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  1. FRENCHMan

    your help is needed

    Hello, a member of the Forum you it can tell me where I can find F150 coil seats F2TZ-5A307-A F2TZ-5A307-B Thank you for your help :icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  2. FRENCHMan

    lift 2"

    hello everybody * the urge take you one morning to work on your truck. Therefore decided to place the order at RockAuto and I order my 2 " A few days after I receive my order Skyjacker coil spring 132 Skyjacker add a Leaf, Rear R225 Shock Absorber Rancho RS 5000 front 5039 rear 5185 Shackle I...
  3. FRENCHMan

    remove rear sway bar

    hello, I lift (2 ") on my EXPLORER. I added a sheet and mounted Rancho shocks (RS 5000) and two new lift shackles I wonder if I can remove the rear sway bar and sure not to take any risk at the wheel of my truck I see many members leave the rear sway bar Thank you very much for your...
  4. FRENCHMan

    Search help please

    Message of the dealer ( mathenymotors ) We would like to inform you that we do not ship to France. We only ship inside the US 48 Continental State. If you happen to have a friend/relative in the United States, you may ask to call us up at 1-877-778-9747 to make an arrangement on your behalf...
  5. FRENCHMan

    Help please

    I am looking for a member who wants to buy this share for me and ship it here in France (of course I pay all this) FORD EXPLORER FRONT BUMPER STRIP MOLDING Thank you very puch for you help :icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  6. FRENCHMan


    Hello, Following a big shock to the front of my truck, my Bull Bar OR Push Bar i search one new for my EXPLORER 1994. Could you give me an address of a seller for a new or used. Or if you know someone who sells one if you can help me thank you very much :icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  7. FRENCHMan

    Oxygen sensor

    :icon_confused: Hello everyone Please, could you tell me how much "oxygen sensor" in my 94 explore when I want to order the part the person told me two?? and the Haynes manual say one ????? Thank you very much for advices sorry but this is the oxygen sensor please :icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  8. FRENCHMan


    Hello Everyone I just need your opinion to help me choose my future tires. Knowing using 75% on road . 35% road muddy .and small obstacle but never hard 4x4 So I hesitate to 4) BF GOODRICH TIRES ALL TERRAIN T / A KO 30 / 9,5 R15 104S: $ 205 for 1...
  9. FRENCHMan


    :icon_confused: I have a problem. I set up new lift shackles and "add a leaf". Despite the torque oh tightening . there is always a huge difference.how explain this. Maybe I made a mistake for this need your help Thank you very much :icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  10. FRENCHMan


    :bawling::bawling: since two days the truck is very large grinding. I can not for the moment to figure out where this noise. but it is really a horror truck creaks as if he had toothache. a sure thing this noise coming from the front of truck I wonder if it could not happen by this thing...
  11. FRENCHMan


    :sad: Hello all i look under the truck I see this cut hose it is cut you see above right on the rear axle,could you tell me what it is and where it plugs please, thanks :icon_cheers::icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  12. FRENCHMan


    Hello, Just a question on fuel consumption. Given that 1 gallon of gasoline is equal to 3.80 liter. Could you tell me how you eat an average of gasoline every 62 miles at a speed of 110 please ( my truck EXPLORER V6 4L ) Thank's for yours answers :icon_cheers::icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  13. FRENCHMan


    Hello everyone, how to clean my KKM please? is what I can soak them in water with soap Thank you very much for your advice :icon_cheers::icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  14. FRENCHMan

    Bumper trim

    Hello everybody i replacing my old bumper this For put the same as this picture I bought this used good condition but without the "bumper trim" the "bumper trim" My question please can any of you tell me or buy the Bumper trim Rivet? I think something like this but i'm no sure This...
  15. FRENCHMan

    Engine not start

    Hello all need help My truck not start. the battery is new is full. I checked all fuses, battery cables are clean. When I want starter. the engine does not turn. just a sound I hear "clack clack .. clack .." Do you think a problem with the démareur. or else the starter relay THANK YOU VERY MUCH...
  16. FRENCHMan


    :icon_idea: good evening everyone, here in FRANCE for my Ford Explorer, nice rims 16 "but on the 2000 EXPLORER Can you tell me if I can mount it on my 94 please. the spacing is it the same :icon_cheers::icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  17. FRENCHMan

    rear differentia

    Hello, Changing wheels and tires 225/70R15 mounted on a Ford Explorer home. I was wondering if the fact of increased diameter 265/70R16 does not make me change my report no rear differential? the risk of truck tire, especially in the mountains? Thank you for your advice thank you very much...
  18. FRENCHMan

    How replacing spark plugs

    :sad: Hello everyone. Please how to change spark plugs on EXPLORER 94, the front right side of the truck is not too crowded but many on the left side a lot of hose and electrical wire Can you guide me please, thank you very much :icon_cheers::icon_cheers::icon_cheers:
  19. FRENCHMan

    Tie rod end

    Hello everyone Sorry i don't understand Search thread for How to Replacing Tie Rod End a 1994 Ford Explorer or assistance would be welcome I believe there to step in tech library, thank you very much You can also show a picture of the extraction tool this...
  20. FRENCHMan

    Possible or not Possible

    Hello everyone, a question please. Could you tell me if my truck can run with the 1994 bio-fuel ethanol without making changes to my engine? I see here in France a few ford explorer of the same year that rolls with this Gasoline and this without modification. Possible or not Possible Thank you...

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