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  1. addiman09

    I'm Back!

    I will admit that i absolutely love my 300zx but i missed my ranger so much that when i saw the guy i sold my ranger to i had no other choice than to go grab it :yahoo: so now i have my ranger!!!! and i also have my now twin turbo z32!! :icon_thumby:
  2. addiman09

    Bye Guys!

    Thanks for having me on here but i released the ranger to a new owner and have picked up a 1990 Nissan 300zx N/A, the only other vehicle that i would want other than my ranger. Thanks for all the help you guys gave me!
  3. addiman09

    Truck not moving in gear

    i have a 2003 2.3 L standard ranger...and when i put it in first or reverse it will not move. It seems to me that the clutch will not catch the teeth of the ring gear because my truck will run with the e-brake on in first gear with the clutch released. I replaced my flywheel about 12000 miles...
  4. addiman09

    Downside of the 2.3l duratec?

    zippy little engine, only problems i had is that my temperature sensor seems to enjoy going out on me quite often, same with the valve, twenty bucks a pop so i cant completely complain about it.
  5. addiman09

    Help! Truck won't start, Theft Flashing

    ignition may have come unplugged for some weird reason??? :icon_confused::icon_confused:
  6. addiman09

    2.3 air intake

    i haven't found one but my friend got a air raid system that fit in a 03 GMC grand sierra and took his K&N out... so i replaced my fans with dual electric fans.... then custom fit the tubing in and now it works pretty well... so thats always something to look in to...
  7. addiman09

    2.3l help!

    not neccesarily, 2.3 liters are really zippy and powerful in the lower gears
  8. addiman09

    03 2.3l

    my 03 runs like a charm and i think its gettin better as it gets older
  9. addiman09

    Need help! ('02 2.3)

    make sure you set the plugs in level, no cross threading, that was what was wrong with mine, even with new plugs also rangers dont have coil packs in a 4 cyl like mine, if you have a V6 you might, otherwise you have a distributor
  10. addiman09

    ECU Chip for 2.3L ranger

    yeah that would be great, im looking to get more speed, i know its zippy, but i beat a 300zx off the start and then lost due to top speed
  11. addiman09

    Does fan come on at startup?

    its normal, dont worry mine does it too
  12. addiman09

    Intake/Exhaust system

    flowmaster 40s, im getting those in a few weeks, and i use a K&N setup, air filter and cold air intake
  13. addiman09

    ECU Chip for 2.3L ranger

    none i was just driving on the highway
  14. addiman09

    Need help! ('02 2.3)

    i had the same problem in my 03, changed the plugs and oil at 95000, and it was taking off jerky till about 3000 rpms, and at about 4000 it did it again, i looked at what i had done to the engine, and it turned out that my back spark plugs were seated weird, so check that, i did and the problem quit
  15. addiman09

    2.3l help!

    hey im 17 too, and i have a 2.3L 03, i would go with some 33" tires because 35s" would be a little too big for a small truck, and for suspension get a Procomp 4" suspension lift. I also have a 78 GMC Grand Sierra that was my first truck, i put a 4" lift on it and a 2" body lift with 35s', im not...
  16. addiman09

    Overheating I think

    its probably just wired in wrong, check your connections and then check where every wire runs, you could of mixed up the wires and tapped into the wrong one.
  17. addiman09

    New 2.3

    i have an 03 2.3 L 4 cylinder, and its great, mines standard, and it gets around 30mpg if your driving it normal (shifting around 3000rpms) its a great choice, it hauls anything that i need to and it is zippy, its a great choice, i recommend it
  18. addiman09

    Parts store??

    Does anybody have an idea of a good online store for buying ranger parts, aftermarket? Thanks
  19. addiman09

    Best air intake setup?

    so k&n filters are just all talk then, so OEM is the way to go?
  20. addiman09

    ECU Chip for 2.3L ranger

    alright man thanks, this is gonna help me alot, my truck topped out a 90 in 4th gear at 4000 rpms. Thanks again, addison

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