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  1. Poor mpg

    I've been running 235 75r15 on my truck for the past 6 months and since I put the 205 70r14 back on and I'm quicker yes but mpg is worse. I have a 98 single cab with 2.5l 5 spd with a 373 rear end (will be putting in a 373 lsd) Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
  2. will this help??

    I have an 85 ranger single cab 4x4 with a 5spd and an anemic 79 hp 2.3l Now I dont really care about hp I want torque. how will milling the head, port and polish and a mild street cam with adjustable cam pulley. ( all done to a newer head ) I drive in the city mostly with very little...
  3. hp/tq ratings

    what are the power ratings for the diesels either the 4d55 and 4d56 along with any other diesel I can fit into my 85 ranger 4x4. right now it has a 2.3 with a 5spd. it has to be better than the 79hp and 110ft/lb
  4. 07 pontiac vibe wont start after running

    this is the second time this has happened to us. our vibe will start up just fine in the morning or after sitting for a while. I went to walmart tonight ( 1 mile away) was in there about 15 min started up just fine went next door to safeway was in there about 10 min came out to go home and the...
  5. led tail light issues

    I was having issues with my tail lights on my 85 ranger and decided to try the led replacement bulbs. My son's car gad no issues but when I turn on either turn signal I get 4 ways. I've grounded both bulbs even deleting the ground going back to the switch. Before the leds the lights worked great.
  6. 85 2.3l electric fan questions

    do I need a new temp sensor for this mod or can I use my original one? how are the wires hooked up for an 85
  7. cam timing

    I keep hearing talk about timing your cam for a little bit more umph. can anyone inform me about how to do this?
  8. had a thought

    my son and I went to the junkyard yesterday looking for and idler arm for his 78 mazda. I drive a 98 ranger 2.5l 4spd w/od 2wd short bed. We saw some 80's rangers with the dual front arms, they looked to be equal length. here's my thought. we saw a 64 chevy with trailing arm rear suspension...
  9. long time lurker first time poster

    i recently purchased a 98 ranger single cab with a 2.5l . it has 159k 5spd. 2 questions. first is when i slow down for a red light and have the clutch in the motor revs up on it's own for about 5-8 seconds then goes back down to idle. second. my ac is on when the switch is off and when i do...

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