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  1. HeadlandRam

    So, I put Leds in my mirrors...

    So I figure I get around installing the LEDs in my mirrors, hopefully when I get some time I can make a How to, along with the clutch job one. Anyhoo, i got these off embay, I forgot the price, but it was cheap. the only think i hate about them is the wires are redonklously small, So it would be...
  2. HeadlandRam

    M5OD Issue and Inputs welcomed.

    Hey y'all, Figure I get some input, i believe I know the answer but want to make sure. Rescue ranger (1995 Ext cab, 2.3L 5spd 2WD on 31's) went out of service sunday, I had no issues when i first started the truck and put it in gear and then it went dead pedal. it had a little bit of resistence...
  3. HeadlandRam

    HeadlandRam Travel's

    After being gone and busy and doing a few things to the truck, But I am About to start my new job for a Fire dept, I will soon be a career firefighter which means I won't totally have to work my ass off at 3 jobs anymore! But the next few slides are gonna be my small trip to find an old dragway...
  4. HeadlandRam

    Day Off Mods

    Well Off for a day from all my yobs, SO i figured I do some work on the truck, My package came in with me LEDS for the Mirriors but didn;t have time to put them on, so it gonna have to wait for a few, But here are some pics. Primed the roof (See the little 16 Mayberry special, Bought it for...
  5. HeadlandRam

    Some shots from today

    Got some shots in today, Me and dad primed the hood so we just need to do some sanding and paint, though I am thinking on just going ahead and redoing the whole truck while I am at it anyway here: Closer look, tried something different to the grille: Heading back towards the house, I ran...
  6. HeadlandRam

    First roadtrip, What do I need to do to the ranger.

    As the title says, I am going on my first trip, it is gonna be around 800-1,00 miles round trip and I honestly don't know what I need to get done to make sure my truck can handle the long trip. I believe it is already reliable enough as is but I wanna be 100% sure, I have done a tune up about a...
  7. HeadlandRam

    General Whore'age and Questions

    Ok Been a while so I figures its some time for some new pics and questions and whatnot. Would be whoring it and moddin' More but 3 jobs suck sometimes. HID's 35K 600ok HI-Lo From DDM Tuning, On low beams. Old garage in my town now vacant Back Shot Can see a New 3rd brake light. Night...
  8. HeadlandRam

    Muddy Truck Blues

    Well, I had some time before work and it rained so I decided to find a few spots to get the truck dirty, Unfortunately I only found a dirt road and a spot behind a building, I guess it is time to make a small pit at the land to get it dirty sometime. anyway, enjoy. One of the...
  9. HeadlandRam

    '95 4x4 ranger..Yay or nay

    Today I asked a man who had this old 95 ranger sitting in yard behind his shop for a while, Well the specs are its 3.0 Auto with Shift on the fly T-case. Said he bought it new in 95 and gave it to his daughter who just gotten married and his son-in-law put 20w-50 in the motor and it slung a rod...
  10. HeadlandRam

    Some witty title here

    I have been busy with my new job so time has been slim, but today was my day off so I deiced to do a good deed and sand and polish my mom's headlights. I suggested replacing the whole thing with an explorer but she said no so this will do, I did one side last night but I sanded it a little more...
  11. HeadlandRam

    Gentlemen, behold!

    *DR, Weird's voice* I GIVE YOU......MORE KORN! wait, I mean, RED GREEN!!!! I Got the set from a guy on R-F after he got a set of edge flares, So I figured I need to do a mock-up, I do need to find a regular flare for the driver side front, because the original was severely...
  12. HeadlandRam

    Sunday shots

    Anyway, I decided to put ip some new shots and night shots, and to show some new parts I got. Oh i sent off the locker and I should have it soon Enjoy! Starting out Weak flex Dirt road with fogs and coner lights on All on Darker shots All on again How It is usually on...
  13. HeadlandRam

    M5OD Transmission tilting when engaging.

    Hey y'all, Ever since I had a slight impact to the rear of my truck, I have been having an issue with my trans, When engaging into first, depending how fast let off the clutch and what-not, the trans will tilt towards my passenger side then whip right back after I am fully engaged. It doesn't...
  14. HeadlandRam


    *Drumroll* THEY ARE ON!!!!! AND WIRED!!!! So I had a really ****ty weekend that was ended by a Severly Sprained ankle and alot of swelling, Doctor visit, and pain pills later me and dad decided to tighten everything down and wire up the fogs so here we go! Before. We mounted up everything...
  15. HeadlandRam

    Random shots of the Rescue Ranger

    Took some shot's today, Including with the fixed shackles. Home: Fixed shackles: My turnout gear: Up at the land: Town square: For some reason, I think of stone temple pilots whenever I see these to pics lol A barn
  16. HeadlandRam

    Some Progress

    Well, yesterday I got a few goodies and Have a couple mods I have been wanting to do and today was National Mod and Fix day For Gearheads so I figured I try my hand. Well, I got a late start so here we go.. Before Shots: Stuff to be installed Upcoming Mods lol Tear down: My...
  17. HeadlandRam

    Recent Pics of the Rescue Ranger

    Not much since last time but hey, I like whoring, I have been busy with AEMT Class and had'nt had the time to work on the truck, or even do some work on the axle. My boss cut my hours a bit at the grocery store so its getting tougher keep gas in the truck and food but its all good. Dad got me...
  18. HeadlandRam

    Truck trend's of the 90's

    Hey y'all, I'm trying to figure out what were the Lifted truck trends of the 90's, mainly prerunner. My reason? To have a sort of 'Blast from the past' with modern stuff and hardware. Does anyone have any pics or ideas? Thanks! HR
  19. HeadlandRam

    Little request

    Hey y'all, I wanna see how my tuck would look with the valence painted silver, to match the 2 tone. And second request, I am stuck on what I wanna do to the ranger so...throw up some suggestions of you like!
  20. HeadlandRam

    Washed it a little

    Updated with 4x4 valence and Hella's Welcome to my town. And rescueing a Chevy, Not bad for a 2.3 with 7.5 open 3.73 (Soon to be changed to a 8.8 Locked with 4:10's :D )

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