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  1. MJ'sBlkBII

    Going in circles! Stock, gears or 4.0?

    I'll appologize now for the long-winded post. I'm really just venting, but opinions are always welcome. Bottom line, my little BII needs more gumption! I can't decide if I want to just leave it stock and suffer the lack of power, go up to 4.10 gears for better acceleration (running 235/75/15's)...
  2. MJ'sBlkBII

    Need carrier tube od

    I am puting a mirror arm CB antenna mount on the tire carrier of the BII. I need someone to give me the OD of the main tube so I know which one to get. I think it's 1 1/8" or 1 1/4". I'm on the road and want to have the mount by the time I head home. Thanks!
  3. MJ'sBlkBII

    Sub enclosure ideas needed

    OK, here is the seemingly impossable feat I'm facing. I want to come up with a 10" sub enclosure for the BII. Mine is a 2 seater with the rear seat bottoms removed and the uppers folded down for the lay flat configuration. It stays this way. I need an enclosure that WILL NOT impede the cargo...
  4. MJ'sBlkBII

    Steering stabilizer idea

    To start I have used the search function and can tell you I am not trying to cover any issues with the steering system. I just had the alignment done with new caster bushings so all of my previous issues are all but gone. The difference is astonishing! My truck is running 235/75-15, has no lift...
  5. MJ'sBlkBII

    BII exhaust kit found!

    I hope it is OK to post this link. While perusing the web for exhaust ideas I came across this kit and decided I have to pass it on since I haven't seen a reference to it yet. BroncoIIExhaust.com Bronco II Exhaust.com Custom-Fit Performance Cat-Back Exhaust Systems for Bronco II •...
  6. MJ'sBlkBII

    Pull hood release, tach drops?

    This is interesting. I have been having an issue of my tach running 500 high at idle up to 1k high as rpms increase. I got home yesterday (truck driver) and fired it up and the tach was off as it was when I left it. I held the rpms to about 3k (per the tach) and then all of a sudden it corrected...
  7. MJ'sBlkBII

    Intake gasket leak?

    I have been having a very high idle (between 1200-1800 rpm), a lot of smoke/steam and condensation from tail pipe with a very bad smell (think sulpher as a posed to fuel, but wife says it smells rich), rough running when cold and smooth[er] running when warm. I have been going over everythng I...
  8. MJ'sBlkBII

    Ain't this a...

    As an update I got the new rear springs and shocks all the way around put in. I also replaced the clogged heater core, so now I have heat! I took the truck for a test ride to check out the handling. It was great! The back end no longer drops on acceleration, turns at/over 10 mph don't feel...
  9. MJ'sBlkBII

    Need help deciding on leaf springs!

    I am going nuts trying to figure which leafs to put under the BII. I want to get rid of the sag and maybe gain 1-1.5". I am going to buy new so there is the 1st issue: BII or Explorer? How long will new BII springs be enough to bring the back end up? There is part # 42-821 with 5 leaves a 1020...
  10. MJ'sBlkBII

    Need rear spring theory verification

    I hope I can explain this well enough... I am wanting to replace the stock rear leafs in the BII to something that will give it less deflection to the outside rear corner thus helping to keep the front end from jacking and reducing body roll. At least this is my theory of what it will do. Will...
  11. MJ'sBlkBII

    Decided on a BII

    I picked up a '90 BII last night. So, any second thoughts I had are too late. The previous owner had it on a deer lease for about a year before overheating it. He put new heads, radiator, and T-stat in it but left it sitting for a year after that, so I do have some issues. When cold it takes a...
  12. MJ'sBlkBII

    I'm back, just a little gun shy

    Sorry, this is gonna be a long winded post. Well, I have been gone a while, since I sold the BlkBII. The firewall rotted out from leaves packed in the cowl and the wiring fried. Before I could get it back together the city sent me a letter threatening to take me to court for a trash vehicle. So...
  13. MJ'sBlkBII

    Where oh where?

    Where can I get wire pins? The pins that are used in the connecting blocks? Any one know the proper name a part number for these? Maybe that would help. This is all I know them by. Thanks, MJ
  14. MJ'sBlkBII

    Over grounded?

    I think I may have found the start of my wiring mishap. I found a battery ground cable with terminal still attached sitting on the wheel well between the battery tray and air box. I traced it to a retainer on the frame then to a bolt on the block. Obviously this is the original way the ground...
  15. MJ'sBlkBII

    Front bumper mount replacement

    Is it possable to remove the rivets that hold the front bumper mount with a good chisel and hammer? I can't get my cutter out to the P-N-P so this would be my best bet. One of the family members hooked the bumper on a pole and pulled the bolt through the hole enlarging it, so I can either...
  16. MJ'sBlkBII

    Wanting opinions for truck

    With the fried wiring in the '88, I am seriously thinking about scraping this truck and getting ahold of another in better repair. Here is what I am looking at, tell me which y'all would do. 1- Continue rebuilding the '88 and deal. 2- Buy a better '88 and swap all the new parts over. 3- Buy a...
  17. MJ'sBlkBII

    Swap in lift glass on BII?

    :icon_idea: Has anyone done this? *CopyKat* How was it done how difficult? I can get the parts from the local P-N-P, but it has been impossable to find a lift gate with this in good condition. I need a new lift gate since mine is warped so badly it won't latch on the left side. I have found good...
  18. MJ'sBlkBII

    Computer compatability?

    I have an '88 BII converted to manual tranny. I am trying to find a computer that will match my truck. I know it needs to be an '88, fed emissions instead of Cali. and an MT as apposed to an auto. Does 4X4 or 2WD matter? Does manual or push button 4X4 matter? Does it matter if it's from a BII or...
  19. MJ'sBlkBII

    Up in smoke

    Well, I got the truck rebuilt and turning over, but had no spark. Fixed the spark, and was setting timing, and the motor started to crank very slowly. Opened the door to turn off ignition and the cab was full of smoke. The wiring under the dash burned up. :bawling: I am not going to try to chase...
  20. MJ'sBlkBII

    Painting Cargo cover?

    I'm wonderinbg how well this works. I have some paint that is supposed to bond to the object and be flexable and what not from LMC. Would it work better if I make an assembly to hold it open and leave it that way for a couple of days (it would end up being 3 weeks) to get it good and dry? I have...

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