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  1. 1993 ford ranger fuel filter

    so pulled the filter out and forgot wich way it pointed im ready to put the new one in and just wanted to know wich way the arrow points thank you. or wich way the flat side faves and wich way the curved side faces.
  2. this might be stupid but help me out

    how many yards will fit in our beds? i plan on getting some mulch this weekend i know yards weigh between 600 to 800 but its suppose to rain up to 16 inches im mo this weekend so i should assume the mulch would weigh 900lbs a yard? correct me if im wrong. also having a hard time finding tow...
  3. pre runner build plan, idea and questions.

    I have a 1993 ford ranger extended cab 4.0 automatic and its been a life dream to get into racing. the plan is to build my truck using some connections and personal skill. power wise within 2 or 3 years i will put fords new 3.7 into it(lots of work i know) my issue is when it comes to the trany...
  4. upgrading rangers to 2005 what should i look for fi

    i have a 1993 at about the end of its life and there is a used 2005 4x4 at my work for about 11,000 with 90,000 miles what are some common issuses with this year and with the sohc motor. thank you all
  5. chatter and burnt smell

    i have a a4ld that about 3 times a week while im driving my truck there is this chatter noise coming from the transmission right when its about to shift into next gear. any input? also fluid smells burnt and it surges when i come to a complete stop half of the time. thanks a head of time
  6. pics of rangers with fog light, off road what ever external light

    i decided that i am buying some off road lights in a couple days and will be using them for fog lights. so i have an idea where i want to mount them but for me and the other members i would like every one to post a pic of their ranger with a day pic of how the lights look on the ranger\where...
  7. help need a part now\ info

    i need a valve cover from the junk yard my truck is a 93 4.0 with out egr so what years will fit mine? also will the explorers or areostars fit? any info you have let me know
  8. engine clatter

    i get an engine clatter between 2,000 rpm and 3,000 rpm it not constant just happens for a second or 2 then i press on the pedal. so i was just wanting to know what could cause that and if any problems could happen from it
  9. 1999 toyota corolla engine noise need help

    welll i need ideas to what is causing this. what do you think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xHpN4lVZP8
  10. strange a4ld

    so the tranny is slipping into nutral and not shifting into reverse 1 2 d od nothing also started making the motor surge and about 100 ft into a cold drive it makes a loud whine for 3 seconds. any thoughts?
  11. info on 28 and 31 spline axels

    can some one explain to me where the spline is and what it dose and if i need two switch parts out if im swappping a 28 to 31.
  12. replacing lower intake gasket

    i have a 93 4.o with no egr but i do have a/c. in a few weeks i will be replacing the lower intake gasket and was wanting to know what else i would need to replace and mabey even some tips or tricks so that i am prepared when i tear into this. i only have one day to tear into this and put it...
  13. 2 misc questions

    1.so the long plastic tube that runs from top of the intake box to the throttle body that has the maf in it well on my truck it has a rubber seal to help it sit on the throtle body and filter box. well one is shot it basicaly melted over the years and i was wanting to know if removing the one...
  14. leaking coolant from head and oil from valve cover need help im a first timer

    so i drove the truck a whole 5 miles wednesday checked the oil befor i left too every thing was fine and parked it sat all day thursday. thurs day i noticed a wet spot under it and didnt have time to look at it. then today i find coolant and oil leaking and coolant in the oil. well basicaly the...
  15. torque specs?

    i cant find the torque specs for the pinion flangs retainig nut and the the nuts that bolt the shaft onto the flange can any one help?
  16. torque specs?

    i cant find the torque specs for the pinion flangs retainig nut and the the nuts that bolt the shaft onto the flange can any one help?
  17. diff cover gasket, silcone or felpro gasket or both

    i tore into my rear end today to replace the pinion seal and change the fluid and gasket on it. well i have rtv high temp silcone and a felpro gasket. how should i do this? use both or just one?
  18. a4ld scratching

    i have a 93 ranger 4.o 2wd with an a4ld and i noticed that its is starting to scratch when its shifting and even some times making a scratching when in park. i have no skill with a transmission and was wanting to know what you all think is the problem. i did check the fluid and it is full but is...
  19. high idle, codes and question on pulling codes

    my truck has an idle problem once in a while when i come to a complete stop the truck idles higher than normal making it hard to stop it will idle around 600 normaly. but when i stop and the idle problem show it will idle around 900 and when i throw it into park it will jump to 1000 to 1500. i...
  20. check engine light and codes

    my motor has had a high idle at least 75 percent of the time i drive. and once in a while the check engine light would come on for a breif min then go away well lately the check engine light has come on every time i get on the high way and here are the codes remember its obd 1 536 brake on off...

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