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  1. kamshaft

    For Sale Duratec Intake Manifold

    Do you still have this?
  2. kamshaft

    welding to the pumpkin on 8.8?????

    has any welded brackets to the cast part of the rear on an 8.8? i have a big ogmo bracket/brace/4 link mount that i made so i did not weld to the housing itself but have to redo some stuff on it and would like to refine it a bit and ditch the bracket and just weld my brackets straight to the top...
  3. kamshaft

    mustang rack on a 98+

    :annoyed: i have an 88 ranga sittn on a 2000 chassis dropped 4" id like to get a little more steering qwickness by using a ford mustang rack and pinion the stock ones arent bad EXCEPT 4 the morfadite retarted halfmoon/triangle/splined/shaft that the steering shaft u-joint connects to :dunno...
  4. kamshaft

    83mph RadioFlyer

    this is one of my passed projects its been revamped multaple times i hav posted a couple pics around but here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17ak33GZ1_M&list=UU-NKgfNgRWWCakmRs4RJXtQ&index=42&feature=plpp_video
  5. kamshaft

    aerostar bumper on a first gen pic request

    aerostar bumper on a first gen i hear about em but never see any anyone have any pics??:icon_surprised: like this one or this anythink basicly other than a stock stamped steel
  6. kamshaft

    stretching 1st gen front fenders?????

    i have a 1st gen ranger that i dropped onto a 2000 chassis with ifs and the cobra brake setup but i had to use 1" wheel spacers to clear the center cap and im dropping the front but i need about an inch and a half in each side so the tire wont hit the fender when i hit a bump if any one has tips...
  7. kamshaft

    Shelby GT500 Eleanor??? twin??

    seen a guy today with this beast :headbang::icon_thumby:
  8. kamshaft

    Anybody know of a rack upgrade for a 98+

    Looking for a steering rack upgrade for my :dunno:2000 coil sprung ifs chassis
  9. kamshaft

    my 88/00 ranger 347 5 speed

    truck is 95% done my build page is here if anyone wants to see and yes that last pic is a hydro hand brake for drifting http://www.rangerpowersports.com/forum/f402/88-00-ext-cab-5-0-5-speed-build-281735.html
  10. kamshaft

    ranger 5.0 saganaw pump

    anyone done a saginaw pump swap with a gilmer belt drive setup or just a 5.0 saganaw pump swap for that matter?
  11. kamshaft

    01 cobra svt wheels

    Does anybody knowhat has to be done to put 01 cobra wheels on woth the cobra brake kit like how thick of spacers? 03 cobra wheels have deeper hub so less spacer is needed bit o1s need a diecent spacer i think i know i need more than a half inch to get center cap to fit:dunno:
  12. kamshaft

    cobra brakes

    so im doing the 13" cobra brake swap on my ranger ve swap had 96 ranger front beams and spindles and then decided to get a frame of of a 2000 ranger and my kit doesnt work i just got them about 3 days ago and dont want to pay another 43 dollars to ship them back to canada and then another 43 for...
  13. kamshaft

    88 ext cab body on a 2000 frame

    im not sure if this is the right spot to post this but has anyone ever tried doung a swap similar or same as this i want rack and pinion steering and ifs so im looking at a 2000 anger frame for 400 and was curious if body mounts are the same spot as the 88?
  14. kamshaft

    wiring help please!!!!!!??????

    :icon_welder:i can weld but wiring sucks! what can i get rid of? i have all aftermarket guages that im making my own harness for nut there is a big cluster F*&% of whires coming through the firewall that ends in a buncha dead end plugs i have a single wire hei so im set there and the rest r...
  15. kamshaft

    quick steer box?

  16. kamshaft

    carb for a 302??

    what is the best carb to run my truck i have a holley 4150 650 dp right now and i cant get anything set right:icon_confused: just floods out the motor
  17. kamshaft

    brake upgrade

    i have an 88 ranger that im doing a v8 swap on. it is an extended cab 2wd i have a set of beams and spindles and calipers off a 96 but i have a set of hubs from a sn95 mustang can i retrofit them to use a set of slide on rotors slotted and drilled with cobra calipers
  18. kamshaft

    v8 cable clutch conversion

    pics pics pics :icon_welder:
  19. kamshaft

    t5 cable conversion custom works great

    im not sure it this is the right spot but i just got done making a bracket that bolts to the stock ranger pedal assembly and i can use a cable clutch now ant it works fantastic only thing is i have about 50 pics if anyone wants to see but i cant figure out how to post them
  20. kamshaft

    made custom traction bars!!!

    these are on my 93 ranger 2.3 not like it needs them but i was putting new leaf hangers on and figured y not:icon_welder::icon_hornsup:

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