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  1. Southern3.0

    Leaking near master cylinder. Identify this part

    1999 two wheel drive. My abs and brake warning light came on, I checked under the hood and there's an obvious leak at the master cylinder at the brake line connection. I don't know what part is between the brake line and master cylinder, does anyone know the name? I attached a picture.
  2. Southern3.0

    broke down on the interstate

    i pushed my truck to hard on I75. holding it to the floor for the past 100 miles in 4th trying to do 75 didnt work out to well. i think the head gasket poped. its smoking from the back of the motor, wont idle and.shakes real bad. so now im sitting here in ocala fl, my ride wont be here for a...
  3. Southern3.0

    I bought a chevy

    My ranger got rear ended and totaled a little over a month ago. Still waiting on a check for the Ranger :annoyed: and I really need to get my own truck again so I degraded my self to a '98 Blazer :bawling: Picked it for $550, needs a drivers door, the door striker fixed where it got pried...
  4. Southern3.0

    Accedent pics

    http://www2.tbo.com/content/2010/oct/26/262322/fatal-crash-closes-little-road-in-pasco/ My Truck got totaled after I was Rear ended by the Durango. I was also friends with the guy on the bike. Thought I'd share. Other then some back injures I'm getting by. Ive been stuck driving a Heep though...
  5. Southern3.0

    Boss mans truck needs a tranny. what years will work?

    The booses truck needs a tranny and he's putting the pressure on me to get it fixed asap for cheap. It's a '98 2.5 2wd 4r44e. I've been looking for a 98 to 99 4cyl tranny on CL with no luck. I need to get this thing fixed asap so what other options do I have? There's plenty of 3.0 trannys...
  6. Southern3.0

    How common is it for the RABS sensor to go?

    My '95 2wd has an ABS light on, and the rears lock up super easy. its really annoying. My rear brakes are fine, tires are kinda worn but my '96 ranger pretty much had slicks at one point and it wasn't nowhere near this bad. I know the 98 up trucks have issues with the VSS is the axle, Idk if...
  7. Southern3.0

    Internet issues

    Here's the deal. IE wont connect to the web, same goes for Chrome. Firefox is working just fine. Windows Media player wont stream meida from the web, but I can download stuff then watch it. I cant seem to upload pic's to Photobucket, image shack, or Ebay. But I can still upload pics to...
  8. Southern3.0

    How do I test drive a new truck?

    I went out to get Lunch today, on the way I took a stop at the local Ford dealer, Felt like test driving a new Ranger. I talked to the salesman about a new Ranger, told him about my "new job" and how I need a new truck and asked about a test drive. He took one look at me told me we need to fill...
  9. Southern3.0

    anyone shoot archery?????

    I tried once, My buddy came to my house with his fancy new bow. He sorta shot it at a tree in my yard, then I tried.... Shoulda seen the bruise on my arm. It turns out He didn't know wtf he was doing and we where holding it backwards lol
  10. Southern3.0

    Whats that part called?

    On my buddies jeep, he cracked the back part of the tcase where the slip yoke slides into. I wanna say its called the tail shaft housing but Idk if that applies to a tcase. And dose any one know what case the jeep would have in it? Its a '93 wrangler, 4.0 with a 5spd behind it.
  11. Southern3.0

    Coming back to a Ranger!

    Just waiting on my F150 to sell. I bought it last year for $800 with a blown up motor, I've $1600 total into the truck. Blue book says its worth $5600, its up for $5000 right now, now I wait.... The 150 is a way nicer truck then any Ranger Ive had, but I'm really excited. Between the gas and...
  12. Southern3.0

    Toshiba Laptop Battery replacement?

    My Girlfriend gave me her old Laptop. Its a Satellite A105-S4254 and i think its 3 years old now. I pretty sure the battery on it is shot. Ive got it plugged in right now and the power meter says 100% battery. If I unplug it it says 100% battery, 10 mins remaining. then a few mins later it will...
  13. Southern3.0

    Every one on the forum should read this. Thank you veary much.

    Sold the '96 Ranger today :bawling:.... I guess I'm no longer in the Ranger game. Its weird, Ive owned 3 of these trucks for the past 3 years, and now I dont have one, They have never let me down once, they have always surprised me and everyone else in what they can do, its amazing how tough and...
  14. Southern3.0

    Bitter sweet day, Ranger is getting sold....

    My F150 from this thread http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=43018 Finally got it running today :icon_bounceblue: It started right up and ran like nothing ever happened to it, no leaks, noises, no stalling or missing, it was great! I drove the truck and loved it, it feels so...
  15. Southern3.0

    My new $800 truck......

    Got an '02 F150 with a seized up 4.6 for $800. 120,000MI on the truck, no rust or nothing.... Figured I couldn't go wrong. Going to pick a motor up on Monday for $850, when its all said and done hopefully I wont be more than $2000 deep into it. A little damage on the bedside, still not sure...
  16. Southern3.0

    Resonable junkyard motor price?

    I bought an '02 f150 with a locked up 4.6 for $800, ive been looking for a new motor this past week and it seems like there going for about $1000 localy. Ive seen a 3 or 4 go for about $800 and a few go for $1500, and the mileage on them is anywhere between 50k and 75k. Idk what decent pricing...
  17. Southern3.0

    Bought a fullsize today.

    So I bought a '02 F-150 today. I was at the parts store and ran into a friend, started talking to him and he told me he lost the motor in his truck. Said he was driving down the road, it started making noise then just quit. Went to start it and just made a loud Click. Told me he'd let it go...
  18. Southern3.0

    Thinking about buying a $300 Jag

    One of my friends dad died a few months ago, left him the house, car and everything. Well he's selling the car, its an '88 Jag, idk what Model. Its got 35,000 MI, inline 6, the interior and body is mint except the left front fender was hit and the bumper is tweaked, looks like someone back into...
  19. Southern3.0

    '95 + Heater core... What a PITA!!!!

    So I finally got around to changing my heater core today. There's really nothing to hard about changing it out, but it's a real pain in the ass. The write up in the tech Library describes it as a nightmare, I'd say time consuming is more like it, it took me about 4 hrs. The write up in the...
  20. Southern3.0

    New addition to the family

    So my dad picked up a '94 Ranger Splash today for $1200. Its a pretty nice truck too, good body with no dents or rust, 4cyl 5spd with 143,000 on it. The Red paint is faded pretty bad but the only scratches are on the front bumper from rocks or whatever. He bought it because this truck could...

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