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  1. 1badexplorer

    2000 f350 Powerstroke 4x4 dually build

    I've decided it's time I start a build thread. I've owned this truck for about 8 months now. I've done alot of work to it already and have alot of plans for the future. The day I bought it. When I brought it home and gave it a good wash.
  2. 1badexplorer

    2000 3.0 won't start

    Ok I'm pretty stumped with this one. The truck is a 2000 3.0 auto extended cab 4x4. I bought it tues. It fired right up and drove onto my trailer. It again fired right up when I unloaded it Weds. Now It won't start. It cranks over fine. Fuel pump runs. I have good pressure at the rail...
  3. 1badexplorer

    Running a 3.0 with no cats?

    The vehicle is a 97 Ranger 3.0 5spd. 197K miles. The truck still runs well. I keep getting a CEL saying that P0420 Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1). Ive changed the rear oxygen sensor. I'm going to change the front two. If that does not fix that problem. Has anyone ran...
  4. 1badexplorer

    runs rough no power p0174 code

    I've been having issues with my ranger for the past coupl days. I'm running out of ideas. I think I may have it narrowed down but I would like to get other opinions before I do anything else. Ok, here is some background on the truck. Its a 97 Ranger 3.0 5spd. Just turned 180,000 miles...
  5. 1badexplorer

    Burnout in my 79 F250 with boggers

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5Pf-nBTaDo So much for those boggers. Had it in 4th gear with speedo maxed out.
  6. 1badexplorer

    Not charging but alternator is good.

    I've having problems with a 99 mercury mountaineer with a 4.0 sohc. It isn't charging. I've had the alternator tested at 3 different places and they all say it is fine. I've tried 2 battaries thinking it had a broken cell or something. the fuse is good. The connnections on the alternator are...
  7. 1badexplorer

    93-97 Fog light pictures

    I want to put foglights back on my 97. I have a valence, wiring, and factory brackets. I've been looking at factory replacement lights on Ebay but I can't figure out how they mount to the brackets. Does anyone have pictures of there lights and brackets? I'd also be interested in a set...
  8. 1badexplorer

    SRT 10 burnout HAHA

    I'm glad it was a dodge and not a Ford. :icon_rofl: :icon_rofl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VLSfrEymoA
  9. 1badexplorer

    79 F350 dually 4x4 5.9 Cummins 5spd

    Built it last winter to use as my tow rig/DD when ranger is down. Specs: 79 Ford on 85 F350 4x4 frame. 11,000 gvw. Dana 60 front, sterling 10.25 rear 3.55 posi. Alcoa alum wheels, 89 Cummins 12valve, 96 NV4500 5spd, NP241 transfercase. Slip yoke elim, custom made intercooler setup, 60mm...
  10. 1badexplorer

    B2 Rear coil swap

    Been tossing around the idea of putting coils on the rear of my B2 and bobbing the rear @ the axle. I was planning on using 73-79 ford style front radius arms, coils and towers. Has anyone else done a swap like this using factory style parts? I know it has been done with 4 link and coilovers...
  11. 1badexplorer

    Extended Explorer Custom Made?

    Sorry for the poor pics, they are from my phone. I saw this in a driveway and had to go back just to take a pic. It is a mid 90s explorer that is extended. It looks like the stock wheel base is used but its got an extension after the axle like the Ford work vans do. Its also got a vinal top...
  12. 1badexplorer

    BigFoot Ranger?

    I may be getting a BigFoot Ranger. Its a extended cab 4x4 it's got a chrome rollbar. How rare are these trucks? Are new stripe kits available? One front fender was changed but otherwise it is pretty complete but is in bad need of a paint job. Is it worth getting to fix?
  13. 1badexplorer

    Brake rotors for D35

    I got a 97 ranger d35 w/373s no abs, Had one hell of a time finding rotors last year but eventally did. I got a 93 explorer 4x4 for parts it also had a d35 front but had 3.27 gears. It can with new rotors still in the boxes. Will they fit my truck should i keep them for spares next time I need...
  14. 1badexplorer

    New Project Truck, dana 60, 14 bolt, 44s

    **** 1 Ton Early Bronco Build dana 60, 14 bolt, 44s **** So I decided this winter to build a new offroader because my explorer needed a motor (3rd 351) another rear ( parts came out of the housing on the 60) and my frame was broke in 5 spots (it has been wheeled hard for 4 years now). So being...
  15. 1badexplorer

    Solid Mounted body?

    I'm starting on a new project, It's a 72 EB with a 60 front 14 bolt rear and 44 boggers. I plan on building a full rollcage tied into the frame in atleast 10 points. The frame is fully boxed also. I'm thinking about solid mounting the body to the frame being the frame won't be doing much...
  16. 1badexplorer

    transmission grinds on downshift

    my 5spd in my 97 ranger w/3.0 grinds when I downshift into 3rd gear only. If I pause for a second and push a little pressure on the shifter before I shift into 3rd it doen't do it. I think it may be the syncros. It's been like this for over 30K miles. how long will it lastlike this? Would it be...

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