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  1. 86_cookiemonster

    Hinge Pillar

    My 86 has some bad rust in the hinge pillar. My father borrowed the truck, and didn't bother to tell me about the small rust hole, while it was small and on a flat easily fixed piece of metal... anyways I am in need of a new hinge pillar for my truck. Ford does not make the part anymore. I...
  2. 86_cookiemonster

    Rusty Cab

    So I have a 86 ranger, regular cab, and the front dog leg on the driver side has rotted out on me. I was wondering what is the best solution to fix this problem. If someone sells the part, or do I need to go cut one off another truck. any help would be greatly appriciated.
  3. 86_cookiemonster

    Power Steering Replacement

    So I have an 86 ranger, 2.3 with power steering. Well I was on my way to school one morning, when this lady in a car decided to just lundge out into traffic. To make a long story short I slid and hit the curb. Sense then the truck has developed a bit of memory steer. Its not that bad, but it is...
  4. 86_cookiemonster

    Need Some help for a friend

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My friend is working on a project for college where he is designing a crane and putting it in the bed of a 2010 ford f250 regular cab long bed. The current plan is to attach it to the frame using the same holes as...
  5. 86_cookiemonster

    Explorer based Ranger

    I saw a horror story appear on the Fordstory.com, people are starting to talk about a new ranger on the front wheel drive unibody explorer platform, the same platform as the flex (a over glorified mini-van). Alan has mentioned a new ranger but if we want a capable truck to replace our beloved...
  6. 86_cookiemonster

    New Explorer

    What a joke, the thing looks like a minivan and is built on a car platform, does anyone else think that is as pathetic as my spelling? I honestly hope they kill the ranger, because if they bring it back like they did the explorer I won't be able to drive mine anymore because i wouldn't be able...
  7. 86_cookiemonster

    4.0 Swap finally getting started

    Well I have been around here for quite a while, and all along i have been talking about swaping a 4.0 into my truck. I have an 86 ranger with a 2.3 in it. Anyone who has read any of my past post know that my 2.3 is well, an animal on its last stump. Well I finally have gotten enough money saved...
  8. 86_cookiemonster

    I Know its a GM but i need help.

    I have a 1978 Trans-am with the Pontiac 400 engine in it. It is the 220 horse version, the one with the 350 heads. I have several serious problems with it. The first and by far the worst is the car has started hesitating really bad when I step on the accelerator. It will surge a little then...
  9. 86_cookiemonster

    AM i Alone

    So here in Columbus we got some snow last night, i don't know how much for sure. We'll in the morning the idiots on 270 would only go 40 mph when there was nothing on the road, not even slush. That really kinda ticked me off. I don't get how people who have these front wheel drive, and 4X4's...
  10. 86_cookiemonster

    Some Weekend fun.

    Well last weekend me, my buddy and i went coyote hunting in Vinton county. His car was broken so the Cookie Monster got called up. I thought I'd post some pics of my truck, pretending to be an 4X4. Here is the trouble shoot. They had a wind storm and some ice down in Vinton, and we had to...
  11. 86_cookiemonster

    Merry Christmas

    Its that time of year again. People are getting into the giving mood. Knife fights in the street are now between Santa Claus's fighting over a good corner for charity. I just hope Santa Brings me everything I asked for. I had a good month in august :-P. New rear bumpers, New rims, New rubber...
  12. 86_cookiemonster

    The gun thread...

    Well lets see, I don't really have any good pics of my personal fire arm. (a Remington 870) But i can show you a pic of a 4th of my families arsenal in this pic is my uncles m1a, and Ar-15 (his has the collapsible stock), my grandfathers winchester 350 short magnum feather weight (nasty gun...
  13. 86_cookiemonster

    The gun thread...

    now that is a nice looking firearm.
  14. 86_cookiemonster

    I found a 4.0 v6 I need i have a few question

    Ok so through my internet searching i found a 4.0 sohc v6. It comes with everything attach to the motor including the automatic transmission, the mounts for everything. It only cost 350 bucks. Now is there anything i should look for? what else will i need to transplant it into my 86 with a 2.3...
  15. 86_cookiemonster

    Lets see those Street Trucks

    The title says it all. Here are a couple pictures of the Cookie Monster. lets see um
  16. 86_cookiemonster

    2.3 to 4.0 starting information

    Ok so I have finaly decided what motor i want to swap into my truck to replace the old tired 2.3. I have done the research, and the 4.0 fits the bill. I can build the power i want out of it, and it doesn't require as much fab work as a 5.0. I know that pretty much what i need to get to make...
  17. 86_cookiemonster

    Lookin for a new horn.

    To put it simply, I am looking for the dixi horn. (like from the dukes of hazard.) Anyone install one, where can i get one, how much do they cost, ext... all that good info, i am not too consiernd with difficulty of installation. Any help with this would be great. Thanks
  18. 86_cookiemonster

    Carbed 302 emissions.

    I have an 1986 ranger, and it is fuel injected. I am trying to decide on a motor swap. I live in Ohio, and the emission laws crap make no sense to me. If i do the v8 swap i would carbed, because carburetors make sense to me, and I know how to work with them. What i don't know is if i go with a...
  19. 86_cookiemonster

    Cab Corners

    Hey I have replaced my cab corners a couple years ago. And they have already rusted out again. I replaced all the ford seals, and drains, but they still rusted out. Any suggestions on what I can do the secound time around? I would like to try and fix the problem before i put more money into...
  20. 86_cookiemonster

    My 86 Ranger, from white beater to Blue Pride.

    Here is my 1986 ford ranger. Me and My dad rebuilt it. it started out as a white 1986 ranger with a 2.3 liter streight 4 After 20 some odd years of neglect by my dad and it was in need of some tender love and care. I found a replacment bed for it and spend a large amount of time sanding it...

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