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  1. getrdone52

    08/03/13 cororado, wyoming, utah? meet

    A member on another forum and I are going to walden sand dunes and just want to see if anyone else can make it. here is a link with some details about walden. hope some of you guys can make it! http://www.duneguide.com/sand_dune_guide_north_sand_hills.htm
  2. getrdone52

    Replacing 3.0 radiator trouble

    So my radiator has been leaking and decided to replace it when I saw this earlier I ordered this exact radiator but am having some troubles with getting it in...
  3. getrdone52

    Looking to buy a second vehicle and need some advice. (Long read)

    So here is my situation. I just turned 18 in November and figured it would be a good time to start building my credit and I am in need of another reliable vehicle. I went to the bank and got pre-approved for a $7000 loan at 13.49% interest (high I know) but I don't have a cosign. I would want to...
  4. getrdone52

    Colorado Thread

    Hey guys there is going to be a C.O.R.E meet on Saturday October 20th if anybody is interested. We will meet at a gas station near C.O.R.E probably around noon. There are 4 of us going including myself so far.
  5. getrdone52

    Request for smoked lights

    I tried to mess around with paint on my computer to get my corners and tail lights smoked but it didn't look good so I was wondering if somebody could help me out. Here are some pics
  6. getrdone52

    Pay Day!!

    Went to the scrap yard today with about 10 radiators, 6 aluminum wheels, a couple steel wheels, like a dozen hoods, a dozen fenders, 15 steel bumpers and 3 trash bags full of cans. Took one full load in the ranger and 2 full loads in the 2500 long bed Chevy. My truck was full of only aluminum...
  7. getrdone52

    93-97 Baja Fenders on a 98

    Is there any way to make this happen? I know that the headlights are different but if I cut the extra little plastic part will it fit? Other than that are there any major differences? I found a good deal on Craigslist for some prerunner flares and I wanna get them. Thanks in advance!
  8. getrdone52

    Need 96 Explorer headlight switch diagram

    I got an OEM light switch from the junkyard with plans to wire up some aftermarket fog lights. What I want to happen is when I turn the switch one click the 2 lights on the bumper to turn on, then I turn it again and the 2 lights on the roll bar to come on with the bumper lights staying on. I...
  9. getrdone52

    My weekend

    I went to an awesome off road park this weekend and here are the pics I took. Ya I'm stuck. Axle burried. Holy mud! The ride home after this was not fun lol. There was so much mud in the wheels I had death wobble between 45 and 60 mph As I was leaving I couldn't resist! I've always...
  10. getrdone52

    C.O.R.E meet July 28th

    There is going to be a Ranger meet at Colorado offroad extreme on July 28th. I don't have all the details yet but I was thinking everyone could meet in the city at like 8am then all head up there so nobody gets lost. Here is their website http://coloradooffroadextreme.com/
  11. getrdone52

    Mom's new car

    My mom's old car was a 2000 Mercury Sable that she has has for 8 years and about 130,000 miles And her new car. A 2011 Ford Fusion with 14,000 miles, and for only $12,000. It's a really nice car.
  12. getrdone52

    Dirt bike experts

    I found a dirt bike that I want to buy and work on and I found one but don't know how severe the damage is. Here is the link CLICKY! How bad does this sound and is it fixable? And how much do you think it would cost to fix? Thanks in advanced!
  13. getrdone52

    Moab Trip

    Went to Moab for a few days and I'm just sharing some pictures with you guys. I think there may be duplicates but I'm too lazy to go through them haha. Giant Sand Dune I climbed At the top, just keeps going. I didn't climb that part because I had no shoes on. Train tracks at the top!
  14. getrdone52

    Colorado meet June 24th

    There will be a meet at Oskar Blues up in the Longmont area if anyone knows where it is. We will meet there at around 5:00-5:30 pm and have dinner and what not. The reason its so late is there will be some guys doing a trail at left hand canyon before. We want it to be 2 wheel drive friendly for...
  15. getrdone52

    Dirty hub

    I just noticed today while driving an intermittent grinding noise coming from the front right wheel. The faster I go the faster the grinding, and vise versa when going slow. I got home and pulled off the hub and holy cow was there a lot of crap in there. I've cleaned this 3 times before but its...
  16. getrdone52

    Tachometer swap Q's

    Hey guys. I just bought a white cluster from a Sport Trac but I don't know the year. The tach I bought is for an automatic, but I have a manual. Is there a way to get it to work still? Here's some pics.
  17. getrdone52

    98 Ranger 4x4 manual T-Case swap Q's

    Ok I've been doing some research and want to make sure that if I do this I won't miss anything. I have a 98 Ranger, 3.0 manual tranny. Parts list so far: -Borg Warner 1354 Manual Transfer case out of a 97 or older Ranger/Explorer. Or '03/'04 if I get lucky... Ya right. -1" shorter front drive...
  18. getrdone52

    Collecting new brake parts. What do you guys think?

    I'm pretty sure I have glazed brakes so I'm going to get new rotors, pads, and calipers. Is there anything else I should get? Here is the rotors and pads I was thinking about getting. CLICKY! Do these look like good quality? I'm not too much of a brake expert and I need help with calipers, what...
  19. getrdone52

    Day one pic of your Ranger and current pic

    I put this on Ford Ranger Forum and people seemed to like it so i thought I would start it here too. I like posting pics of my truck and I know you guys do too, so just like the title says post a picture of your Ranger the day you got it (or the earliest pic you can find) and the most recent...
  20. getrdone52

    Fuses keep blowing out on amp

    I have a 500 watt JBL 10'' sub with a Jensen 400 watt max out put amp. I had it hooked up for about 2 days and the fuse on the amp blew out. I was just sitting in the parking lot when it happened and it wasn't loud when it blew. Before I put the back up fuse in I checked all the wiring (me and a...

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