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  1. I may build one of these one day.

    I know the Ranger has been discontinued but I couldn't order one of these any way. If I could get the Ranger I wont it would be a standard cab 4cyl. 4x4 manual shift. Toyota offers this and I wont one in a Ranger. Jeep sold 4 wheel drive four cyl. for years. I'd wont mine with a 03 steering...
  2. 4x4 std. cab.

    Hi folks, I hope this isn't too dumb of a question but can you special order a std cab 4x4 4cyl.
  3. Whers the FX4 built?

    Can anybody tell me where the FX4 is built? I know Ford had a plant in Mn. Do they still use it? Thanks.
  4. Guess what? You got another new one.

    I guess that's not totally true, I just haven't been around in a while and I've never posted. I've been working in Iraq for the last three years I'm about to come home and a 09 FX is in my plains. I've wonted a four wheel drive for a long while and I'm going to get one. :yahoo: I've been allover...

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