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  1. Beetlejuice

    Driver Side Airbag Recall - Whats been your experience?

    I am told by my local dealer that it takes multiple days to replace driver side airbag for the latest recall. Something about how pictures need to be taken, and then based on photos some specific parts will be sent by Ford after inspection of the photos. I dont know, something doesn't add up...
  2. Beetlejuice

    Pro-Tips or Tricks re-sealing or installing new Fluid Inlet Tube (not dipstick tube) to Transmission

    I figured it would be appropriate to start a new thread for the latest chapter in my "leaky trans" story in hopes I can get some fresh eyes. After further review, the "Fluid Tube Inlet" (the piece that actually connects to the Transmission itself and not the dipstick filler tube) has lost its...
  3. Beetlejuice

    Leaky transmission pan & gear band nuts

    Hey all, seeking advise as I feel like I'm bumping up against my own personal DIY capabilities on this. Here's the breakdown and sequence of events. New to me Ranger was a bit damp around the Transpan, so I.. 1 - Dropped the pan (discovered a cheap gasket and also use of gasket-maker material)...
  4. Beetlejuice

    For Sale 07-11 Ranger Spare Tire Winch/Lift 7L5Z1A480A

    Spare Tire Winch/Lift 7L5Z1A480A Asking $85 Shipped Real nice shape, good replacement for rusted and/or seized hoist.
  5. Beetlejuice

    Wanted OEM Bedrail Caps and Hardware from early 2000s (tall chunky ones)

    Looking for decent condition OEM bedrail caps as seen, above - Shipping to 11106 Thanks!
  6. Beetlejuice

    Tall chunky OEM bedrails from early 2000 Ranger fit later 2009? Any major differences there?

    Hey all, anyone know if there are any major differences between early 2000 and later 2000 ranger beds that would prevent installation of the tall chunky bed rails onto a 2009? I'm talking about these OEM rail caps
  7. Beetlejuice

    Removing Rear Quarter Glass from 3rd Gen Ranger

    Hey All, I'm going to attempt to DIY repair of some apparent shoddy paint work on driver side rear quarter door. I'm looking for some guidance around how to remove the rear quarter glass and what materials I might need to reseal/re-install the privacy glass once I'm done. 2009 FX4 Thanks in...
  8. Beetlejuice

    Holman Arm Rest Support - Added protection against broken arm rest

    I installed the metal doorman arm rest support and it certainly fixed the broken OEM arm rest however I found this cool support made by Jesse Holman from YouTube and added it to my Ranger today. It's pretty cool, very light (just 1.27 ounces / 36 grams) and I will definitely be leaving it on...
  9. Beetlejuice

    OK to use ramps up front to drop 5R55E pan for re-gasket and filter change?

    My transpan is a little wet, I'm going to swap out the gasket and pop in a new filter while im down there. Question, any harm in using ramps up front for a little extra room under the truck? Once the fluid is dumped, filter/gasket changed and pan is back on I'd fill 4 quarts Mercon V while its...
  10. Beetlejuice

    My All-In-One, 2009 Ford Ranger Key Mod

    Hey RangerStation Today I successfully added two OEM Ford All-In-One keys to my 2009 Ranger. Here's how I did it... but BEFORE YOU CONTINUE - attempt at your own risk, this is for informational purposes only. I am not responsible for any losses or other issues this may cause you. PARTS...
  11. Beetlejuice

    2009 - Switched Power Tap on interior fuse box (for use with Dashcam, USB power for phone)

    Hello, I have searched high and low for the "consensus" tap location for switched power on a 2009 Raner (I assume most gen 3 would be fairly similar, if not 2008+). I am planning on adding a Dashcam AND a USB charger for phone on this same tap, with tap kit, like seen below. I understand that...

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