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  1. engine

    SOHC Timing Chain Tensioners

    I'm going to heed the advice I have seen from several contributors and replace the tensioners on my 140K mile 2002 to reduce the possibility of the "death rattle". There are actually four tensioners for the four chain-driven shafts: one for the right camshaft, one for the left camshaft, and...
  2. engine

    The heavy fiberglass hood on 3rd generation Rangers

    It looks good, it doesn't rust, but it is so darn heavy. I wonder why it was chosen instead of steel?
  3. engine

    Difficulty getting 4hi to disengage

    Recently installed a transfer case from an Explorer into my 2002 Ranger. At first, it was necessary to back up to disengage the 4WD. After a dozen or so times of doing this it suddenly began to act normally and disengage itself while moving forward! Now, a simple torque interruption is enough...
  4. engine

    How does Ranger 4WD compare?

    I've had 2 Jeeps, a Toyota T100, and have a Subaru Outback. The Jeeps could really claw, because everything seemed to lock up in 4WD. The Toyota, standard shift and manual 4WD seemed very positive. My "new" Ranger, on the other hand seems much more loose. I've never been stuck, but I have...
  5. engine

    Should full time LOCKED front hubs make noise?

    Mine is a 2002 with the locked hubs. I have a constant whine that is always there in 2wd and goes up and down in pitch with wheel speed. It is not very loud but I am annoyed easily. At first I thought it was noisy tires, but it is still there on gravel roads, and in the rain, and I can hear...
  6. engine

    Why did Ford recommended tire size change in 2006?

    My 2002 4.0 4wd auto has 245 75 16 on the door frame (and on the truck) . This is a 30.5 in tire. In 2006, for the same truck, the recommendation is 255 70 16. This is a 30.1 in tire. Why would Ford specify a wider tire (more air resistance) but smaller (slightly more rpms) for the "same"...
  7. engine

    Rangers are just the right size - you can walk up to it and touch the bed bottom!

    When I'm not hauling mulch or wood, I go to the grocery store and put purchases in a couple of small collapsible crates. It is an easy reach. I can even pick up things that roll out. Try that with your full size.
  8. engine

    How bad is the SOHC timing chain problem, really?

    Ford saw fit to put the 4.0 SOHC in Explorers and Rangers for many years and even Mustangs. Can the problem be so bad? From the forum and Wiki you would think it is inevitable for every engine. If this were so, how could the engine and the Rangers with the 4.0 SOHC have been so successful...
  9. engine

    Will 2001 Auto w/ 4.0 drop into a 2002 also 4.0?

    The 2002 has a transmission that won't back up. Have located a good 2001. Both are behind a 4.0. Is this a drop in?
  10. engine

    2002 Automatic transmission won't back up

    2002 Ranger 4.0 XLT 4D Auto: Without any warning whatever, and after having run errands involving stopping and backing up, at my mailbox it went into reverse ok but nothing happened. It was if it was in neutral! Forward gears work as notmal. Autos are new to me. What could be wrong...
  11. engine

    Can't disengage 4WD Low.

    2002 Ranger stuck in 4WD Low. What to do?
  12. engine

    Does the 4.0 V6 have a six throw crankshaft?

    My belief is that it does based on a photo I saw of its underneath (and which I can't now find). Also that it has a balance shaft only on 4WD Rangers. Are these things so? Why should a balance shaft be present only on the 4WDs? Where can I find some pictures/diagrams? (Better ones than the...

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