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  1. Bronco648

    Could use some advice - New 2.8 V6 - Initial Start - Low/No Oil Pressure?

    I'm in the process of putting an '85 RCLB back together. I have a newly rebuilt 2.8 V6. I spun the engine with the starter to get oil circulating. I could not get any pressure to register on the gauge. I verified that I am getting oil to the heads (by popping off the passenger side valve...
  2. Bronco648

    Engine Compartment - Routing of wires & hoses, etc.

    OK, I'm getting close to having the my '85 RCLB re-assembled. However, because I didn't disassemble this truck, I'm a little lost as to how wiring and hoses are routed in the engine compartment. First Question: How does the starter cable run to the starter? I ran the red cable, from the...
  3. Bronco648

    Replace Exhaust Manifold Studs?

    The studs on my exhaust manifolds have seen better days (I'm talking about the studs that hold the Y pipe to the manifolds, not the bolts that hold the manifolds to the heads). There's a nut right where the stud meets the casting. At this point, is there any chance that they will simply unbolt...
  4. Bronco648

    2.8 V6 "Spacer" between Carb & Intake

    I am putting the drivetrain back into my '85 RCLB. The 2.8 V6 has a piece of cast & machined aluminum between the carburetor and the intake manifold. The vacuum 'tree' and the EGR valve connect to this. I need the gasket that goes between this piece and the intake manifold but have no idea what...
  5. Bronco648

    Found! Valve Cover 'Keepers' - 2.8 V6

    If anyone has those little winged shaped 'keepers', that go under the valve cover bolts, I'm looking for one (but I'll take as many as you have, to make it worth your while). They come in two configurations; 'straight' & 90°. They're hard to tell apart, but the 90° ones are a little more curved...
  6. Bronco648

    Delete Radiator Brackets - 1st Gen.

    I have an '85 RCLB and am in need of the two brackets that hold the radiator to the radiator support. I would assume that they're the same for 1983 thru 1992? TIA
  7. Bronco648

    Duraspark Conversion & Motorcraft 2150

    I'm in the process of rebuilding and reinstalling the drivetrain in my '85 RCLB. I sourced a 2150 carb from the same folks that rebuilt the engine. I recently tore it apart, cleaned it and put it back together (with a rebuild kit). I have a few questions: First, what's screwed to the left front...
  8. Bronco648

    Delete 3-into-1 Header Collectors - GONE

    I have two, new 3-into-1 header collectors that were purchased for an '85 RCLB with the 2.8 V6. Collectors measure 10.25" in length, accept ~1.5" header tubes with 2 3/8" diameter outlet. Free for the cost of shipping. USPS Flat Rate boxes are probably best/cheapest. If I can get them in a...
  9. Bronco648

    Dipsticks & Dipstick Tubes - 2.8 & A4LD

    Ranger: 1985 RCLB with 2.8 V6 and A4LD automatic. Does anyone have a source or part numbers for the dipsticks and dipstick tubes for the 2.8 V6 and A4LD transmission? I've looked on eBay and come up empty. Any help is appreciated. TIA, Dave.
  10. Bronco648

    Free Power Steering Set-Up for 1st Gen.

    I am in the process of re-assembling an '85 RCLB. It has the 2.8 & A4LD. I decided to switch from power steering to a manual steering box. So, if anyone would like what I have (steering gear box and pump mounting plate & pump adjuster), I'll send it for the cost of shipping. I do know that the...
  11. Bronco648

    Oil Filter Base/Adapter Part #?

    Does anyone have a part number for the oil filter base/adapter that bolts to the engine block? Mine doesn't seem to want to clean up and I'm afraid that bead blasting it will mess up the machined surfaces. TIA.
  12. Bronco648

    Steering Gear Q: Do they leak (too)?

    Ranger: 1985 regular cab, long bed. Drivetrain: 2.8 V6 w/A4LD trans. Situation: engine & tans. out of the truck. Power steering pump removed and is obviously leaking based on the fact that both pump, lines and mounting bracket are covered in fluid and grime (as is the steering gear - still in...
  13. Bronco648

    What to do with caliper cores (with no core charge)?

    I have two brake calipers for an '85 RCLB. I bought re-man calipers from Amazon without a core charge. I would prefer these go back into the re-man process instead of the recycle/scrap stream. Would a local auto parts store take them?
  14. Bronco648

    First Gen. Motor Mounts - 2.8 V6 - Confusion

    I am in the process of re-assembling an '85 RCLB with the 2.8 V6, A4LD & RWD. Over the weekend, I had the driver's side of the TTB out and figured I'd replace the driver's side motor mount. I was confronted with this: According to every source I can find, the after-market motor mount...
  15. Bronco648

    Free Aftermarket Sliding Rear Window for 1983-97 Ranger

    I have an aftermarket sliding rear window out of my '85 RCLB. It needs a weather strip but is in great overall condition. Probably prohibitive to ship, cost-wise, but I figured I'd throw this out there. Let me know if you'd like pictures. If you're anywhere near Chicago, I'm in the NW 'burbs...
  16. Bronco648

    SOLD! Moog Ball Joints - 4WD - Early Ranger, Explorer, F100, F150, BII

    I have four Moog ball joints (2 - K8412T upper, 2 - K8411 lower) as new, still in their boxes. These fit the following vehicles: Bronco II: 2WD & 4WD - 1984 thru 1990 Explorer: 4WD - 1991 thru 1994 F100: 2WD & 4WD - 1981 thru 1983 F150: 2WD & 4WD - 1981 thru 1997 Ranger: 4WD - 1983 thru 1997 I...
  17. Bronco648

    Dealing with a Wiring Harness in Not-So-Good-Condition

    Ranger: 1985 RCLB, 2.8 V6, auto, RWD I'm in the process of a Duraspark conversion and trying to figure out what parts of the harness can go and what's needed to make the truck operate. Several individual wires are missing insulation and some connectors are in poor condition. 1 - Is there a...
  18. Bronco648

    2.8 V6 Y-Pipe - Worth re-creating?

    I have an '85 RCLB with the drivetrain out. I took a good look at the y-pipe and it's still in very good condition (truck is from northern Kentucky, originally, and has just over 100K miles). Is it worth it to take the y-pipe to a muffler shop and have them try to re-create it? I've not seen...
  19. Bronco648

    Extractor Needed to Replace Cab Mount Bushings?

    My '85 RCLB is in a pretty good state of dis-assembly so I figured I might as well replace the cab mount bushings while the interior was out. I came across a YT video of a person doing the job (on their 2nd/3rd gen. Ranger). This person built an 'extractor' tool (3" dia. section of exhaust...
  20. Bronco648

    Mystery Engine Block Sensor

    While tearing down my spare 2.8, I came across an engine sensor that I cannot identify. On the driver's side of the engine, just above where the oil pan bolts up, there are two sensors; the oil pressure sending unit is located just below the fuel pump & engine mount. The other is about 2/3 of...

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