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  1. bourcier700

    Catalytic Converter Swap Question

    Just bought a 1997 4.0 ranger, while fixing an exhaust leak I found that both converters are leaking/have holes. I have a parts truck that is a 1995 2.3 with good converter on it, my question is can I use that converter on the 4.0 or are they different any help or advice would be awesome.
  2. bourcier700

    fuel pump interchange? 3.0 in a 2.3?

    Just wondering if the fuel pump out of my 1993 3.0 will work for my 1994 2.3? any insight would be great.
  3. bourcier700

    93 Ranger Rad Support Question

    Hey not sure if this is the right place to post this question but I recently got a new aftermarket rad support in a deal with a bunch of other parts that is for a 95 to 97. My Truck is a 93 Ranger and when checking mine over I noticed that the inner fenders are welded onto the rad support, So my...
  4. bourcier700

    Help With Duel Exhaust Measurements

    Hey Im looking to put a cheap duel exhaust on my 93 Ranger reg cab with 114 wheelbase. I was thinking Y pipe out of the muffler then duels from there. Wondering if anybody has done this and if they know the measurements for all the bends (I know I could go measure it myself but want to see what...
  5. bourcier700

    Wooden Flat Deck Project For My 93 Ranger

    Hey just thought I would post my flat deck project I have been working on this weekend. Its almost complete just need to find some lights and attach the deck to the frame. If you have any questions or input please let me know. Materials: -2 x 4x4x8 pressure treated -4 x 2x4x8 pressure treated -6...
  6. bourcier700

    1997 VSS convert to 2000 VSS?

    Hey I just Put a 2000 auto transmission in my 1997 3.0 ranger and once in place realized that there was no vss on the tail end of the transmission so I went online and read that on 98 and newer rangers they put the vss on the rear end and it works with the abs(i think not completely sure). Is...

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