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  1. sauceman

    1992 4.0L Loud hissing sound and rough idle

    Hello everyone. Yesterday I started my ranger and it had a very rough idle. The RPM when sitting would shoot up causing the truck to shake like crazy. It almost sounded like it was going to stall out at some points, but it did not. When I give it gas, it is normal for a few seconds, and the...
  2. sauceman

    Can the paint be removed from these rims

    Hello everyone. I saw these 15" aluminum rims that would be perfect for my ranger. Problem is the owner painted them black. Can the black paint be stripped completely from the aluminum surface, so these rims could be polished and restored to factory condition?
  3. sauceman

    Rusty Seat bolts will NOT come out, no matter what I do

    Nothing seems to be working. I have two of these bolts to remove. After lots of work, I was able to remove one. The second bolt will not come out at all. Below is a list of what I have tried: - Welding a nut on top (broke off each time) - Hex socket (stripped into a circle) - Pipe wrench (kept...
  4. sauceman

    Does a custom cold air intake improve the sound of the engine?

    Hello everyone. I was thinking about purchasing a cold air intake for my 92 ford ranger 4.0L. I've always been skeptical as to how much a Cold air intake improves performance, but for a bit of extra sound quality, it would be worth it. Do any of you guys notice a sound difference with one...
  5. sauceman

    Driver side door rattles excessively 1992 XLT

    Hey Guys. The driver side door on my 1992 ford ranger has started to rattle quite a bit. It's as if it is not latched tightly anymore. What do you recommend I do to fix this?
  6. sauceman

    Cheap and easy mods to increase HP and performance

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking for ideas for some fairly cheap, easy mods for me to do to my 1992 ford ranger XLT. I'm a beginner and I am looking for good starter projects to take on! Any recommendations?
  7. sauceman

    engine keeps cranking after it has started.

    Hi guys, in need of some help. I started my ranger this morning, and when it fired up, the ignition continued cranking uncontrollably. I disconnected the battery and shut the truck off, and this seemed to stop it, but it happens intermittently
  8. sauceman

    Hubcaps or centercaps that would look good on a 2nd gen Ranger (1992)

    Hi guys, I'm looking for some input as to what hubcaps I should throw on my 1992 Ranger, I have some chrome center caps, but I'd like something that better compliments the classic look of the vehicle. Let me know what you guys think would look best!
  9. sauceman

    **HELP** Turning ignition clicks, and then kills all power to interior, does not start or turnover

    Hi guys, I am having trouble with my 2000 Mazda B-series, 5 speed. I tried to start the vehicle, but it does not turnover, It has power until I push the clutch in, and turn the ignition key, it makes a single loud "click" and then the power shuts off. I have tried a brand new battery, which...
  10. sauceman

    Custom made Mazda Centercaps

    I've searched through countless salvage yards and could not find any center caps for my Mazda B2500, Instead of paying a pile of money to buy them online, I took some center caps off of a ford ranger, and made them into Mazda caps. I used some Bondo to remove the ford logos from each cap...

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