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  1. raising my front end

    i have and add a leaf and it raised the rear end a little and want to bring the front up. i have a 98 4x4 any good ideas to get some lift? i know torsion bars but are there any other possibilities?u
  2. Rear Shocks

    http://store.summitracing.com/partdetail.asp?autofilter=1&part=RAN%2DRSX17030&N=700+4294924677+4294908331+4294907827+4294919396+4294881874+115&autoview=sku just purchased these will they go nicely on my truck to replace my beat stock shocks? and maybe give me some stiffness.
  3. CB radios

    anyone recammend a good basic cb radio with a whip? i want weather and to talk to my buddy who also has one.
  4. seat braket bolts?

    im planning on bolting my split bench seat brakets to a set of bucket seats i have. what type of bolts should i use for this? like how thick and just a nut and bolt? pictures would be sweet. thanks
  5. Probe Seats?

    how about ford probe seats in rangers? will they bolt up or what?
  6. quick rim and tire question

    i have 235/75 on 15 inch stock rims. Can i run a 30/9.5 R15 on these stock rims?
  7. stiffening up the rear end

    I would like to make my rear end a little tighter so that when i pull trailers my rear doesn't drop. Anyone know good ways to do this with out having my rear end get a 3 inch lift. maybe add-a-leafs or explorer leafs? will those give me lift?
  8. New Shoes?

    now i have stock suspension with 235/75/15. can i run 265/75/16 with out rubbing? and if so how bad will my gas millage go down?? thanks
  9. Gauge location - Input

    where do you guys have your 2-1/16 after market gauges at? i need some ideas.
  10. Trans Temp Gauge

    anyone know how to install a trans temp sender in my 98 ranger.
  11. Tail lights

    i have a 98 with the red, white and yellow lenses i want to replace with the newer style ones that have only the red and white. let me know if they will fit or not?
  12. 4 Full Door Ranger?

    this was on youtube. http://youtube.com/watch?v=qyfZi7ieK_k I have never seen a 4 door before now. I new the suicide door one but not full door. Enjoy guys.
  13. Paint

    i need to get a fender painted. it is primed now. how much am i looking to spend for a body shop to do it. it is a stock color.
  14. Exhaust bends

    how much volume do you gain when you take out all the bends in the pipe after the muffler that brings it over the rear axle and just dump it before the rear tire.
  15. seat tracks.

    if i fab up my own seat tracks for some racing seats will i still pass inspection?
  16. roll bar lighting.

    where do you guys run your wiring from the engine compartment to lights on the roll bar? i cant figure out how to do it clean.
  17. Honda Prelude seats.

    Ok so my friend has a honda prelude and honestly is obsessed, has access to 2 of there seats. i was looking to get rid of my 60/40 shit split and would like these racing style seats. Problems. on the lude seats the tracks are 16 and 3/4 inches apart where as ranger tracks are more or less 14...
  18. After the muffler

    if i cut my pipe say 2 inches after the output from my muffler will this do anything to anything? other than just get the pipe out of my way.
  19. Power off the battery.

    This may be a dumb question but, I currently have 2 halogen fog lamps and my sub woofers amplifier both tapped off my battery. The fogs are wired with a relay taping the battery and the headlight wire and the amp is directly off the battery with a inline fuse. I plan on putting two 100 or 130...
  20. aftermarket gauges

    i want to install an oil pressure gauge in my 98. can some one tell me where and how to install the sender? also where should i tap for the gauge to get power?

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