. 2.9 Motor Parts

    I have a Bronco 2.9 that is in a complete rebuild process. It has had a little head and intake work done to it just for the heck of it and now I'd like to find cam with just a little performance biult in to in it to take advantage of the work put in the rest of the motor. Plan is just to put it...
  7. Ranger Fuel Capacity

    I am finding a wide range of answers to my search for the fuel tank capacity on my 1989 Ranger Extended Cab with a 2.9 6 cyl. Even the owners manual isn't clear. It only lists std cab and long bed. Anyone know for sure what would be in it? Same as the long bed? I have gotten information saying...
  8. Classifieds

    Whats up with them. Everything is gone, again.
  9. Gauge Hoses / Adapters?

    Are there adapters made to use a residential type vacuum pump on automotive A/C Gauges?
  10. D 35 Part Source

    Anyone have a source for the Boot that is over the spline joint on the Passenger Side D35 Axle?
  11. Shifter Knob Removal

    Anyone have a good method to remove the knob from a 5 spd shifter? What about putting it in warm water to maybe expand it a little. Yes, the shifter is out of the trans.
  12. D35 Parts

    Can anyone tell me where to find an exploded of a D35 front axle with ABS? Everyone I have found does not show the ABS parts. Need to know about the block the sensor sticks through. And the bolt holding it to the knuckle.
  13. Ranger Sales

    Just on the news. Ford Ranger sales up 15 percent in April, 11 percent for 2010 Read more: Ford Ranger sales up 15 percent in April, 11 percent for 2010 - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal:
  14. Scrap Price for Wheels

    Do junkyards pay the same rate for Aluminum/Alloy Wheels as they do for aluminum cans and the like? I have some 14" bullet hole wheels that I may scrap.
  15. Explorer Seat Swap

    Anyone know if '94 Explorer front seats with bolt into a 2001 Explorer?
  16. Scrap Metal

    Anyone know if prices have improved recently?
  17. T-case Shifter Question.

    BW 1350 and 1354 transfer cases use different shifters. Is this correct?
  18. 4.0 into 2.9 question

    Will there be any problem using a 4.0 and computer, Auto, from a donor '91 Explorer into a '90 BII 2.9 and retain the BII 5 speed. Will the puter in particular be okay without the A4LD?
  19. Photo Problem

    I have not been able to get a picture posted in Parts for Sale. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? I highlight the html link on Photobucket and paste it into the window to add a picture on the thread but it don't work.
  20. Ford 8.8 Question

    Is the bare carrier the same from a 31 spline axle(Explorer) as a 28 spline axle(Ranger)? I'd assume bearings could be different along with the spiders but stripped down are they the same carrier? I've found retailers that show the same bearing kit for both axles though so I am not sure.

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