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  1. need a good 89-92 2.9L

    My current 2.9L is done. I'm looking for a good used 89-92 2.9L that I can install in my B2. Anyone with info please forward it to my gmail. nelsonvenice@gmail.com. Thanks!
  2. Need 2.9L

    I'm looking for an 89 or 90 2.9 in very good running condition.
  3. exhaust manifold bolts

    I'm replacing the heads on my 87 2.9L V6 and I need new exhaust manifold bolts; complete set left/right. Anyone know where to get these buggers?
  4. just not running right.

    I have an 87 B2 with the 2.9ltr V6. Here's what's going on. A while back while driving on the Fwy, the motor seemed to power down. Like burning the #3 valve on a VW. When I exited the Fwy there was an incline and it could barely make it up this road in second gear. It starts up just fine and...
  5. No guts, no solution

    My 87 B2 has a 2.9L V6 that is acting up. It has no guts under load. If I'm traveling uphill (minor grade) in second gear the RPMs are well above 3000 and I'm only doing @20mph. If I try to give it more gas, it falls flat on its face; nothing there. Compression Good, spark Good, TPS replaced...
  6. Wanted Rear wheel hub caps

    These came with the upgrade alloy wheels found on STX and Eddie Bauer models. I need 4 or more. Text or email me at nelsonvenice@gmail.com or 760 405 2973. Thanks, RangeRick
  7. Wanted console lid

    Looking for a center console lid for an 86 B2 Eddie Bauer in tan.
  8. Alloy Center Caps

    I used to own an 87 STX 4x4 with the alloy wheels. I recall the rear wheels had a center cap that could snap in/out. I sold that truck10 years back to a kid down the street and the darn thing is still running. Fast forward, I now own an 87 Bronco II XLT with the same alloy wheels as the ones on...
  9. door panels

    I have an 86 B2 Eddie Bauer. I need both door panels with mechanical window cranks, beige in color. These are the panels that cover the door/window sill. The ones I have are completely roached from water damage. Thanks! RangerRick

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