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  1. 2.8 fuel bleeding

    My 84 work beast has been giving me issues, so a few weeks back I finally drained the old cruddy ancient fuel out if it and pulled the original tank out. I had originally just wanted to replace the fuel gauge sender (which predictably was corroded to almost nothing) but after seeing the interior...
  2. 1984 B2 side windows

    Hey guys, I'm planning to remove the side glass in my '84 Bronco II in the next month or so. My roof developed severe rust along the edge that meets the hatch and the rear hatch (which was pretty crunched already) basically fell off. So I'm going to chop the roof behind the front seats. This...
  3. Witness! my 84 BII

    a couple years ago I went Mad Max on the old farm truck. A lot of black paint, stripped the ratty interior, added a few ammo boxes. Next up is cutting the old Con-Ferr roof rack down to match the chop top.
  4. back again

    I keep getting sidetracked in life, and then something gets me to come back to the ole ranger Station. I'm Sean and I've (still) got my 1984 Bronco II. 228k miles on it, 2nd 2.8l engine. Veteran of the Cali-to Alaska highway (4 times). The old guy had been sitting idle for 8 years, was finally...

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