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  1. Ruffinit

    2003 Duratec 5 speed

    I was told earlier that the 5 speed tranny in my Ranger wasn't an M5od-R1. I'd backed off on my engine swap because of that. Can someone confirm what the tranny is? Secondly I have a donor 2000 Mountaineer with the 4.0 SOHC that I want to put in it. I don't see problems with this and the 5...
  2. Ruffinit

    Ranger body to Mounty frame swap?

    So... I'm going to start with Mountaineer and Explorer frames of like years being the same as a statement. I'm sure someone here has taken a body off of an Explorer/Mountaineer. I have a 2000 Merc and am now considering moving my Ranger cab / bed to this frame. I've figured out that the...
  3. Ruffinit

    2003 Ranger 2.3L Duratec swap to 2000 4.0 SOHC

    My 2003 Ranger's 2.3L DuraTec spun a rod bearing. I purchased a 2000 Merc Mountaineer with a 4.0L SOHC/Auto/AWD and am considering a full powertrain swap. Given that all components in the Merc are functional, what would be major problems to overcome? I'm thinking that the width of the...
  4. Ruffinit

    2003 DuraTec 5 speed

    I've been looking all over but have not been able to find out what 5 speed my 2003 2.3L DuraTec has connected to it. It's 2wd. I'm trying to figure out whether it will bolt up to a 2000 4.0L SOHC Mercury out of a Mountaineer 4x4. Secondly if it will bolt up is it a survivable coupling? The...
  5. Ruffinit

    Frames: Ranger vs Explorer

    Hey guys, Haven't been on for a while and got to thinking this morning about the difference in the actual frames between the Rangers and Explorers. Can anyone tell me if they are alike in say 2005? I know the Explorers went to IRS, but could you for instance bolt a Ranger SC body/bed directly...
  6. Ruffinit

    Aluminum vs. Fiberglass

    I like the utility of aluminum. I picked mine up used and only use it in the winter or when I want to go camping. Even then if it gets real bad outside I can put a folding cot in the truck and sleep in there. The thing I like most about the aluminum toppers is that I can take it off an put it...
  7. Ruffinit

    What have you done to your Ranger today?

    This seems to be a popular thread in other forums, so I couldn't believe there wasn't one here.. I've done the search; but if there's another we can delete this one. I'll start it out.. Put a new gauge cluster in to replace the one that someone tried to turn back and broke the odo and trip...
  8. Ruffinit

    Instrument cluster - temp gauge

    I'm back at home after taking off to work this morning and my temp gauge is registering between hot and red "check gage" hot. The truck seems to be fine, but wasn't taking any chances so I'm back at home. Yesterday I brought a trailer home and had no issues with temp, it was fine; running in...
  9. Ruffinit

    1984 ranger roof rack help

    I would look up the Yakima racks and build your rack to utilize their clamps.
  10. Ruffinit

    4Hi/Lo flashing indicators

    While I know that this is not an uncommon issue on the RBVs, here's the issue: Before it got cold I was having issues with the automatic hubs in that they wouldn't lock in when the xfr case indicated 4Hi or 4Lo. I got the hubs working fine and at the time wasn't having any issues with the...
  11. Ruffinit

    Anyone have a camper shell on their Ranger...

    Here's my '96. When I do camp in it (usually tent camp) I throw a folding cot in one side with a sleeping bag.
  12. Ruffinit

    Heater HOT no temp control

    My 96 Ranger has had this issue since I've owned it. You can turn the heater/blower to Off and it turns off. No air, no heat. In any other position it will cook you out of the truck; doesn't matter that it's AC or any of the venting positions. No control whatsoever on the temperature; it's...
  13. Ruffinit

    conceal carry gun rant

    I carry a FF Colt 1911 45acp. It's said that it shouldn't be comfortable; but comforting. It's also said that shooting twice is silly.. I would have to agree with both. I believe that when you carry concealed that you should go through the classes just to learn the laws that will affect you...
  14. Ruffinit

    Anybody know a Ranger SC 4x4 weight?

    Without going to the scales, can anyone tell me the weight of a 4x4 SC Ranger with stepside bed, 4.0L and 5 speed? Surely someone here has weighed their truck? The GVWR is 5140, but the GCWR isn't stamped on the door label though none of that means anything without the base truck weight.
  15. Ruffinit

    2003 Ranger XLT

    Here's my 2003 Ranger XLT. I've been after one of these for years and picked it up a while back. This is at the Colorado Nat'l Monument last year. 135,000 miles 2.3 Liter DuraTec 5 speed 4.10 30-32 mpg
  16. Ruffinit

    1996 Splash 4x4

    Here's my '96 Splash. It's taken a year to get it rebuilt and on the road, not a show truck by any means, but it's my winter and off-road truck. Just got the topper last week. 110,000 miles 4.0 Liter 5 speed 4x4 - 3.73
  17. Ruffinit

    Cruise control and column from Exp to Ranger

    This may be in the wrong place, but couldn't really find a good place for it.. I have a '94 Explorer Sport with the same drivetrain as my '96 Ranger. I want to move the cruise control from the Exp to the Ranger and it looks like it will need to have the steering column moved to do it as the...
  18. Ruffinit

    Tire rack for Ranger

    Has anyone found a swing out tire rack for a step side Ranger that would be similar in function to the BIIs?
  19. Ruffinit

    03 2.3 how many miles is it good for

    I have an '03 with the 2.3 / 5 sp. I bought it 2 1/2 years ago with only 10K miles on it. It was a lease return and had been sitting on the Ford lot for 18 months. In the last 30 months I've put 91K miles on it (totalling 101K) because I drive a 140 mile/day commute. The thing started at...
  20. Ruffinit

    speed limit

    I just got back from SLC.. a 2700 mile trip. The speed limits were 75 everywhere except here in Iowa. I was running around 85 on much of the trip and that's not unusual or out of the norm. My 2003 limits out at 100, but come on, it's not close to what I'd call unstable.. I guess it's all...

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